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Hayden Homes - Amongst the worst builders in the industry.

Hayden Homes - Amongst the worst builders in the industry.
Hayden Homes - Amongst the worst builders in the industry.
Hayden Homes - Amongst the worst builders in the industry.
Hayden Homes - Amongst the worst builders in the industry.
Hayden Homes - Amongst the worst builders in the industry.
Hayden Homes - Amongst the worst builders in the industry.
Not at all happy about my build. Very hard company to work with. I have a list of problems with my home and I've barely lived here two months. I've spoken to the general contractor who referred me to their warranty supervisor. That supervisor showed up today. To give an example of the lack of professionalism, I was showing him an area of siding that butted up directly against a trim piece. He couldn't tell if it was butting up against the house(even though it was obvious) so he cut into it on the corner which began to show the obvious lack of gap. Once he couldn't prove his point he proceeded to say "Well I don't know if it needs to have a 3/16 gap." Well then why are you cutting into my siding, why are you even inspecting my siding when you don't know anything about it?' I showed him about 4 more items of the dozens I have that need attention. Then he pretty much said sue me and drove off. It's been enough trouble that I've had to read installation manuals on my own home to prove these issues. Either bring someone out who is qualified to check my concerns or stop bold facing lying to me about manufacturer specs and what is/isn't acceptable the more it's done the more I become leery of this company. The manufacturer specs can be found online very easily. This goes deeper then siding. I have spalled concrete on my front patio with exposed aggregate. I have holes on my foundation that exceed aci standards (deeper than 3/4 inch from what I can see). Visible sill plates around my foundation (manufacturer calls for the siding to cover sill plates min 2" according to manufacturer) the list goes on. No flashing above any window or door trim (manufacturer calls for flashing above every window trim and door trim to prevent water intrusion. The common excuse is "it passed inspection" that is irrelevant if it's not correct per the manufacturer installation instructions. Areas that I believe to have siding in direct contact with the foundation (causes rot manufacturer calls for 1/8 inch between siding and foundation I have areas that are questionable and I have areas where siding is pretty much on top of the foundation). Areas of the lap siding improperly installed over ship lap edges too closely over lapping the alignment bead. It's visually noticeable in the areas that have the problems. Underneath the exterior planter was not painted, bottoms of siding not painted, top exterior man door trim not painted, Supervisor says "we don't paint those". All exterior siding needs sealed/painted to prevent rotting. That's common sense and part of the installing instructions of lp panel siding. That comment is absurd. The supervisor was too hot headed to spend more then 10 minutes with me to come up with a resolution. He was rude from start to finish. I have printed copies of the manufacturers instructions/recommendations so let's have an educated discussion on why you think it's right. Not anger and rage. Hayden homes is the million dollar company I'm just the blue collar home owner getting treated like crap.
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Amen brother ,finding all kinds of scary and rushed half *** details from our new home here in Philomath from aug 2019 purchase. These guys hire only the worst it seems and are in a big rush.

We can hear every word the neighbors say due to lack of real insulation in walls,whole house looks nice but feels like a manufactured hollow home. carpet tacks sticking up near border of carpet that we have stepped on and keep finding new ones.

from other review sites Haydens tactics are to stall until the warranty runs out. and whats with them re-applying for their license every other year?


We are very sorry to hear about your experience. This is not the experience that we want to cultivate or provide for our homeowners.

We would like to look into this further if you can please email us with your contact information and address to:, we will get this over to our Customer Care Team right away. Warmly, Hayden Homes

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