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Coos Bay Toyota sales is dishonest on tradeins

Coos Bay Toyota in Coos Bay Oregon is dishonest and deceptive in order to make extra profits. They cost me an extra $4000.00 over what I would have paid at Clint Newell Motors, Roseburg, Oregon for the same model new Toyota Prius automobile. A low-mileage Toyota RAV4 was traded in on the Prius and the salesman stated that the trade-in value was only worth $8500.00, plus no deal would be made on the Prius "sticker price" since it was a high-demand car. I trusted the salesperson (big mistake) and the car was purchased. In checking Kelly Blue book prices later I discovered that the trade-in value for the RAV4 in it's excellent condition should have been around $1100.00. Upset with being taken advantage of, I called Clint Newell Motors in Roseburg and was told by the sales manager if I would have purchased the Toyota Prius from them, they would have given me $1100.00 trade in on the RAV4 plus being it was a cash purchase would have reduced the "sticker price" by $1500.00. In summary, I could have saved $4000.00 by dealing with Clint Newell Motors in Roseburg. Several other people I have talked to have also had bad dealing with Coos Bay Toyota in both sales and service so my sales transaction in the name of excessive profits was not an isolated case.
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1100 or 11000? If you don't know the difference.....

This is all on you. You didn't shop around.

No car dealer is obligated to give you the best price. Don't think a car dealer will quote you a trade-in value on the phone.


I bought a 2007 toyota FJ from these guys. I'm a returning Iraq war vet who was seriously injured in combat.

Sticker price on vehicle was 18k. somehow i left the lot oweing them 30K. I have the vehicle for almost 2 years and have already payed 10k on it at over 500 a month. Love the truck.

Hate that i bought it from coos bay toyota.

I'll tell you exactly who payed for all that new construction they are doing. WE DID!

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