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Bank Of America - B of A needs to be exposed in media!!!

I just joined this forum after a frustrating morning on the phone with BOA. Im in a similar situation as another member. I have well documented notes on a short sale process/headache I am going thru with BOA. The more and more I read, I see that so many of us have similiar situations as my own. BOA drops the ball a million times and you end up losing your home and having a severely scarred credit report. I actually am getting ready to file a gross negligence claim against them. However, I saw that another member did the same and the judge threw out the case bc it was past its statute!!! Are you frikken kidding me!!!?!?!???! My plea to any of you that will listen and are passionate enough about this is to go to the media. We've got to get something changed. Get your story on the news, in the newspaper, somewhere that the bank can't just dismiss it as an angry internet forum. Please contact me if you're interested in this movement. BOA helped create the chaos we are all going thru in trying to sell our homes and move on with our lives. My story is the same as anyone else, husband lost his job, found a new one in another state and we are underwater on the market value compared to the mortgage. I need to short sale, and because of the gross incompetence of BOA, I am losing my buyer and my home will foreclose most likely before I can get another. Thanks for listening. Please, please, please go to the media. Trash them to the public in this regard and maybe we will get some real relief.
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@nikalseyn, dude. Really??!!

You must be in the mortgage business. @ablaze3: The other commenter is brain dead, no worries. You are doing the right thing..

Do NOT feel guilty about what you are doing. I have been in the RE business for 12 years, the Feds have this coming to them.


yes, short sale. just smoke and mirrors.

the story of mine is long. shame on bank of america.

demand payoff numbers they sent me did not include their attorny fee's of 5k. conventional sale would have meant i would haveto have brought 5k to the table....short sale was an option but failed.


Don't u ever scold me like a school child. Ill have you know I'm probably older than you.

And if you read my post, my husband lost his job and found ANOTHER out of state, so that hardly qualifies me as a deadbeat. If I could sell my house for the amount owed, then I wouldn't even be writing this. It is absolutely not my fault that the economy tanked. That's ppl like you who's corporate greed got the better of them and pushed our congressmen into relaxing loan guidelines.

Ill further have you know I put 20% down, so was I a risk to begin with, hardly. Stop trolling and find something better to do with your miserable life than to read internet forums and try to descend from on high with your misinformed remarks, young man.


You people really should be complaining about those reprehensible members in Congress who voted along party lines to make it easier for deadbeats and illegals to buy a home and then when all of you began to default, proceeded to bail the banks out with billions in taxpayer dollars. People like Dodd of Connecticut and Kennedy of Massachusetts and, of course the pederast in chief Barney Frank.

Not to absolve you of blame in this, young lady.

You bought a home, promised to pay the mortgage and now are apparently trying to get out of paying. I have no sympathy.

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