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Bank of America Modification Scam?

Within the last 6 months, we completed a trial program with Bank of America to reduce our mortgage payment & avoid foreclosure. We were told we completed the program & told the amount we were paying would be our new mortgage payment. About a week ago, we received a letter in the mail from Bank of America stating we failed the program & our house will be slated for foreclosure, & we have 30 days to "appeal" this decision. I was absolutely stunned, & certain it was a mistake-throughout this almost 3 YEAR process, they had sent us other people's paperwork accidentally a few times, to which we would call & send it back, making sure we were still ok & on track with everything on our own mortgage. Since receiving this failure letter, my husband & i have placed what were probably hundreds of calls-all going to voice mail & none ever being returned. He finally had an idea to call their Corporate office on Wall Street-they were surprised to receive a call like this & of course, routed us right back to where we were getting nowhere. They were slightly more helpful in suggesting we report the person who wasn't getting back to us, giving us other names of people to call that were above him & leave messages as well, which we did. Then-what a shock-our "Loan Modification Supervisor" FINALLY returned a call back to us after that-only to say they "had been sick" & were extremely backed up & would get to us when they could-using words like "don't worry". But as stated in the letter, we have a 30 day deadline before our house changes status to foreclosing-they had no answer for that. No answer as to what we should do. No answer except "don't worry". Why should we worry that we received a letter stating our home is going to go into foreclosure?
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I would like to share important advise. This helped me when I was in need.

1) I prayed to God daily and I fast. I also paid tithes weekly.

2) I contacted a lot of free attorneys. Do a google search under your zip code. Search for a "pro se attorney", Probono Real Estae attorney" etc.

3) Create a file of ALL documents you sent and received from the bank

4) Contact an organization called "" They have helped a lot of people obtain a 2-3% locked intrest rate for 30 years. (I know everyones situation is different and results vary). But they helped many people. Their services are FREE.

Note: Some people are volunteers at They mean well but lack professionalism. So be patient, and keep copies and records of everything.

5) Try to get elected officials to assist on your behalf. Also contact advocates from community based housing programs.

6) Good blessings/Good Karma comes when you help someone in need. Help someone who is less fortunate.

Good Luck


Please support the fight. Bank of America must be stopped. Sign the petition and email your stories to



Where is our elected representatives and government. Why are they not regulating Bank of America and the crimes they are committing against US Citizens.

If you do a search on complaints against Bank of America you will find hundreds of thousands of complaints. It is time for our elected officials to do something about this criminal bank now.


All banks are extremely busy with all aspects of foreclosures and if you think they made mistakes before, just take a look at what *** they are in now. They do not have the personnel to handle the mess so my advice to you is to do one of two things: your congressional rep and have him contact the bank on your behalf.

His "congressional" will get to someone with some authority and you will at least see some action---good or bad for you. But you will get some action. 2. just sit back and wait and see what the bank does.

If they do proceed with foreclosure, then you may consider seeing a bankruptcy attorney or just staying in the home until they actually do foreclose on you.

Either way, once the foreclosure action is filed, your credit is shot and you will have a hard time finding a good place to rent---unless you do it before the foreclosure hits your credit report. Perhaps it has dawned on you that you are in over your head and really cannot afford the home you are in???

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