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Mostly workmanship it is shoddy everywhere i understand i bought an affordable mobile home ACE 33.1 new Jan 2019. very few manuals i understand internet finding them is the way all products are going but if you do not know what you have how can you fine them. Is there a product list available for what is in my camper? How was it installed? Still can not get my large TV to play DVD's there are two HDMI cords coming from video cabinet one i have identified as going to outside TV and it works. The other seems to go to the large TV as it is the only other one with a HDMI cord attached but it will not work. And yes the TV works when i use another cord and putting a different DVD player with it. Strange thing is HDMI cord is two different sizes larger at dvd cabinet than it is at TV if it is not for the tv why was it connected? is there a connection under the floor or ceiling? Fridge will not stay working on propane when in drive getting ready to go camping next day. it will stay working on driving trip. Why is this? should i have battery switch on or off in drive. Because of this i am now running a 30 amp service at my house to work fridge. Also tried plugging fridge in directly by removing panel outside it did not work that did work on my last camper. Also found fridge drain when opening outside panel which my dealer said that model did not have one but that is another story. GPs system works sporadically which i can live with but it is placed so the passenger can not work on it to set up or use to look up anything while moving. Had to have most of my outside cabinet locks replaced by dealer and yes i have put most of my miles on camper going back to dealership 90 miles away. Camper now has a total of 1100 miles and we are learning that when we retire we will most likely have to trade in as we do not trust this camper. of course it will not be a THOR. At least it looks great as long as you do not open any space that work was done in. Buy your guys some tools it looks like they cut cable or hose openings with a hatchet. Can't get at plumbing valves to isolate for winterizing what were they thinking? As far as not thinking if the sewer is hooked up the black water valve has to be shut to close outside hatch door not a big problem but come on. Trying to talk to your tech people is a joke it is obvious they are not reading what i type in only want to refer me to a mechanic when i am talking about TV of course then i have to pay for the service thought i did that when i bought the product.
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