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Super Space Self Storage Staff Geoffrey Taylor and Victoria are Racist

Super Space Self Storage Staff Geoffrey Taylor and Victoria are Racist
The manager Geoffrey Taylor and Victoria are racist. I went to see about a storage unit and was told they no more units available as soon as I walked in the door. I thought it was funny because I spoke with Victoria before I went there and she told me they had plenty of units. I left and asked my friend to call and ask if they had any units available and Geoffrey told her they had some. My friend and I drove back to super space storage and again I was told they did have any more units. I told Victoria my friend just spoke with you and you said you had some. Then Geoffrey came around the counter and told us that they do have units but have had to many problems with Hispanics and if I wanted a unit I would have to put a $1000 deposit and if I don't like it, get the *** out. I wish I would have seen the reviews on this web site before I went there because yelp has four star reviews for this business, I will never trust yelp again they only put the good reviews.
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Get a civil rights lawyer and sue them for discrimation.That is what it is.They are racist and now they need to pay.They cannot deny you to rent a storage based on your race.They cannot make you put down a deposit that no one else has to because your race.That is against the law.Bring them to task.Do not let them get away with this because they will do it again if you do nothing.You have some money coming from this.Stand up for yourself.


All I can say is that self storage unit property managers are a very unique bunch. The corporations will eventually take away their distinctiveness and go with the bots the serve us cheeseburgers from the dollar menu.


I would like to thank the people who posted all these mean comments on this page. If you think that I'm a racist don't you think that I wouldn't even work here and would be fired by now?

And, also if I'd be racist and all the other names you called me, why is it that people chose our storage and our occupancy is so high? I understand that you are entitled to your opinion and appreciate the time that you put into writing these reviews. It is really sad that some people say these things about somebody who don't even know.

I wish you all the best! Victoria from Super Space Self Storage


Yes I do believe that you would work there. Most storage companies don't care about the customer service from their employees.

All they see are dollar signs and as long as you are making them money, they don't care how your customer service is. You may have a high occupancy, but what is your delinquency? If your delinquency is high, your occupancy doesn't matter. Apparently the people that are writing these reviews know something about you and your customer service or lack there of.

I am in customer service at a storage facility as well, except I am on the East Coast. My facility isn't owned or run by a huge company. It is one location only, owned by an elderly couple who enjoy being able to help people in need. Please remember that everyone who walks through your office is a potential customer and your first impression makes a bigger impact upon that potential customer.

BTW, I've researched your facility and it seems that it is "Permanently Closed".....there may have been some validity to the customer complaints.


Good for you Victoria, taking ownership in the face of these anonymous weenies with their "complaints" that sound reasonable to the public, yet are really here to satisfy a private grudge.


I see that they have removed all of their comments from this complaint. I don't think this is helping them come across as well-balanced and normal people.


The front desk people are a bunch of incompetent children and the Filipino maintenance guy is worthless. I will be looking for another storage locker soon!!!!!!!! :(


You are right. Victoria is rude and stuck-up and just a racist girl who acts like a child. :cry


Victoria is a mean B#@%H Bad customer service. :(


Not only are Jeff and Victoria racist they are lovers that’s why they defend each other. I saw them at the gym hugging and kissing I knew something up with them.

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