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Rbd marketing- no termination, abusive managers discrimination bad sales reps abuse/harass women

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also about this company I\'m told that they didn\'t pay many sales reps their commissions and many people ended up leaving or just weren\'t paid...or had issues with it. This person didn\'t have issues with payment before only towards the end, however other sales reps did so just another problem with the way that company many have worked...

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this is complaint about clearwire stores in altamonte springs and florida mall where the sales reps work who think they can mistreat female employees

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This is written for my friend who worked for rbd marketing a staffing company for 7-8 months. This was the orlando location. She was a very good sales rep, and did the job well. Despite being one of the top sales people, she was never promoted, however threatende to be fired numerous times for no reason. There was A lot of discrimination because she was female- male sales reps consistently tried stealing her sales or customers, and she had to keep quiet or also finally complain once the males tried to lie to her boss about her making the same yet false complaints. She jsut did her job and did it well however the male sales reps did a lot just to try to bring her down or steal her sales. Also, her boss constantly threatened to fire her for coming in late, however male sales reps were allowed to come in late with no problem as much as they wanted and they were given lots of leeway for not showing up or coming in late. She was also promised false promotions, for which others were given or offered, however she never was, even when someone took her aside to tell her she was in line for a promotion, it never happened. Again she only did her job and basically kept to herself, but got screwed over and over by the really *** male sales reps there. The only person who didn't try to steal her sales was a female who didnt work there long and a few other males. Also, other males who didnt do as well performance wise were given management opportunities and she wasn't. She just did her job and that's it- she is the type of person who is quiet and doesn't bother anyone, however she was bothered constantly and messde with by many male sales reps at this company, then wrongfully terminated/fired by someone who had no authority to fire her and really nothing was done about that, except some scummy sales reps texting her to gloat or put her down. She was also constantly put down or called names semi belittling by management or other workers, and even once a manager went down and pulled on her pant legs and humiliated her in front of everyone and put her down for wearing the wrong kind of pants- he had no right to touch her in any way shape or form. Again she just took it and didn't say anything...because it wasn't that big of a deal. However, the company was having issues and moved reps to different locations....that is where some of the males who were sales reps were given 'management' positions....those new managers...were either jerks on powertrips or really rude people. While she was working at one of the location, one of the managers there, began giving her job offers in the area she was working at at another location- this was strange to her becase she was working for the company and why was her 'boss' telling her about jobs nearby-- it was his patehtic way of almost saying he didn't want her working there anymore without really getting rid of her yet--he was also very rude to her and when she took a break, he insulted her for being gone 'too long" (she was gone 15 minutes)...and told her she needed to 'get it together"...he made her close two times when it was difficult for her to close, and for those shifts she was there in the end-- she NEVER got paid...while this sexist *** was insulting her for being gone too long, he and another males sales rep sat on a bench for 30 minutes doing nothing...during work time and often the males would go and sit and do what they want and take breaks for how long they wanted to--while she was scrutinized by these people and put down. As a female she wasn't allowed to do much but the males could do anything they wanted---come in late, take long breaks etc..but she was gone for 15 minutes and was treated badly... Also the manager person said that she was 'female' and it made guys nervous--err... she was also insulted doing her time there by another sales rep who insulted her personality for no reason and basically were just being rude to her overall for no reason- again she took it as there wasn't much she could do. The 'manager' of the location (who was a nice kid at first, but once who became manager turned into a *** on a powertrip)...told her that it was between her and another guy (a new guy) who was going to stay at the location...he said it was based on performance on one day...(oddly making no sense) and the day of the 'performance" she got two sales and the other person had none...yet the male manager, let her go from his store...(which it seems he intended to do anyway as he was trying to get her other jobs weeks before)...and was just leading her on ...also this male manager, lied to another employee...while she was sent to another location, he told the employee that she just 'quit'. The managers or new managers working at these stores are apparent liars and make up things about employees and of course seem to get off on mistreating employees esp female ones. These are managers of clear stores in altamonte and florida mall. Now, she was sent to a different location with an employee she had worked with before. This employee...the first day...tried to stop her from makign two sales...he tried to mess up her first sale...but she overcame it and got the sale, however on the 2nd sale, he purposely lost it for her--trying to make any excuse to not get the sale- she was confused and upset and asked him why he did that-- for that, this nutjob began harassing screaming at her and yelling at her-- threatening intimidating her...he was really extreme...abusive verbally and put her in so much fear she didn't want to go back...he began yellnig at her telling her HE was the manager and it was up to him ...what transactions took place--he wasnt even the manager at the time...he lied and lied...and gave erroneous reasons as to why she couldn't do the sale whcih were all lies and then accused her of 'hustling the customers' which was a lie again as she never did, however he's the one who did hustle customers and do false transctions...this guy's name was ravi chevalratnam and he worked at the clearwire store at the florida mall. He was very hostile and abusive to the female, and basically yelled at her for a good 10 minutes...then proceeded to harass her more...then when she asked him again to not interfere in her sales, this nutbag said to her loudly "GET OUT OF HERE NO ONE WANTS TO WORK WITH YOU!!! YOURE FIRRRRED!!!!!" basically chasing her out of the place...she was terrified shocked...and this was happening, she called her boss and left a voicemail and wrote him a letter--however he didn't respond. No one responded...two days later her 'boss' had sent everyone a text claiming he wasnt working for the company anymore. She tried contacting other people apparently and no one got in touch with her- it seems everyone wanted to ignore her situation. She was not only wrongfully terminated, but she wasn't given her last pay....and nothing was done about the monster who basically harassed threatened and verbally harassed her in a work environment- that monster then became the manager of that store the very next day which is shocking... after all this occurred she tried contacting the manager of the other store (altamonte mall) but knew nothing would be done as that person had alraedy seemingly screwed her over before and she didnt think he was going to help her out at all-- which he didn't. They kept changing managers/district managers...and one of the sales reps kept texting her asking her what she wanted to do with time even asking her if she wanted to come back-- which made no sense as she didn't think he was manager. The manager of the location also kept texting her-- for no reason...offering her odd jobs not real jobs but strange positions almost wanting to rub it in her face...that she wasn't working there anymore and he was manager... she wrote to many different people-- higher people and no one contacted her about the situation... she isnt saying this company is bad but how they handle things is very very bad....they do not take any kind of complaint seriously or care at all about abusive employees or sales reps. Also her first time working at the florida mall, a male manager, stole her sale too and her customer...and instead of apologizing he just lied to her and gloated in her face how he took the customer...and acted like "tough luck"...he was very rude and the male sales reps who work for that company- many aer realyl terrible and discriminate against successful sales women adn try to ruin their sales or steal them....this happened to her many times...and it was a huge complaint and problem, mistreat and discrimination however nothing was ever raelyl done about it. In the end, there were sales reps still texting her, being rude or almost gloating about the fact that htey had been promoted...they had no reason to constantly text her...after 'they' were the ones who screwed her over...this company does not take any responsibility for abusive employees that work for them and there are many who do...the employee ravi chevelratnam who works in the florida mall harassed this girl and fired her when he had no authority to and he got away with it-- he was very arrogant hostile and cruel towards her...and he thought it was funny to mistreat her that way...and in such a messed up terrible way...and he got away with it with no repercussions and was then made manager immediately the next day...beware of this company...the way they do things..and worse beware of the idiots and immature idiots that work at these places at sales reps-- especially in the orlando area....nothing is done about it--about mistreatment, discrimination...women are obviously very discriminated against especially if they are skillful and do well and the males cna't seem to handle it. They bully mistreat and abuse females regularly and instead of being reprimanded---teh female is not even fired--she just has to disappear from the company and the hostile abusive male is promoted...ravi chevalratnam works in the florida mall clear store...he is a harsh looking *** who is so boastful he was boasting to others that he is the best sales rep there and he is so good, yet he does wrongful transactions and signs people up for clearwire under the florida mall addrses, if they get bad signal...or no signal. Worse, he harasses and threatens women who work there, ruins their sales and if they question his absuive behavior, he goes off on them in a storm and verbally harasses and belittles them cruelly and nothing is done about his horrible behavior. The other male managers, mistreat women if they can apparently, in other ways and then continue to text them gloating about who knows what, when it is none of their business to do that to another employee or person, and the company does absoluetly nothing about verbal abuse by other employees, wrongful termination or mistreatment and just promotes abusive and hostile males....
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That's crazy but I does happen I know .I worked for them for a little over a month . And my boss was a *** to the women on the team and the guys got to do whatever . I'm so glad that I am not with this so called company anymore


wow! It would be nice to know who her manager was...I would like more information on this...pls send me a message via swtweet41@***.com...

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