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Kia Motors - Kia's factory rep and Bob Bell Glenburine MD crooks or idiots or both

Kia's Factory Representative and Bob Bell Kia, Glenburnie, MD are either crooks, idiots, or both. I purchased my 2008 Sportage 4WD 6 cylinder EX new from Bob Bell. I was very happy with it, at first, Sia's Kia. Moreover, my late husband had his own auto repair shop and always told me to change the oil every 3000 miles, dispite the manufactuer's saying 7,000. My son's are both mechanics now too. I took my car to my son's shop every 3000 miles to have the car serviced. I purchased the oil, Pennsylvania motor oil and filters myself, by the case. He did the service for me. At about 40,000 miles the Kia started hard shifting between gears...sort of bank into gear. I took it to Bob Bell, to have it checked out. The service manager called and said the transmission was bad and would have to be replaced. Moreover, since I never had the car serviced at Bob Bell, nor had the transmission serviced in 40,000 miles...the 100,000 warranty was null and void. I explained the above...but he would not accept. I called your factory rep and he called the Bob Bell service manager and said Kia would uphold the service manager, but pay for new transmission...but I would have to pay about $2,000 in labor. My new husband, married Jan 17, 2011, said that is a crock of $#$%#@...and took it to a transmission repair shop and had the fluid changed...the shop said the filter is inside the transmission and would be several hundred dollars to get to it to change it. My husband then took the Sportage out and drove it hard and down shifted using 2 WD and 4 WD... Walla...the car shifts fine more hard shifting problmes... My husband said Kia probably got some dirt in their duing the build and it was clogging a port in the transmission. Kia's rep and Kia's Bob Bell are a bunch of idiots, crooks, or both and reneged on the 100,000 mile warranty for no reason at all. Ps, I saved some of the old transmission fluid in sterile bottles I got from CVS too...if interested.
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Surrounded by idiots...go get and read a Kia Warranty Book...can get service any where and even do it yourself, just need to keep receipts and records of same... does not have to be done by the dealer...moreover there is no transmission check at 40,000 as it claimed in the book...just check color and level of fluid in trans at each oil change part of the overall oil and lube service...


cohena2, go back to school and learn how to read and while at it, how to comprehend what you read. 1.

The transmission oil fixed the problem, not the $5,000 replacement the dealer's service manager claimed was needed. 2. New car owners can do the required service themselves or take to local shop...just need to keep a record that was done timely. We did twice as often as called for in the manuel.

I had hoped that others who have the same problem with hard shifting on Kia's will read this. I had seen on the Kia owners site, that in the past others paid the price.


You agreed to have them service your vehicle in order for the warranty to be valid. YOU AGREED. Then you ruin a perfectly good car and want someone else to fix it free.


You voided their warranty by having your car serviced elsewhere. How is that their fault?

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