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Pixelfish of California - Pixelfish stealing your money

For 6 months I have been dealing with Pixelfish and there lack of organization, It started back in may of 2011 They approached me to film a commercial for my Business I was skeptical being they are from California and I am in Philadelphia but after some convincing I agreed. They billed me $250 to film a commercial and 2 months later they finally filmed it. The guy was great he filmed they shop and my employees I was happy. It took another 2 months to edit the commercial never making it the way I wanted it, leaving out some key employees. Then they started billing me before the commercial ran. I had an account manger which was replaced and over the past 6 months I have had six account managers each one not knowing what the last one did. They have billed me without my knowledge 3 times causing my account to bounce checks . They promised me to give me 3 months for free and I checked my account it was turned off. This week I checked my bank account they charged me again. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They are so unorganized and misleading. No one know what anyone is doing there they just take your money and do not care what happens for you.
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Pixeflish = scam = scam = scam = scam = scam

They change their name and their employees every few months. This place is an intentional scam designed to lure small businesses in. They will bill you over and over, while changing account reps (none of which have any record of past promises or processes) so that you never get what you've been promised and you will have to cancel your credit card to get them to stop billing you (because they never will).

Pixeflish = = = = = scam


Beware this company and all new names it goes by: Backyard, Citysquares, and now Sightly. Unorganized, product doesn't work (and they all know this). Do not use them!


I have been through the same experience, but they didn't film anything, they just made up a generic video. The account rep changed several times and the next one didn't follow through with what the previous one promised.

The only thing they actually managed to accomplish was to bill my credit card. They promised to terminate the account to keep it from billing while they "researched" about how to give me a refund for the several months they had billed without permission to do so. "There. The account is cancelled and won't bill again." she said.

3 more billings have happened and I can't get a return phone call. I had to CANCEL MY CREDIT CARD to get them to stop billing me. I'm out over a thousand dollars with nothing to show for it but lost time and money. I'm turning my records over to my attorney to pursue.

Poorly run company at best, deliberate scam artists, liars and crooks at worst.

STAY AWAY from this company! They have changed names 3 times since I've been a hostage: Pixelfish, CitySquares, and now and

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