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Local Marketing Suite - Http:// the owner is a fraud The owner Eddie Tisnado said he could make a professoinal website with video. He has no idea how to do this job and kept buying time and making excuses like "I am not getting your email" and "my worker had to go abroad" for not getting the work done. He refused to return the advance. This company San Diego based should not be trusted with websites. Not only does this person know what he gets into but he consistently lies. I tried to work with him but after many weeks after due time of work not getting done, I asked him for a part refund of my 50% advance and he refused and actually wanted me to pay him in full.
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Response to Farheen Umar, owner of Pasha Video Productions:

At LMS we value all our customers concerns and try and resolve them, but we also understand that in a service based business there is the occasional customer you will not make happy, no matter what. This is our first complaint in three years of business.

Here are the facts behind this issue. Farheen is upset because this project took longer than anticipated. The question is, why did it take longer? We explained to Farheen at the beginning that when doing website development there is going to be 3 stages before completion; building out a custom template, filling the site with content, images, videos, etc, and last is going back and forth with the customer on design adjustments.

We sent Farheen three sample layouts to choose from. Farheen wanted to see a website built out for each layout before choosing and we explained that is not possible because we would have to build three individual websites and she would have to pay for that extra work. She was unhappy from that point.

Advanced payment cleared on 9/1 and that is when we opened a project for Pasha Video Productions. 9/7 we received the videos in the mail. 9/21 we still did not have all the items requested for this website, including content, images and logo. The first sample site was completed on 9/19. After we built the website, she wanted to change the layout and we explained we don't do that without charging, but made the exception and rebuilt the site. We explained this would take a few days because we don't use template websites. We rebuilt the site on a new layout and form that time Farheen made requests multiple times for changes on the content, contact form, colors, and header banner all the way into 10/6. At this point I notified Farheen that my website developer had to leave town because his mother passed away and would return after a week. It was at this time Farheen notified me that she wanted to cancel the service and wanted the advance returned. I explained that we had completed 90% of the work and that was not possible. I also offered a 10% discount for the week delay on our part, but she refused. 10/16 the website was complete and we are still waiting for the remainder payment.

Farheen hired us to build a website with video capability and minor SEO.

As for us not knowing how to build a website, see for yourself.

Here's her website

Farheen has said that her competitor website is much better -

Here is another one of our websites

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