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Paul C Genco. Do not trust this man or company. He is a scam artist.

Paul C Genco. Do not trust this man or company. He is a scam artist. This man will help you with any construction or home rebuilding needs. This man will talk you into believing he is a victem and then take you for every penny you have got. This man will promise you things and walk away. He is not a worthy human being. He states he is certified and has his licence, BUT he does not. He is always moving from state to state. He meets woman who are in need of help and then takes advantage of them. This is a warning to everyone.
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I am a certified kitchen and bath designer. Have been for almost 22 yrs. I have personally worked with Paul Genco on my remodel projects in New York and Arizona. I would highly recommend Paul for any job. Paul's work is outstanding and professional. This person that has slandered his name is obviously not someone that has worked with Paul.

I would highly recommend this woman to get her facts straight before making erroneous statements on the internet. It shows a serious lack of intelligence and integrity.

Scorned women should not be allowed to comment on a professional website.

Again, highly recommend Paul Genco for any residential or commercial project.


While this site is for a "Pissed Off Consumer" it sounds more like Jacker is a scorned ex lover which puts this in the personal attack category.

Having dealt with numerous home repair contractors getting promises to do work, inaccurate estimates, overruns, poor quality work, incomplete work, work that had to be redone, contractors that disappear with the deposit, I am skeptical when it comes to this industry but do need them. I spent nearly a year interviewing contractors until I found one that I felt would be a good fit for my then current project. I was skeptical at first and only parsed out the work. He has proven himself to be responsible, motivated, hardworking, a real asset when it comes to residential construction repairs and even emergency situations. He has been up front about advising me when permits are and are not required which I have verified as being correct as I am from Missouri, the show me state.

I have utilized Paul C. Genco in remodeling one house, a complete interior renovation on a second house and handyman efforts on a third house. Yes, I do recommend him.


THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT!!!! Paul Genco is a wonderful person,an amazing craftsman and the sweetest guy I know. The woman who complained is obviously MISTAKEN. I have known Paul Genco for 35 years as we were neighbors in our youth. He is reliable, dependable, generous, kind, considerate, warm, caring, sweet person. He would do anything to help a friend. He is just that kind of stand up guy. Paul is an amazing craftsman in his trade. He is versed in both residential and commercial construction and I am always proud to recommend him to my closet family and friends. This Jacker person has no knowledge of this man. Knowing someone for 10 days and it not working out does not make you an authority on someone. I can understand you are upset because you are no longer together because he is a fine catch! Trying to ruin his lifetime reputation will not work. Trying to get him back through slander will not work either. Truthfully, you should just delete your unfounded complaint and move on, before we his friends finally talk him into taking legal action against you. Slander is illegal. The only thing you will get out of this scornful effort will be attorney fees.

The bottom line here is if you are looking for a true professional who takes pride in his work and cares about his client.... HIRE PAUL. YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY YOU DID!


Paul Genco is a professional in commercial and residential construction. I first met Paul on a job site where he was the project manager for Dobbs Ferry schools in NY. That was back in 2003 and he has been a family friend ever since.

As for the moving, he moved to Arizona for a better job opportunity and then moved back to the east coast once construction seized in the west. He is well sought after in his field by head hunters in areas of the country that are still thriving but continues to work his own business thru referrals of people who are pleased with his work. He takes great pride in all he does and puts in 100 percent.

As for his character outside of work well he is a family friend and will continue to be.

Please do not believe a word of what this woman has written about Paul. This is only a woman who dated him for 10 days and didnt hire him for work who obviously is hurt since it didnt work out.


The woman who wrote the negative report doesn't know what she is talking about. I have known Paul for 25 years. He worked on several rebuilds when I lived in New York and because of his knowledge and skills, I hired him to build my new house. Every one of his projects was built on time and on budget...sometimes below but never above.

Paul moved to Arizona about the same time I did and again, I asked him to help with my construction projects. All were completed on time and on budget. I have never thought twice about recommending him to friends and those who have used him have been very pleased and would call him first if they needed work.

Paul is not a handyman. He is a skilled craftsman, contractor and job site superintendent. He has worked in both residential and commercial construction. As the superintendent on commercial sites from schools to banks, he has passed all background and fingerprint checks.

You would be wise to hire Paul for any construction related project. In addition, you'll enjoy working with him.


This complaint is from a woman with a lack of self esteem who is upset that after a few dates it just didnt work out with this man. Please do not put any credit into this complaint.

I know Paul on both a personal and professional level. Paul is one of the most giving kind hearted individuals I know, he is a hard worker highly skilled at his craft and knows what he is doing he has worked for many big construction companies in AZ he has not moved from state to state he has only lived in 3 states one as a youth and most of his adult life then moved to another state and due to the economy had to move to what is now his permanant residence where he stays very busy and is in high demand. He has established a business for himself with many happy clientel he comes highly recomended. I also dated Paul and have remained friends with him for 4 years now and would never have a bad thing to say about him as matter of fact you are a lucky individual if you have him do work for you or are the fortunate one to catch his eye he is a keeper.

Please do not fall prey to this troubled individual and her lies. You will not be dissapointed in Paul's construction abilities or friendship.


How pathetic it is that a disgruntled female that only knew Paul for 10 days and is no longer a friend, would post such disgusting lies about him. Paul C Genco is a kind, hardworking, professional who is admired by his peers, friends and family for his many skills and talents.

I would recommend him for any job! The previous post is a personal attack and should be removed.

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