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Bank of America Fees

On October 6, 2011, Bank of America took money from my checking account ending in ** and transferred it to my other checking account ending in ** (which was in process for unknown charges, in process of being disputed without my authorization). On October 4th, 2011, Bank of America representatives advised me that I would have a total of 2 months to pay off my overdrafted checking account before making payment arrangements. On September 17th and 24th and October 1st, Bank of America representatives stated that I could make payment arrangements on my overdrafted checking account after the in-process unknown charges disputes were resolved. I ensured the representative clarified that no transfers would occur without my knowledge. The representative assured me that the only way that would happen would be if I would set it up that way. Other than that, they wouldn't touch my account ending in *** Bank of America did not notify in writing nor over the phone about withdrawing my entire account in the amount of $1,152.27. On October 6, 2011 at approximately 7:35 am, I contacted Bank of America to find out why they had taken my money without notifying me. They indicated that they did not have any open claims on file and that they couldn't give me my money back.
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:upset bank of italy has spoken


These debits were properly assessed utilizing Bank of America's Right of Setoff that is mentioned in your Depositor's Agreement. Whenever you have an account that is overdrawn for a period of 90 days, the bank has the right to go into attached accounts that you are a signer on in order to recover funds without undue loss to the bank, since we have to pay money on funds borrowed at a high interest rate to provide your overdrawn account. While the loss is unfortunate, you would do the same thing if you as a person had the authority to do so.

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SPEC Consulting Groton, NY - Scam alert!!!

SPEC Consulting in Groton, NY is a scam. This company is horrible to deal with and the owner Gary Bush cannot be trusted. Take it from us and take your business elsewhere. Gary Bush is totally unresponsive to customer inquiries and seems like he cannot be bothered by his customers if he has any at. I cannot believe that Gary Bush is still in business with such poor customer service. No one at SPEC Consulting returns calls and Gary Bush does not return calls. Futhermore, Gary Bush seems to never check emails. SPEC Consulting is a sham organization and a scam. Buyer beware.
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I concur, this has been my experience as well.


Not a Scam or A Sham. A good engineer.

Occasional Poor Customer Service does not equate with a sham or a scam or lack of untrustworthiness.

As a longtime reputable local Builder and Remodeler, I can testify to Gary's skill and abilities. I like working with him because he does not waste time and money with over engineering, he has hands on experience with residential construction and he responds well to me and other builders in our area. Gary is not the fastest response at all times, but I am willing to wait because his solutions are good and he charges a fair amount for his services. Gary does now have more staff than he has had in the past which makes him more responsive.

Often an individual with 1 project will not get the same attention that I command as a builder constantly and consistently bringing projects to a professional. Often professionals can get overwhelmed in their small businesses and very often clients also have unreasonable expectations for the cost of building and professional services and the amount of response their project should command. Sometimes a professional may decide you are not the right kind of client or they are just swamped and won't get back to you.

Anyway, that equates to lack of communication sometimes or in your case and not a scam, sham or untrustworthiness on Gary's part. If you are unhappy, vote with your feet and find another professional to fulfill your needs.

@Local Builder and Remodeler


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