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Kia Motors - New 2012 KIA,has dangerous/deadly steering problem, transmission,loud engine noise.

My 2012 Kia Sorento, purchased at Roper Kia, Joplin Mo. Has a dangerous steering issue. Steering so tight,even the slightest move of the wheel causes the car to go into a zig-zag motion. This not only puts fear into the driver, but causes cars around you to react in same, putting themselves, cars around them as well as me in danger. I also reported a lunge/surge in the transmission after all the gears have engaged. Without warning either a surge in power or a drop in power occurs.This happens after the shift to the driving gear as well as after a down ***. The final issue, is a loud knocking/clacking noise in the motor. Service Dept.put car on computer and told me it was perfect??? I looked at many small cross/overs before purchasing this car. I felt very happy with my choice. After reading all the negative reviews, many with the same complaints I have made,I am very unhappy with my purchase, and the large amount of money I have spent. All of the dissatisfied KIA owners on these pages should get together and post a public notice, then we should all file a class action suit. We have a right to a quality product,a credible warranty, and good service. This company boast "Best warranty, quality, mileage, service and safty record.. They need to stand behind their promise. John Dickson, Grove,Oklahoma
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Steering is So sensitive / it darts in either direction at a slight touch of the steering wheel. It is NOT A SPEED SENSITIVE POWER STEERING!


I own a 2012 Sorento SX and am dumping it as soon as possible. My transmission went out at 14k miles.

KIA said they fixed it by replacing the entire transmission with a rebuilt transmission.

Nice, a fairly brand new car with a rebuilt transmission. Spotty electrical problems, doors won't open, GPS goes haywire, I am done with this piece of junk.


freehold kia sold me a lemon,but its fine now that the computer says its ok,very unsafe vehicle,steering in a zig zag motion is not normal at 65mph,anyone want to meet me at freehold kia to protest,i will be there saturday morning,freehold kia rt9,very unsafe uncontrollable steering,freehold kia sold me an unsafe vehicle,said they would help,but changed their mind cause the computer said :(


i just bought a 2012 kia sorento. i was driving on the parkway and all of a sudden the truck starts to go in a zigzag motion.

for no reason!! i was going about 65 mph. if there was any cars next to me it would have been a very bad accident!!! i am very afraid to drive the car anymore.

the people at freehold nj kia made me feel so good

about getting me another car then they told me they cant help me and there is no problem with it!! this is not gonna be the end of this!!!!!!!!


I am having a major problem with accelerating smoothly from a stop and with braking. My 2012 Sorento GDI acts literally as if it has a mind of its own.

It accelerates by lunging forward, or just seems to stall in intersections (I am pressing the gas pedal with no response and then a lunge). Also if I take my foot off the accelerator, it literally brakes with out me applying the brake. It down shifts and jerks. I have taken it in, called KIA usa and am currently in a loaner hoping to get a solution.

I am actually afraid to drive it!!

Anyone else with this problem? It seems to happen the most when driving first thing in the morning or after it hasn't been driven for a few hours and almost exclusively when going 10 to 35 doesn't do this surging or breaking when on the fwy.

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