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Ryan Homes - Leakage

Ryan Homes - Leakage
Ryan Homes - Leakage
Ryan Homes - Leakage
Ryan Homes - Leakage
Ryan Homes - Leakage
I just bought my home at the begin of June in MD. The garage leaks when it rains since July 2. I asked for the warranty and talked with the project manager a few times. They responded to me that they already repaired. But it still leaks. Right now they just ignore my phone and my warranty request. I feel very dejected. I don't know how I can do for the next step.
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I not only had a leak in my Ryan home garage but 4 leaks in the basement! All of those leaks, including the garage came from cracks in the cement wall which allowed water to seep in.

The garage and one crack or leak in the basement wall occurred during my one year warranty so they fixed those. Three additional leaks in the basement which occurred after that cost me 400 to fix. They inject apoxy into the cracks which does successfully stop that leak. It doesn't stop other cracks from developing from that substandard cement that they had used.

In the 4 years that I was in that house. I had 7 HVAC beak downs with many out of pocket costs because they occurred past the warranty. You don't expect to pay money for repairs on a brand new house, but wait, there's more. I had 2 of the 4 kitchen appliances requiring replacement.

The refrigerator and the dishwasher. The roof was another costly expense because from day one with every windy downfall my roof lost shingles. Although it never developed into a leak inside the home. I had roofers there on several occasions after my one year warranty costing me money that shouldn't on a brand new roof.

The roofers told me that not all of the shingles were properly nailed down and recommended a completely new roof oposed to this spot fixing. My garage door key pad stopped working after the warranty. My front door bell stopped working as the wire behind the door frame somehow disconnected, possibly through vibration so I replaced with a wireless one. Siding on one side of the house buckled and came loose.

That was a 4 by 12 foot section. This luckily occurred during my one year warranty. Mind you that I didn't list the poor workmanship because that can be subjective. Those were very numerous from doors that were crooked.

Three of them couldn't close as the corner struck the frame. Those doors and frame had to be completely reinstalled. The wood floor had many boards that were glued down and not installed by groove as they should have been so some boards popped up. They had to be tacked or nailed down which is something that you don't do on a wood floor.

One corner cabinet was cracked which was noticed by the Project Manager on the walk through. It was so obvious that I can't understand why the kitchen cabinet installers continued and completed the job by installing it because half of the cabinets had to be removed to replace that corner cabinet. You could only imagine the mess during this replacement. I had one wall, which was over one of the repaired basement cracks, develope large cracks in the wall.

My sales agent told me 8 years ago that Ryan sales people got 6000 dollars for every sale and depending on the site or community, we're expected to sell a certain projected quota. That community had a minimum of 2 per month.

So it can be very lucrative to be a Ryan salesperson and yes they will tell you what you want to hear to make that commission and sales quota for that area. I could never feel comfortable with myself selling an inferior home like that despite the commission.

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