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PrincetonPartners Co Uk #377354
Dear Janis456 (or whatever your name might be),
I am an old customer of Princeton Partners and I have never ever experienced anything of what you've described. They made an exact replica of a 20 year old document my ex-wife damaged in a fit of temper and what the Princeton manage to furnish me with was a work of art that was even aged. The outcome was spectacular and fit for a museum.

I have never been threatened or coerced by them, and I have at all times found them knowledgable, capable and professional.

I take great offence is your suggestion that, because I have sent Princeton Partners money via bank transfer (as opposed to Mickey Mouse Paypal, Monopoly money or Zambian trade beads), I am sucker or un-edecuated - nothing could be further from the truth. You, on the other hand, strike me as being either a competitor who doesn't have the ability to compete on a level playing field - you're resorting to anonymous calumny and are clearly not very good at what you do for a living as you seem to have far too much time on your hands.
You might be a disgruntled individual who wanted something for nothing and clearly Princeton Partners
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