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The whole experience using USAA MoversAvantage and related services has been horrible. We are in the final stages of signing off on a real estate deal using exclusive USAA services and when we are about to finalize the USAA loan and USAA insurance needed to close the deal USAA decides it does not want to insure any more houses in the county the county we put a down payment on a house. (shown to us by the USAA Real Estate agent). This is coming from the company that solicited us to use their Real Estate Relocation Service, use their USAA mortgage Company and their USAA insurance. We really have a feel like USAA is abandoning us on this deal since we put a down payment on the property and are Expats overseas trying to relocate back to the U.S. Now we have to find another mortgage company and insurance company (from overseas)! This is very aggravating to say the least. I guess being loyal to USAA customer over the last 23+ years has no bearing on USAA's decision to leave us hanging like this. I would think most USAA members would be shocked to know that a company they grew to trust, a company who pride themselves to be loyal to it's members and who we exclusively used over the past 23 years for all insurance, banking and investment would treat their members in such a manner. Sometimes company's have to take a look past the $$$ they "might be exposed" to and look at the goodwill and relationships with their customers. USAA has lost allot of Goodwill in this instance and I am very disappointed with their lack of support to us Expats trying to relocate back to the U.S. So if you find yourself in the same situation beware of what USAA promises and do not assume they got your back covered... they are just like all the big insurance companies that look at the bottom line before customer service.....
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We too have had a horrible experience with USAA Home owner's Insurance. After writing us a Policy in February they sent us a cancellation notice that they can no longer insure homes in our area for various and sundry reasons.

Then to add insult to injury they withdraw a three month advance on the Premiums which the Bank says I cannot recover.

Great way to treat a Vet and his family. Thanks USAA.


We are having the second issue with USAA on our homeowners coverage. For the second time I feel like we are being defrauded. It starts off with lets take a look at your coverage, to no you are not covered, and when you fight them on it they say you are in a gray area and their legal department has to take a look at it. What is the sense of having insurance if your company will not help you when you need to utilize the coverage we pay for?

I'm getting the feeling that they're trying hard to minimize any risk exposure on the property and casualty side, and given the general economic situation it's not hard to theorize why. I'm sure that their investments have tanked like everyone elses, and they're feeling cash-poor as a result.

The part that upsets me is that USAA is a member-owned company, so there are no shareholders to consider. In essense, since I'm a long-time member, I've been a stockholder for over ten years. I feel that they're clamping down unnecssarily hard on risk exposure, to the detriment of their members. Bottom line is that people keep telling me that they are not the company they once were and that we are better off going elsewhere for better quality, lower costing services from companies who will actually do their job should you need their assistance.

Right now we wait to see what they are going to determine while we determine how it is best to proceed with them from here.

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