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Hurricane Impedes Travel - only 25% refund from Chincoteague Resort Realty

Hurricane Irene caused an evacuation of Chincoteague Island in August on the very day we were scheduled to arrive. The realty company called and told us NOT to travel there. The storm traveled north and hit our home and neighborhood just as Chincoteague was in the clear. Unable to travel, we had to forfeit our plans and our money. Chincoteague Resort Realty only refunded 25% of our rental fee which we had paid in full. When we phoned, they rudely hung up on us and ignored our written attempts to communicate about this matter. We've contacted the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. We would never rent from them again and caution all others not to do business with them.
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I wrote up the situation where i was held against my will. Then lost it in cyber-space.

Shucks! Maybe will try again later. Would like to clarify something I wrote before. I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE UNTIL HELP ARRIVED.

I was not Told This! I was stating the fact, that I was held by force.

And only when someone came and assisted me getting the door open, was I able to be freed from the office. And was free to get away from Realtor S.


First day, I'm told that a request had been made....however......would need to get back with me. Next day told that, presently,there was no one in the office, from the department that sends out refunds.

Third day, I'm told that I am not allowed to call the office ever again. I responded that I have every right to follow up on this. I'm told that she has sent it out. And also, I have been reported to the Chincotague Police, so don't call again.

I asked for what reason were the police called? No answer and the person hung up. I called the Chincoteague Police and they were unable to find a formal written complaint. Though a verbal complaint might have been made but they are not allowed to let me know that, nor what might have been said.

So I made an informal verbal complaint as well. Besides this smaller matter ,there was a larger matter that had occurred over the past month plus. This resulted in one of the realtors screaming at me, putting her hands on me, and physically not allowing me to leave her office, until 'help arrived.' I will try to describe that incident in a second message. Since there is no formal report.

I have called back to talk with the manager and/or owner. I was told she did not want to talk with me, but I could leave a message. I left a message, requesting Firstly; a return call Re: The return of my security deposit. Secondly; Re: The refusal to allow me to speak with the person who had been wonderful in helping me over the past 6 plus months.

She is a true Gem!

And Lastly; Re: The not only inappropriate and unprofessional behavior of Realtor S.; but, the illegal actions toward me by Realtor S., when I did not agree with her about something. To Follow.

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