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Ontario Property Management -Wilfred Lucier

Ontario Property Management -Wilfred Lucier
Ontario Property Management -Wilfred Lucier
Ontario Property Management -Wilfred Lucier
We purchased some property in Windsor Ontario and were also referred to Ontario Property Management. We paid for renovations, in particular a new roof and shingles. The work was not done properly or as promised. New shingles were nailed over top old ones and the roof was not replaced! In addition they damaged all the eaves by stepping on them. To add insult to injury the owner Wilfred Lucier claims to have been burgled and rents stolen. Please, please- If you are thinking about doing business with these colourful characters - do contact the local police and do a criminal background check. Please do not do business with this company.
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Check Lucier brick @home restorations with police first ,as they do shoddy work and are THIEVES


I also had MAJOR problems with Wilf Lucier from Ontario Property Management /Lucier Brick and Home Restorations.Wilf is a real talker example 1 GIVES 10% of bill to MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD CHURCH......they NEVER HEARD OF HIM AT ALL!! ....#2 he

does not have an address on his cards....#3 will not answer my many phone calls.

WILF took my porch apart ,then said he had a stroke AND SAID he was in hospital for 4 days not true.Now I have a BIG MESS and Lucier is no where to be found This man is a CHRISTION THIEF. YOU CAN RUN ...BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM GOD.....DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN ANY MONEY UP FRONT ,CHECK HIS LICENSE#


I no longer work for Wil as I found out that all of the above is true. I quit my job Friday after finding out he had collected another rent and lied about it.

He has had me do invoices for jobs and a few days later tells me they are complete, when he doesn't do them or only half completes them. I wanted to quit over a month ago when all of these allegations started but Wil convinced me that they were untrue and he would make sure the company name were cleared. In the only few months that the office has been opened 5 of my pay cheques have bounced, he has owed money to all employees only paying us a hundred to 200 a week and saying he would give us the rest when he got paid for finishing a job. To date he owes me several hundred dollars, including my vacation pay which I have not seen a penny of either.

When these allegations started I injected myself even more into my job working hard to make sure everything was done properly. I started collecting rents so I knew they would be depositted into investors accounts immediately. When collecting rents I did walk throughs with the tenants and had them show me work that needed to be done in their units. I set up appointments with the companies workers to complete these jobs, and when the workers went or if they even showed up did only one of the jobs on the list and did it *** and said they would be back.

In some cases they actually completed the jobs but this was very rare. I would notify the worker of the job that needed to be done and they wouldn't even notify me or the tenant that they weren't going. The company account was closed by the bank for so many bounced cheques being made out. So I allowed him to use my account for deposits until he was able to get another company account.

In the last month he has made over 13,000. Before I quit I asked Linda to sign a receipt for me for all of this money. After he has screwed all of these people any possible way he could I knew I had to be sure to protect myself from him just in case he decided to try and screw me over. I also contacted some of the investors that he has left and told them to cross reference with their tenants to be sure that the date that they paid their rent and the date that Wil claimed they had paid rent match up.

I told them to check with tenants to be certain that work was being completed. I slept in yesterday and woke up to several missed calls and voicemails from Wil stating that I am trying to steal his clients and that I have opened up a can of worms for myself. He said that he was calling the police to file charges on me for stealing his clients and that I took most of the money for myself that was deposited into my account over the last month and that I "co-orced" Linda into signing the receipt for me and he would be laying charges on me for it and that there has been money missing from the office and he is going to be charging me for theft of that as well. The funny thing is if I had around 13,000 that I took I wouldn't be behind on on my bills and he wouldn't owe me anything at all, and I wouldn't have to borrow money to be able to buy Christmas presents for my children.

He says he is going to open a whole can of worms for me because I quit my job. This guy is the biggest snake I have ever encountered in my life, he makes mistakes and passes the buck on everyone but himself. He claimed that Dan was fired when in fact Dan quit his job and says Nick was fired when he quit also. He has been putting blame on them for everything since they quit.

Now he is using me for his purpose of ripping people off. The guy is a seasoned crimal and his best weapon is his mouth. He is very convincing and preys on the kind and naive. He hand picked me because I am this way.

Please beware of him and his lies always double and triple check with tenants to be sure that what he says is true. He told me Friday that he had paid a tenant 50 dollars to confirm with a investor that a job was complete when it was only half completed. Do your due diligence and investigate. I have also believed all of his lies and have tried to continue to work for this snake.

He opened this business in his illiterate son's name and took advantage of his son just turning 19. Saying he opened this to build something so his son could make a living, when in fact he has just been screwing over his son's credit. If he would screw over his own why wouldn't he try and screw over thye rest of the world as well.

He prays on the weak and kind. Don't be *** like me and many others and always look into who you are dealing with.


Ontario Property Management of Windsor also operating as Ontario Building Solution and everyone who works for them are all a bunch of fraudsters trying to get something for nothing. Wilfred Lucier, his son William Lucier, Carolyn Crankshaw, Linda Eaton are all part of the scheme in stealing people's hard earned money.

It is shameful to see these type of people not put away in jail. One thing is for sure, they are all going to burn in ***.


Ontario Property Management, including Wifred Lucier and Carolyn Crankshaw (his handy secretary) did the exact same thing to us and countless other investors. We have also been frauded rents and renovation money regarding the work that was to be completed on our properties in Windsor.

Willfred is a seasoned criminal, and known to the police for drug dealings. Carolyn and the other office staff openly lie and decieve investors for Willfred. They are quick to relay messages that are untrue and hide the wareabouts of Wilfred. Claiming this is just a job where you are aware of thousands of dollars are being stolen from individuals makes you an accessory to fraud and theft Carolyn.

When Will is brough to justice (as I have no doubt he will - karma as you said) you and the other office staff will be along side. Good luck!

To other investors out there, be very weary of Willfred Lucier and Ontario Property Management. They cannot and should not be trusted and it is only a matter of time before they are shut down.


Not on this report on another one on this site I commented on this one because I was reading it I thought this was a comment from the first that has my name on it.


I don't see your name anywhere on this report. You are the only one connecting yourself to it.


And FYI you can contact the police in the regards of the office being broken into because when I came into the office the front window was shattered and the police were here. I sit in the office and relay messages. You people want to shoot the messenger it isn't fair.


:( I am EXTREMELY offended that my name is being slandered for simply being an employee!! I have done nothing but my best job to keep everyone satisfied!

If my name isn't removed from this and other sights I will be filing a cival law suit for slander. I am a hard working mother of 4, I am young, I quit my job as a medical secretary/Dr assistant to come to Ontario Property Management and work for Wil. I am a secretary, I do not profit from ripping people off I get a weekly salary like everyone else on the planet. For me to google my name and see this nonsense is unbelievable!!

I can't afford to quit my job, I live in Windsor, Windsor's economy is terrible. I came here because he offered a full time position. If someone else offered me a full time position I would take it in a second so I wouldn't have to deal with nonsense like this. Please remove my name from these things, your problem is not with me.

I do not understand why my name is anywhere! This is bogus! I work for a living to support my children and this is what I get.

To all you heartless investors out there who like to pass the buck on a secretary, karma will come back to you. Remove my name please and thank you.

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