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Hello good citizen, I am so pleased that I can come and contribute to this site to guard people from what me and my company just went through.I was looking for a merchant account service that would not charge me out of the wazoo,for my businesses in Arizona and Colorado.I came in contact with Y2payments from a business acquaintance that I must have really pissed off. There Owner Ronald Viemont had the charm that most scammers do, and no matter how long your in business its still hard to sniff them out some times.He emphasized how "HONEST" he was and made his company sound really big and important,although this is annoying, nothing wrong with confidence right? Wrong!Once they sold me there services via email and phone they sent me over the contracts and I signed. I was not happy at all with my services and wondered what planet these people came from ...then it all made sense.When I looked up they're address not only did I figure out this was a HOME run business! But I was also informed by google maps themselves (love google!) of another business this crook runs.I was very interested in this other business to see if maybe they had a better reputation, I googled it also .The description of the business was "accounts receivable purchaser".If your not sure what that is I am very unhappy to inform you that its a HUGE red flag for FRAUD if this so called company is being run by someone that works out and eats in the same room!!!! This overload of information intrigued me and finally looked up this "honest" ever so important Owner and immediately found this very disturbing document:---------------------------------------------------------------------------UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Before the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934 Release No. 39283 / October 29, 1997 ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDING File No. 3-9363 : In the Matter of : ORDER MAKING FINDINGS RONALD J. VIEMONT : AND IMPOSING REMEDIAL : SANCTIONS : Respondent. : : I. 18 U.S.C.  1343. The court sentenced Viemont to 15 months imprisonment, fined him $4,000, and ordered that he pay $200,000 in restitution to the two defrauded pension fund clients. C. The indictment upon which Viemont s conviction was based charges that Viemont acted as a financial consultant through a firm called R.J. Viemont & Company in Peoria, Illinois, in addition to acting as a registered representative. According to the indictment, his customers included three public employee pension funds and a credit union, each of which maintained brokerage accounts at the firms with which he was associated at the time. The indictment charges that in August 1992, Viemont, while acting as a financial consultant to two of the public employee pension funds, forged the signature of the treasurer of each of these funds and caused $100,000 to be wired from each of their accounts. It further charges that Viemont then mailed monthly investment reports to the funds from September 1992 through April 1993 which failed to disclose the wire transfers. Finally, it charges that in or about July 1993, Viemont attempted to repay these two funds by transferring, without authorization, $100,000 each from a third public employee pension fund and a credit union. III. In view of the foregoing, the Commission finds that it is in the public interest to impose the sanction specified by Viemont in his Offer. Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED that Viemont be barred from association with any broker, dealer, municipal securities dealer, investment company, or investment adviser, effective immediately. For the Commission, by its Secretary, pursuant to delegated authority. Jonathan G. Katz Secretary--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Long story short we immediately did what any self respecting business would do and we pulled out .We could not afford to be associated with such Horrid reputation of a man/company and his name was in just to bad a shape for my style .So here's the point Deceit, Dishonesty, and DISLIKED!Take what you want from that but I Do NOT! In any way, shape, or form recommend this company or man.Mostly because you have no clue where your money might end up as a result of his ever so increasing debt to the government. Jonathan G. Katz
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