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Hamilton Pet Meadow - Pet Medows Cremetory Is UNETHICAL! (Hamilton, NJ)

Hamilton Pet Meadow - Pet Medows Cremetory Is UNETHICAL! (Hamilton, NJ)
Hamilton Pet Meadow - Pet Medows Cremetory Is UNETHICAL! (Hamilton, NJ)
Hamilton Pet Meadow - Pet Medows Cremetory Is UNETHICAL! (Hamilton, NJ)
I do NOT believe the ashes I received back from Pet Meadows Cremetory (in Hamilton, NJ) are in fact the ashes of my 12 pound Pomeranian, Missy. This place proved to me that they are unethical by calling my vet (Banfield in Deptford, NJ) and divulging personal information that was discussed between them and myself. I called Pet Meadows asking if Missy was still there because I wanted her body back to be examined by an expert since I KNOW she would NOT have died on 11/25/14 if I didnt take her to Banfield. Pet Meadows called Banfield and told them I changed my mind about the cremation and wanted Missy's body back to be examined. They informed Banfield of my entire conversation and Banfield documented it all in my dog's records. Pet Meadows told me Missy was already done and was being returned to Banfield later that day. What if she really wasn't done yet and they just told me that and scooped out some random ashes and put them in a bag then in a wooden box with her name on it? After all, I am sure they would not have wanted to give her back to me. Also, since Banfields are their biggest clients, of course they wouldnt want me to take her body to an expert to be examined. I learned they had done this when I picked up my dog's records and saw the notations Banfield put in there about Pet Meadows calling them and informing them of my conversation. It said they wanted to let them know that I had changed my mind about the cremation and wanted her body examined by an expert. Why the *** did they need to tell Banfield that??? Especially if she was already done??? Also, after reading as to what is involved in a pet cremation, I learned that you do NOT get the entire body back in ashes, just the bones are ground into ashes. There are too many ashes in this bag to be just the bones of a very small dog. Missy was supposed to be cremated PRIVATELY, not along with other pets, and JUST her ashes returned to me. They gave me back ashes in a nice wooden box with a gold metal plate inscribed with her name, which obviously cost them money. After comparing prices to numerous other pet crematories, the going rate for a PRIVATE cremation with your pet's ashes returned to you is around $300. I was charged just $71 for this service. I STRONGLY believe that this unethical place burned my dog along with other pets and just scooped out some ashes and put them in a box with her name on it. I cannot take comfort in knowing that I have MY dog's ashes and I wanted to have a customized diamond ring made from the carbon in her ashes. I HIGHLY doubt these ashes are Missy's. I am beside myself with grief, not only because Pet Meadows partner vet, Banfield in Deptford, NEGLIGENTLY KILLED my dog, but I cant even find comfort in knowing that she is with me in this wooden box because I HIGHLY doubt that she is. I am completely DEVASTED by this and I hope others will avoid this place. I posted on Craigslist how unethical this place was by calling my vet and how I suspected this is not exclusively my dog's ashes. Someone who no doubt works for them posted a response on Craigslist boasting about this place and raving about how they have a gathering every year and invite you there with food that they pay for "out of their own pocket". SERIOUSLY??? Who would WANT to go there every year for a party and dinner? They may provide a necessary service, but I would be sick to my stomach just stepping on the property. NO WAY IN *** would I want to go have a pizza party at the place that burned my dog's body! (Or whatever kind of food they have) That is just GROSS and SICK! That's like having a dinner party in the morgue. I do NOT believe I got what I paid for, which was MISSY to be done privately and not thrown into some pile and burned along with numerous other deceased animals, like a pile of trash. I paid for MISSY, and JUST MISSY to be returned to me, which I HIGHLY doubt is the case. I am in the process of looking for a DNA testing facility that is capable of testing pet's remains. In the meantime, since I am almost POSITIVE this is not her, at least not exclusively, I would like them to refund my money for the service I paid for, which will be donated to the Big Hearts Fund, a pet charity to help owners with pets with heart disease (like Missy) be able to afford their care. They can contact me for the address and they can send the refund directly to the charity, in Missy's memory. I am prepared to cause a LOT of bad publicity for this place if they dont do right by Missy, and do SOMETHING to honor her memory in a good way. My question is...Where's Missy? How many other people "THINK" they have THEIR pet, but don't really? This is such a HORRIBLE thing to think about. For only $71, Missy could not have been done by herself. If you live in this area in NJ, please use Paws To Heaven instead! I guess you really do get what you pay for! I WOULD have paid the $300 to have her done privately, if that is what it had cost. I should have known that for $71, it would't be Missy. I was just too overcome with grief and shock to think straight. I pray to God this IS my sweet Missy, it's just doubtful!
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you are not alone. I visited the grounds of the crematory I used for my pet and what I found was beyond aweful.

I took video, went back the next day with witnesses. All of which, myself included, work as veterinary technicians. I filled a complaint, called the EPA, the state, the county health dept. What it got me was a restraining order filled against by the crematorium owner, and upheld in Circuit Court.

I never even spoke to her, never threatened her, only filled a complaint against her business. See, she works part time for animal control so, the county protected her.

I know you are hurting. I feel the same.


OMG I am so sorry! I had inquired at the time of her death, which has now been almost 2 years if DNA can be done on a pets ashes and was told no.

However, I HAVE found places now that CAN determine at least if all of the ashes are from the SAME dog. So I am planning to see if there is a mixture of other animals in the bag and see if there were multiple dogs done at the same time. People have called me crazy for even thinking such a thing, but there are articles all over the place about pet cremetories doing unethical things and not doing dogs individually when they are supposed to. My biggest reason to doubt them is because Banfield told me it would take 2 weeks.

Then the exact day I call them to ask for her body back so I could take it for a necropsy, they told me she was already done and being returned that day. Then after they told me that, they called Banfield "to alert them" that I wanted her body back and make sure "they" didnt change THEIR mind. It was MY DOG! Plus they claim to protect your privacy and they didnt.

They told Banfield my entire conversation because I saw Banfields notes about it in my dogs records. Banfield KILLED my dog. I one hundred percent know that. They didnt want to give her body back to me to be able to prove it since Banfield is their biggest client.

So they scooped up some ashes put them in a box with her name on it and sent it to Banfield. In my heart, I truly believe this isnt Missy. So I cant take any comfort in knowing she is with me.

People can call me crazy all they want. These things DO happen and I am sure that many people who think they have their dogs ashes exclusively, DONT!


I'm fairly certain that you are thinking of a different crematory/cemetery. No one at Pet Meadow works for an animal control and no restraining orders have been filed. I'm sorry that someone in the cemetery profession has given you problems, but it was not Pet Meadow.


You are a nightmare of a person and a complete psychopath.


The poster is Michelle Miller . She is the most vile, unstable excuse for a woman ever.

She spends her days doing exactly what you see here. You can't tell this woman nothin. If Einstein were still alive and explained that e=mc2 she would still dispute it. The best way for every person or company to deal with her is to ignore her.

I'm sure all the law enforcement/courts in the area know what a flake she is and pay her no claims no attention. For someone "disabled" she sure has computer skills . So why can't you work Michelle? Why don't you contribute to society instead of living off tax payer dollars, and blasting everyone online ?

Then again I'm sure no one in their right mind would hire you. I'm sure you would delude a way to sue them for something or another. Michelle you are a lonely, severely disturbed woman and it's time to get a new hobby . You are a bully because no one likes you .

You got picked on all your life and you have turned into them. Leave all these hard working people alone.


Well if you know her I hope you report her to cps if she has kids and to the humane society if she has animals.She is a textbook case of Munchausen by proxy and I fear for the well being of any children or pets in her care.And I also hear the vet killed herself over this and on her facebook she is very happy about that.Some people need to be locked up for others safety and she is surely one of them.


You (Anonymous from Gloucester Township) sound far more vicious and insane than the original poster. She simply sounds overwhelmed with grief and doubt is a very natural part of the grieving process.

She originally did not name anyone by name, but then you did. I don't know who you are or what your motives are, but the woman who lost her dog is suffering and you just seem hateful.

To the woman who lost her dog, I am sorry for your pain. Cherish your dog's memory and not the ashes.

Obviously you loved her and did the best you could for her and she knew that. I hope in the future you can save another animal from a shelter and continue to find love and companionship.


I did try to be nice I really did but this has been going on far to long.Sure I said the same nice things to her at first also.But as I read on I found out how completely bent she really is.Click on her name and see all her other complaints and you too will see what I see.She is a chronic complainer.She is full of drama.She bullied a vet until the vet killed herself.A persons life is worth way more than a dogs life.She got evicted from her section 8 apt. for selling drugs.She buys a house in another state sight unseen then complains about that.She buys so many cars then complains about that.What I see is someone having alot of money to throw around for being on ssi.Makes me wonder where it all comes from.lawsuits,the taxpayers?


How you spend your money is our business since we the tax payers are supporting you.Why can you not get a computer job since you are online all day?When you have a job then we will not care how you spend your money but now you are spending ours.Get a job.


Actually no this Michelle Miller woman started all the naming. On her very first post about Banfiekd she public ally named both vets that she accused of malpractice and murder without waiting for the vet board to tech their official verdict!!!

She even put their photos that she stole from their Facebook pages all over her vile websites. She 100% deserves to be treated with the same lack of respect for her personal info.

Maybe then she will appreciate what a horrible thing it is she has been doing to those two vets. I hope those poor vets layers go all over her Facebook to get her info to sue her.

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Camden, New Jersey
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Problem with delivery
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I want the money I paid ($71) for Missy's PRIVATE cremation donated to the Big Hearts Fund, an organization that helps owners of pets with heart disease, like Missy be able to afford treatment. This is such a devasting diagnosis for any pet owner to hear.
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Banfield Pet Hospital - Banfield Vet in Deptford KILLED my dog!
Banfield Pet Hospital - Banfield Vet in Deptford KILLED my dog!
Banfield Pet Hospital - Banfield Vet in Deptford KILLED my dog!
Banfield Pet Hospital - Banfield Vet in Deptford KILLED my dog!
Update by user Mar 28, 2015

I clearly have made enemies with Banfield, Pet Meadows and others that I have posted complaints about, like my former apartment. Kevin Richards claims are RIDICULOUS that I said I would have rathered my daughter died instead of Missy, that I punched her in the stomach s...

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My daughters and i are traumatized with the death of my baby Vida. She died on April 19.

Vida was a healthy dog always. i took such a good care of her, she was my daughter.Banfield twice killed my dog along with CARE ( the ambulance place that denied to help transport Vida to Emergency Hospital. Vida on April 13 woke up very happy as always, and did go for a walk with my daughter. She came back drank her water and immediately started vomiting grass.

And,afterwards, she continues to vomit grass and did not stop. We decided to take her to Banfield Hospital in Largo, Florida,and when i got there, i told the veterinarian that my dog had eaten something poison on the grass or the grass itself was poisoned. She took Vida inside by herself and took hours to call me back. when the vet called me she said that Vida has no signs of anything major happening to her,she looked fine and she disregard about what i said about the poisoning, she was sure Vida had stomach flu,and she prescribed medications for that.

Vida started not eating too much,not drinking to much either. Vida started not looking. My daughter was telling me she was not walking too much either. Two days before her death, she was vomiting the pills as well.

and stoped completely drinling water,eating, walking. On sunday morning, we had to take her to Banfield Clearwater,florida, when we got there the veterinarian told us that he could not give her an oxygen because he did not have the one for he, and at this time she was in need of that so badly, she was difficult breathing. And, told us to find another place to take our dog since in that Banfield they would not. we were crying, scared to loose our baby.we had to make calls and time was passing and Vida did not have any treatment.

When we finally got a place .called CARE in Clearwater and they have an ambulance to transport VIDA they disservice us. So banfield Clearwater, again came to us and told us to put our dog back in our car and drive to to an emergency hospital which was about 20 minutes away with my dog totally i need of car and of course in my car without the car and far away she would die. when we got to the emergency hospital, 10 minutes later the vet came outside and gave us the horrible news that my dog had died. i hate Banfield!

I agreed it should close for stopping killing our dogs! for Banfield dogs are just about money, and they dont know that our dogs are member of our family and they deserve that right treatment like any human being.

I will never forget that horrible situation, my daughters are disabled and are having PTDS constantly because what they experienced in the last moments with our VIDA. Here is my contact claudiamarques@***.com.

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Deptford Township, New Jersey
  • Dr jan oliver
  • Banfield killed my dog
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Loss of beloved Pomeranian
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Rose Acceptance Commits FRAUD!

Update by user Feb 13, 2015

After going after this company relentlessly, they contacted me and bought the house back, however, they did not refund my closing fees, which were over $2000. Considering the company committed FRAUD, they should have returned every cent. I am satisfied with the resolution though.

Original review posted by user Jun 17, 2014
I live in New Jersey and purchased a home from them in Florida without seeing it first. They sent me pics of the inside which showed minor damages and when I asked what else was wrong with it, I was told it had a broken window and a missing toilet. Well after I saw the house, after I already bought it, I found it in a TOTALLY unliveable condition. ALL of the plumbing had been ripped out, as well as the ac unit, there is an EXTREME amount of black mold infestation in both bathrooms and the kitchen, and the source of the mold is big holes that were cut in the floor to rip out the plumbing. There are holes punched in the walls, wiring ripped out, broken, rotten floor boards, leaking roof and the list goes on and on... They KNEW I receive SSI and they are "owner financing" this home for me at 12.5 percent interest and they KNEW that I would NEVER have the kind of money it would take to make this home habitable, for me and my 19 year old daughter, and our 3 dogs, 6 birds and 2 bunnies. This house has been vacant and for sale for a long time. The pics they sent me were taken before the drug dealers broke in and destroyed it. I gave up my Section 8, which I have received since 1999 to buy this house. I also used my 2 and a half years of back SSI payments for the down payment. Now I am COMPLETELY SCREWED! They have RUINED my entire life and my daughters as well. My SSI checks are not enough to cover rent and we have to move out of our apt in New Jersey very soon, since it was being funded by Section 8. My rent is $975 and my monthly check is only a little over $700. I cant keep Section 8 because I own a home. I cant live in the home I own because its not liveable, and I will NEVER have the kind of money it will take to make it liveable. I cant sell it because I owe WAY more on it than its worth. I owe $36,000 for a house that sold for $22,900. Thats a LOT of interest! They also FAILED to disclose material facts to me that if I would have know, I NEVER would have purchased this property. There is a registered sex offender just 5 houses down! The entire neighborhood is all African American (I am white), but thats not the problem, I dont mind that, it is FULL of gangs and there were MULTIPLE shootings on this street and less than one block from this house. They have been killing teenagers and I have a very attractive 19 year old daughter who is a lifeguard and I would have to worry about her being kidnapped,raped and murdered. Of course they didnt tell me this, because then I wouldnt have bought the house and they were trying to unload it very BADLY! However, the biggest FRAUD they committed was emailing me tons of different "Good Faith Estimates" . They made me sign all of them and return them. The house closed on May 20th and my mortgage is $245.63, and 12.5 percent interest. So tell me WHY I had to sign MORE GOOD FAITH ESTIMATES, which they dated as May 1st, but didnt even email them to me until AFTER the house already closed, and those estimates that I had to sign AFTER the house was already closed said my interest rate was 11 percent and my payments were like $169 a month. When I spoke to Bill Wessels, he asked me how long I wanted the mortgage for. He said a 10 year mortgage would be $169 a month, but then when I got papers in the mail, he made it a 15 year mortgage at $243 a month. 5 more years and at a HIGHER rate? I NEVER agreed to that! Now I am about to be homeless, all because of them. They dont care whos life they ruin, as long as they make the sale. There are other complaints about them on ripoffreport.com They cost a woman her life savings by selling her swamp land and she thought she was buying land to build a home. They should not be allowed to ruin peoples lives like this. I plan to seek both criminal and civil action against them. I am reporting to Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission, BBB and EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE I Can! Please spread the word, DO NOT BUY A HOME FROM THEM!
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Hello, what about your section 8? It's horrible what happened to you.

I was wondering how things ended up for you and your daughters living situation. People like this company take advantage of struggling people who still have the dream of home ownership but don't make a lot of money. It's wrong. Maybe look in to Vision Property Management.

They do in house financing too and have a lot of properties in all 50 states. Although their homes are fixer uppers too, there are a few that may need just minor work.

We found one in NYS that was beautiful and move in ready but we didn't act fast enough and someone else bought it. Good luck to you!


Do not buy anything from this company without seeing it first with your own realtor and attorney. They prey on naive people who are too trusting.

They are based in Michigan and seem to somehow buy trashed property and try to trap innocent people into contracts to buy before they learn the true condition of the property.

I intend on reporting one property of theirs to the health department. No doubt it will be condemned before it happens to someone else.


One way they are able to do this is by buying banks- they use several bank names to expand the inventory and finance through Rose Acceptance. The parent company is First NAtional Bank of America.

I know this company from the inside-- Make darn sure you have a good real estate lawyer to represent you-- DO NOT LET THEM handle your paperwork. They thrive on taking advantage of people and likely intend to repossess your property-- its how they got their start. The original owner flipped homes and 3 generations they are worth millions...

The made their million off the work of many poor people..


You are the one at fault for buying a house unseen and not even hiring a building inspector to look at it.By the way I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale ya interested?


Are you completely *** insane? Spending your life savings on a cheap house without even looking at it, let alone using someone with a clue who can spot problems.

I buy distressed houses to fix up and rent out.

I would never buy a cheap house with at least having someone I know go look at it and take photos of everywhere their camera will reach (remote viewing is handy). If a house does look good, I hire my bug guy to check for termites etc, etc. He's also good at spotting non bug issues. I know what to look for when buying a house.

If I didn't I'd hire someone who does. I I couldn't look at a house, some pictures and knocking a zero off the price might tempt me.

Bad neighbourhood? The only way to really check that is go down there and walk around. I don't think any agent is going to advertise a high violence rate, or do they have any obligation.

I've walked away from good projects because the neighbourhood had a bad feel, that often means bad tenants. That's not a rascist thing. In my current project house. I'm the only white guy for 1/4 mile.

But the neighbourhood feels ok. Yeah, there's a drug dealer next door, neither he nor his customers are any trouble. My fiancee did feel a bit uncomfortable at times until the day she cut the grass wearing her old 'Obama/Biden' t shirt and caught some smiles.

As for 10 years at $169 a month, thats a total repayment of $20280, less than your purchase price. Hallucinate on!

Nobody is going to give you negative interest loan. the 15 year one is a bit pricey at 9.8%, but on SSI, you're lucky to get any mortgage.

You're supposed to read things before signing. It's a massive investment, it's downright *** not to do so.

Caveat Emptor


You should have never bought this home without seeing it. Buyer beware.

Rose Acceptance has never has lived in this home so they can make no warranty as to anything in the home. I am truly sorry for your loss, but you should have never bought this home without seeing it.


Of course, you work for Rose Acceptance


They sold me a home that is full of mold. I bought the home for 60k and according to the housing commission the minimum to repair the rafters and the flooring and floor joices is over 60k. What a mess and the Consumers Financial Group that oversees banks say they are right.


I fought them relentlessly and I won! They bought my house back.

You can do it too.

It's not easy and it's a lot of work, but you can do it. Good luck!


60k to fix the roof and floors? You need a new contractor.

Or maybe you're just another of parrots many alter egos. You're supposed to exercise due diligence when buying a house.

That means you get someone with a clue to CHECK IT OUT.

If you buy a dump and then whine about it, the seller is rarely held accountable unless they have deliberately hidden problems. Even then, you'd need a court battle to prove it.

If I was buying a house in Florida, mould would be the No1 thing for me to look for.

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Lakeland, Florida
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Resolved: Echelon Ford Screwed Up My Transmission!

Update by user Feb 13, 2015

Pursued the *** out of them until they fixed my transmission. They were nice about it though, despite me getting quite nasty, including having my attorney send them a very nasty letter and a complaint to the BBB.

Got rid of that van now anyway and am now driving a Chrysler mini van instead!

Original review posted by user Jun 17, 2014
After owning 2 Ford Windstars with transmission problems, I finally found a 2004 Ford Freestar for sale that was VERY well taken care of and had NOT one single issue wrong with it when I bought it. The transmission worked great. Transmissions are a big problem with the Windstars and Freestars, so I was careful to buy one without any transmission issues. A few weeks after I bought it, I called Echelon Ford and gave them my VIN number and asked if all recalls were done to the vehicle. They told me the torque converter was never replaced in 2007 when it was recalled and that the 3rd row seat latch needed to be fixed. They said each job would take 4 hours. (They kept my car 5 days!) Before deciding whether I even needed or wanted to get the torque converter replaced, I SPECIFICALLY asked Echelon Ford, a few times, in fact, if messing around with the transmission could cause it to have problems since it currently did not have any issues. I wanted to be one hundred percent sure that them replacing the torque converter could not damage some other part of the transmission. They all assured me that it would NOT cause it ANY damage. I asked them, in their opinion, should I even bother having it replaced since it worked perfectly fine. They told me that it could give out at any time and could be a safety issue, so they recommended I get it replaced. They also assured me that if it had any problems after they installed it, then Ford would be responsible for fixing it. So, I made the mistake of trusting them. I dropped it off early on a Friday morning. Was expecting to get it back 8 hours later. I did not get it back till Tuesday evening. They kept telling me they were having complications. As soon as I pulled out of their parking lot, I noticed the alignment was off BADLY and it was PERFECT when I took it in. I called them within 5 minutes of leaving and got their voice mail and left a message about it. They never returned my call. A couple of days later, the transmission started slipping, the RPMs were very high when accelerating, and on a few ocassions, it would not go into reverse. My husband took it in, and he and a mechanic took it for a test drive. The mechanic pulled out the dipstick and told my husband there was no transmission fluid in it even reading on the dipstick, so he put some in. So, they were NEGLIGENT when working on my transmission by not replacing the fluid when they did the job. The vehicle continued to have the same issues, so I finally went in and spoke with the supervisor, Pat Regan. He denied all liability and tried assuring me that they did not touch anything in the transmission when they replaced the torque converter. He did acknowledge that it can mess up the alignment and offered to align the vehicle at no charge. However, I am reluctant to allow them to do it after they already screwed up my car. I want them to fix the transmission issues that THEY caused, but they flat out refuse. I went to an attorney who sent them a letter and they told the attorney they would fix it at dealer cost if I pay for it. Why should I pay for their mistake?? I just bought the vehicle a few months ago for $4,000 in PERFECT condition! I bought this van because we are moving to Florida and I want a reliable vehicle for the long drive. I cant trust this vehicle now for a drive of that distance and I cant sell it because now it has a bad transmission. I would imagine the transmission got more screwed up from me driving it with no transmission fluid, but it never occurred to me that they would be so NEGLIGENT that they would work on the transmission and NOT replace the fluid. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and will be filing complaints on EVERY consumer review website I can possibly find, including Pissedconsumer.com, ripoffreport.com,my3cents.com, consumerist.com, and complaintsboard.com. I will continue to post warnings about them, UNTIL they fix my transmission at THEIR expense! I will post a warning on Craigslist DAILY! I also will be contacting the Office of Consumer Protection, Ford and the Attorney General. I have pleanty of time on my hands to post warnings about them to make sure they dont screw up someone elses car and then basically say, ***, like they did to me! DO NOT HAVE YOUR CAR SERVICED HERE OR YOU WILL REGRET IT! THEY ARE NEGLIGENT!
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You sure have alot of money to spread around for being on disability.

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Resolved: 3Js Auto Sales - Scammed and Sold 2 unsafe Cars

Used car dealer sold me a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire, told me there was nothing wrong with the car and it was just serviced and had the motor replaced. His mechanic confirmed it was a lie. 10 mins after leaving his lot with the car, the check engine light came on. The ABS light was on when we bought it and he said he just installed brakes, another lie. It overheated the entire way home.We dropped the car off at his so called mechanic, who refused to fix it. My fiance told him I just wanted my car back that we gave him as a trade in and that he could keep the whole $675 in cash we paid him. I traded in a gorgeous 99 Black Chrysler Sebring, in running condition. He said he would return the car. I asked him if it was in driveable condition and in the same condition I brought it in as, just 3 days earlier. I asked him that because my neighbors are friends of his and they told me that he told them he took it out for a test drive and the transmission died, which I KNEW was a lie. He told me my car was fine and driveable and in the same condition. He came to pick me up to go get it. When we got to his lot, he told me it wasnt in driveable condition and that the fuel pump went so the car wont run. So, then, he sold us a 96 Mercury Cougar for $2800. I specifically asked, whats wrong with it, and he said not a thing, it was just serviced. On the way home, the oil pressure dropped to zero every time we were at a stop and the check gages light was on. Took it to Mr Brakes 5 days later for an oil change, and they REFUSED to change the oil because the car is in such bad shape. I took the paper to the dealer/owner and showed him, and he didnt want to be bothered and said"you're getting on my nerves, you *** *** So we left. Last night we had almost no brakes and went to AAMCO. They said the car is extremely dangerous and shouldnt be on the road. The brake line is leaking and all rusted, the motor is bad, leaking rear wheel cylingers, and the list goes on and on. Last night, I almost had an accident coming home because I had almost no brakes and couldnt stop at a light. This is a buy here, pay here place, so we still owe $1800 on it and now it has to go to the junkyard. We are out our money and a car and dont have money to get another car. This car will end up killing someone. He also lied to our insurance agent on the phone with the first car we bought. He told her that we were paying it in full so we wouldnt have to have full coverage. With the second car, I told him not to do that. She is fine with the car being financed. He is unethical, doesnt ask for proof of income or even Social Security numbers. He just tells you if you are one day late with a payment, he charges a $150 late fee. One the first car we bought, he LIED about the total selling price of the Pontiac for tax purposes. The amount was $1800, but he put down the selling price was $800. He did not put on the receipt that we paid $500 in cash, he gave me $500 credit for my car and he charged us $175 in fees. On the second car we bought, after I threatened to report him to the DMV and IRS, he put the trade in and the down payment and full selling price on the receipt. I have both receipts to prove the descrepencies. I have tons of documentation to prove he is a scam artist. He buys the cars at auctions and has no idea whats wrong with them, then lies to your face and say they are in perfect shape. Almost every car on his lot had the check engine light on, or some MAJOR issue. He did not give us a copy of anything we signed, except the yellow receipt, so we dont even know what the contract says. Criminal charges will be filed and I plan to get a permit to picket his business with my teenage daughter and her friends. He told my fiance he put a fuel pump in my car and sold it. He knew I wanted back, and he could have sold it to me, but instead made me buy this death trap that I now have to junk. I refuse to pay $1800 more for it, and he can take us to court, where we can prove fraud on his part.
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Got all of my money back from him in March 2012


Dont buy from those guys same here worst lies

Thanks for post

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Brooklawn Norse Apartments - Liars and Slumlords!

Update by user Jan 08, 2013

dont know how to read a lease? You are such a LIAR Jennifer Derevlany!

You KNEW about my dogs, agreed to modify the lease, then didnt. Also, I DIDNT get evicted, now did I? They had no choice but to drop the eviction or be sued for a retalitory eviction. They settled the matter right away with my attorney.

I was really looking forward to a trial, since I had a witness who is a paralegal for the Public Defenders Office in Philadelphia, who lives in building 5 and volunteered to testify that you made him sign a lease saying no pets, but allowed his dog. Also, FYI, you cant press charges for slander, that is civil, and TRUTH IS AN ABSOLUTE DEFENSE TO SLANDER AND LIBEL. There is also freedom of speech. I have proof to back up everything I say.

Also, I NEVER texted or emailed you, so tell some more lies.

I moved into a HUGE, new condo, and it doesnt have a slumlord. :grin

Original review posted by user Oct 27, 2011
Do NOT rent From Brooklawn Norse Apartments in Brooklawn, NJ! Slumlords all the way! Had to wait 2 weeks after moving in before I received a lease, told me I could have my dogs, then tried to evict me for them, had to wait over a month after I moved in for a working fridge, mice and roach infested, refused to provide access for PSEG to read meters, so PSEG threatened shut off, they are LIARS, dont fix anything, do not deposit your security deposit in an interest bearing account like they are REQUIRED to under NJ LAW. This complex has drug dealers, and police are called to this complex daily for a host of problems. Property is a fire hazard. Horrible, unethical people to rent from. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these slumloards. They create a LLC for each new property they purchase and call it Brooklawn Norse, Clementon Norse, AC Norse, ect. Dont rent from ANYWHERE with the name Norse! You will REGRET it!
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HORRIBLE place to live! They are roach, rat, and bed bug infested.

They say why don't just move out but it's not that easy to up and leave a place once you actually live there. They don't deposit your security payment, they never fix anything, you can't get a hold of the actual landlord, then they try to send you eviction papers when you have proof you've been paying rent.

Everyone is on drugs, the exterminator comes whenever he wants and is never prepared. DO NOT MOVE HERE the town is good and quiet but these apartments are worse then living in Camden apartments.


Same here at Riverside Norse. Horrible slumlords.

The property manager is a *** joke..

And the owner of all these Norse properties Andrew Turk is a criminal. He takes all this money from people and doesn't care one bit about his tenants


Riverside Norse apartments will steal your rent especially beware of Patrick the super.He steals the money of innocent tenants and instead of giving it to the owner of the property he keeps it in his pocket and reports to the owner that a tenant has not paid rent since the beginning.PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THE SUPER ,PATRICK, AND MAIL IT TO RIVERSIDE NORSE LLC.The apartments has bed bugs ,dirty carpets,holes in ceilings that you can see sky,ac dont work,water gets shut off with no warning what so ever,no emergency 24hr service,claims they have ac but nothing,flooring has holes in it and many more.


To anonymous, your an *** for not moving, you trash talk the place but live there?

Duh!!! Move out????




, This is one of THE worse places to move in! You have a problem?

You'll be waiting every bit of 6 months for someone to come out & fix it.. The lady writing this article is NOT a liar, as I am a new Tennant! & I wish I would have read her advice before I decided to move in! Only plus I can say about this move is that's a quite neighborhood & there's a school directly across the street!

But as for the apartment, I am also encountering problems that are NEVER being fix.. Still to date!!


The lady writing the artical was evicted for her dog and dealing drugs on the property Also her teenager attacked my 6 year old son. I lived next door to her she was *** to live with.

I've been here long enough to know the only people who have any problems are the ones who don't pay the rent.


Lol Don't get all worked up now. She's gone.

Just ignore her.

It's too petty for any more attention.


Is this Michelle Miller? I lived in her bld.

you daughter is a trouble maker and ur a drug dealer. Jennifer is right no one could stand to listen to ur bs. I've had my own conversations with the chief of police about u. How u gonna say the police are always here.

They were only here for you. Listen to Jen check the records. You do need to get a life. i seen u were evicted the sheriff posted on the door.

The whole bld was relieved when we seen you would be gone. Jen u need to get a restraining order on this crazy ?!$&. I've been here for 4 years I have no problem with brad going Into my home. He is a good man We all do *** things when we are young.

He don't lie about it. No one MADE u sign a lease. There's 50 something apartments at this bld. Y u think no one listened to ur complaints when they evicted u.

Nothing but whining and ***. Thank u anyone involved with getting rid of her.


No Laura, YOU were the one evicted. I was NOT evicted.

They tried, they also lost! I have papers from my attorney to prove it. Your city comes up when you post, so I KNOW its you, since you live in Gloucester. The cops were never at my door.

They were always at your house and YOU were the one selling prescription drugs from your apartment.

Yeah, you are a real piece of work with your oldest son being a drug deal, your 400 pound kids with mouths worse than truckers, your *** husband, your mentally challenged younger boyfriend who you made bail your *** husband out of jail, your youngest son with brown eyes (that you used to duct tape his diapers to) that you have your *** husband believing he is the biological father even though its impossible since both of you have blue eyes, you are an animal hoarder and animal abuser who threw your 2 cats out in the alley when you got evicted, you let your dog suffer with mammory cancer and never took her to the vet until I called the SPCA on you, you never pay your rent and get evicted every where you live, you never take a shower and your entire family has the worst body odor I have ever smelt. You are a real piece of work, Laura Massey.

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