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Walmart - Child abuse, lies and accusations.

My son is still with his loser father. I was shopping with my ten year old daughter. She was getting board and asked if she could look around the store. As I was walking to the food department to get some food my daughter noticed me and started crying. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that there was someone doing demos for a new product and when she went and asked for a sample they told her no. I went to the lady doing the demo and asked her why she denied my daugher the food. The lady told me that she did not say my daughter was not allowed to have any of the sample but that they require a parents permission before giving a sample to children. So they would rather starve her than make her happy. Probably because they are jealous of how much money i make. My daughter is ten not four why should I have to be there to give permission for her to sample things. To add to her dismay she told me that she was trying to see a toy from the toy department. It was too high and she climbed a ladder to go and get it and was told that the person in the department was mean to her and asked her to get down. I asked her to point out who it was and she pointed to a man working in the toy department. He was mean to her before by not having her favorite toy. He told me that she was not allowed to climb the ladder. I asked to speak to a manager because two employees treated my daugher like a second class citizen. The manager came up. From the expression I got the feeling that he did not want to deal wtih me again. I told him that my daughter was mistreated by two employees. He did not seem to care and even lied to me saying that the person doing the demos was from another private company. What nerve he has to lie to my face. I make much more money than he does. I think to make up for the rudeness and abuse from these TWO employees my daughter should have been given a gift card and me for putting up with these lies.
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Seriously? What the *** does it matter if you make more money then them?

SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE! He did not lie it is quit commonly known that the people who pass out sample do not work for the store they are contracted out by a private company.

And what was your daughter doing climbing on a ladder? Maybe you should worry about what your daughter is doing instead of blaming everyone else!


lady you need professional help. you dont know what they were giving your daughter.

she could have been allegic to an ingredient. then you most likely wouls sue.

secondly who the *** are you some celebrity. you are a nurse.

no celebrity. no body cares who you are beside your family. which i wouldnt blame them for not wanting to go out in public with you since you are EMBARASSSING.

THats why your husband divorced you. To bad he couldnt take your kids away because you are a HORRIBLE mother.


There are so many clues in this rant, and many others, by Complaint265 that reveal a very psychologically disturbed person. Three that 'tell the tale' are:

"My son is still with his loser father".

"Probably because they are jealous of how much money i make."

"I make much more money than he does."

I strongly believe that Walmart ,any other similar business, or even MAD would take better care of your children than you!

The above portion of this comment is much more politically correct than you deserve. What I really mean is:



To: Complaint 265,

Walmart employees should be given bonus wages for having to put up with whiney *** holes like you and your spoiled brat. Yeah you would probally love them to let your little brat climb all over where ever she wants so you could sur them for something that was your fault for letting the little brat go where ever she wants in the store wonder how *** you will feel when some psycho walks off with your kid because you were not there to watch her!!!

Whiney *** jerks like you make me want to puke so why don't you go back to your 90,000 $ a year nursing job stick a gun up your sorry a *** pull the trigger and shoot yourself in the brains, because you are a pathetic *** for brains useless piece of garbage human being! Not even sure I should insult humans by calling you 1 !!!


1st that is policy not to give samples to children because of food allergies etc second you are just pain stuid go back to whatever rock you crawled out from i feel for your kids and hope their "loser" father takes them away from you


I don't work in a Canadian Walmart. The store that I work in doesn't even have another store in it but there are some in store sales specialists here. But some Walmart stores here have a McDonalds while some others may have a Subway.


That is the same lady Jessica. You must work in A Canadian Wal-mart since Mcdonalds is part of your store.

I think US ones have Subway.(well like you said they are two different companies)

They have that a parent must be present for insurance reasons. Genearally a ten year old would know what they are allergic to but for insurance reasons they have to have a parent present.


That lady is from a private company. That's like saying employees that work at McDonalds really work at Walmart. It's somewhat like a store in a store but it does not mean that they work for Walmart. Your daughter could have choked... And if she were to choke you would also say something about that... Saying something like how we should have been watching your child since you clearly don't do that yourself... And you would have even complained about that if we did watch your child, saying that we insulted you by implying that you can't watch your kid so we had to do it. I better stop now because someone will begin to think that I'm just like you.

Food demos do need a parents permission. It might be a policy you know. Even food demos have a policy that they have to follow. You might not have any since you probably don't even have a job and the only way you can support yourself is by doing a bad deed.... But yes, we all do have a few policies. But what do I know? To you I'm just some Native American that just steals things.

Your daughter could have hurt herself on the ladder... Which is why we do not let customers climb on the ladder. In fact, we can't do that! You really should look after your own kids in the store. Aren't you the lady that got mad at a employee that called out a Code Adam simply because you were not looking after your 4 year old niece?


i've never actually thought there was a real dumbf***! :-p


This story tells me who REALLY s doing the child abuse, and it's not Wal Mart

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Walmart Gift Card
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On Friday I went to Burger King after dropping my children off with their deadbeat dad. I ordered one of your super value combos. I noticed that the person next to me in line got a 25 percent discount. I asked him why he got a discount. He said because he was in...
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Judging from your attitude and sense of entitlement, you must be a negro.

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Walmart - Made me fight with boyfriend.

My son's eleventh birthday was on January 2. I had bought him gifts well in advance. However reciently he has been disobeying me. I just found out that he was friends with a black boy. He knows I would not approve of this friendship and was friends with him behind my back. Then On December 26th I asked him to go tell his dad that he did not want to spend the holidays with him. The deal was that I spend Christmas with my children and up to New Years they spend time with their father. Being the oldest he can influence my daughter to do the same. Because of his misbehavior, being friends with no good thugs,(sorry if I sound racist but unfortunately it is true) and not obeying me when I told him to cancel spending his holidays with his father I wanted to discipline him. So I bough him gifts for his birthday. My boyfriend also made several purchases because I asked him to get a few things because I was busy. Anyways to make a wrong story short, because of his misbehavor I made him open his birthday gifts to show him what he would have gotton if he had behaved. I told him that he would not be allowed to keep the gifts because he has been a very bad disobedient boy. Then I told him to get in the car and we were going to return all the gifts which I purchased for him.(I cancelled his party because he was bad.) I waited an extra long time at the desk. Apparently the cheap Jews that shop at your store were trying to make a quick buck by returning all their friend's Christmas gifts without a receipt.(There were some blacks and hispanics here as well). The wait took 45 minutes. I knew that I had no receipt however I though they all know how much money I make so they would know that I am not stealing. Finally it was my turn. I explained the situation. That I had no receipt. I did not lose the receipt, my son stole it so that I would not be able to return the birthday gifts. He keeps denying this saying I lost the gifts and I know that he is lying. (This got him grounded from seeing his father other activities until he returns the receipt) Despite the fact that I am a registered nurse I was told that without a receipt that I could not return the presents. I explained that my son was being punished and I was trying to make him see what I could have given him if he had behaved himself. They still refused. They allowed me three items only. Luckily I had one receipt. This was from what my boyfriend had bought when my son was being a decent human being. He had apparently bought this on is credit card. I had his credit card with me. They told me that I could not return the gifts from his credit card because the names are not the same. She acted like I had stolen the credit card. I mean if I was black and she thought this I could understand, however I am a white registered nurse and would never steal. To top it off I wanted this cashier to make an announcement to have everyone come over and look at my son and make a page that he had stolen my receipt. I wanted everyone in the store to know what a crook he is, she refused to make a page. She treated me like a criminal and bad parent. I just wanted people to know what kind of kid my son was reciently. I know my son stole the receipt. I guess hanging with blacks made him a criminal since this sort of thing never happened before. To make it worse, when I explained this situation to my boyfriend we had a big fight. He expected me to return the money which he used for buying my son his birthday gift since my son got a hold of this second receipt and stole it again.(hanging with blacks is really making him like one of them.) My boyfriend wanted me to give him the money back saying he that if my son can't enjoy the gift he wants his money back.(these gifts were from the both of us so he had no right asking for the money back.) I refused to give him back the money since it was my son who stole the receipt. If you had accepted my returns on his credit card this would never have happened. Now we have broken up, and it is all thanks to you and my son. I told my son that it was all his fault that we broke up and that I got divorced from his father. I think that for the inconvience that you have caused and for undermining my parent I could get a gift card plus the amount of money returned for the rest of the gifts which my no good son does not deserve and for the gifts which my boyfriend got. Since he bought the gifts for my son the money for those gifts no longer belongs to that low life and now belongs to me. Also I want that no good return desk employee fired. I make more money in a month than she makes in two years and she has no right to treat me like I am equal to her. Infact up to the time when she started to get smart with me I treated her as my equal even though she makes much less in a year than I make in a day.
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Is Dr. Phil near by? This lady needs help.


Yooooouuuu Hoooooooooo BOYS!!!!! ITS ME!!!!!!


"to make a wrong story short" - looool! but still somewhat unsettling. you should write those kinds of stories for a living, you might make even more than 90k a year.


*** ***


Obvious troll is obvious, and yet so many are biting.


First off, children are a reflection of the parents.

Secondly woman, you are one messed up individual. If any of this was true, you are obviously the one to blame.


NURSES BE CRAZY BETCHES! :upset :eek :sigh :( :x :zzz :?


I can see this happening at the Walmart in Graham, Texas :cry


I know ALOT of RN's that are A..Ho..s so this kind of thing does not surprise me but it does sound a little made up to me.


I was shocked to read this. This is a migrant country, remember?!

As Weston stated, move on with the rest of us.

You believe in unjust stereotypes. I suggest you attempt to believe every person is a human being.

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Today I went to KFC. My children are spending time with their useless deadbeat father so my boyfriend and I decided to order KFC. We ordered two seperate meals. When we home we found out that the meal did not have a wet napkin inside it. All it had was a fork,...
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TROLL!!!! I don't believe ONE SINGLE word of this ***, ignorant, crybaby, racist, pot stirring, dumba@@ rant.

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Walmart - Ruined Christmas for my nine year old daughter and Racism against Jews.

My children's father and I are celebrated. It has been a little over a year since our seperation. This year for Christmas I asked my children not to get Christmas gifts or make Christmas cards for my ex because I wanted him to feel his children were not thinking of him. I just found out that my nine year old daughter made a Christmas card for her father. I tore it up and slapped her for not listening to my orders. I then returned all her Christmas gifts and bought extra for my son with the money left order. I told her she was not getting anything for Christmas because she was a bad girl and does not deserve anything. I was also very angry with her because I overheard her telling her brother she would rather live with her father because mommy is "mean". I felt bad for her this Christmas so I decided to buy her a cheap 67 cent chocolate bar for Christmas while she envied her brother opening several video games, and a bike. That is all she deserves for disobeying me. I went on Christmas Day itself hoping that the store was closed. Not everyone celebrates Christmas so I thought all the Jews would be working for two reasons for two reasons. 1. Jews don't celebrate Christmas. 2. Jews are cheap and love money and what better way to make money than to be charged time and a half for working on a Holiday. To my dismay the store was closed. There were people working inside (I guess getting ready for the new year, but they would not let me go buy my child a simple Chocolate bar. Because of you my daughter got nothing for Christmas. (Her father gave the kids gifts and asked me to give them their gifts, but I threw them out and said their father did not even bother to give them gifts.) I had two problems at your store. I tried to return the gifts that the father gave, but they only accepted three without a receipt and would not let me return electronics. The second problem was because of you my daugher got nothing for Christmas not even a Chocolate Bar. My final problem is you are racist. You are not hiring any Jews. If you had hired Jews you would have had the store opened on Christmas. It is very racist of you to not hire someone just because they are Jewish. Sure they will demand more money, but you can be firm with them and tell them it would be predjudice to give them more than others. (though whites should get more since they work harder than blacks and are more knowledgable about products). At $4 a gallon for gas my trip was a complete waste of time. I am not asking for a gift card. (I am a registered nurse and make 90k a year. I can provide well for my children. Ten time than what most customer make and twice what your managers make. What I am doing is suggesting that for good customer service my daughter (who will turn 10 on January 12th)should be given a $25 gift card and I should be given the remaining money for the gifts you would not let me return which my ex gave for my children. I would have bought her the Chocolate bar today, but there are two things wrong with that. First of all the principle. My daughter did not get anything for Christmas because you were closed and two. The next day she and her brother are with their father till New Years and I don't get to see them until January 3 the day after my son's 11th birthday. Thanks for ruining Christmas for my nine year old.
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You are the real life *** Scrooge *** you for not caring for your daughter!!


Hey ***! The only reason your daughter didn't get anything for Christmas is because you are cold hearted, self serving, egotistical person!

You don't deserve your children, and I hope they leave you and go live with their father.


You are one angry person. Bless anyone who tries to be nice to you -- I would not be near you for five minutes.

It is not your children' s problem that you are seperated. You should try and make them happy because you are away from them at times . You truly need councellling - tgar's for sure. The store was closed - give me a break - you know most stores are closed Chrustmas Day.

A chocolate bar ?? What is that ??? For Christmas???

The children should be with their dad if thst is the way you treat them.

She is being kind to her dad - you should be too. To you are an adult -- you should act like one.


Omg! She desrved more han a chocolate bar and you shouldnt of slapped her around the face! So mean!


The reason why your daughter didn't get anything for Christmas is because you were an absolute *** and didn't buy her anything. Also because you returned their father's gifts (which you had no Wright's to do anyway), they aren't being racist.... Maybe the Jewish people don't want jobs at the store because most have business of their own, so sort your head out and get a grip


You are insane!!! You don't even understand what that kind of *** does to a child!

You can blame walmart all you want...but really you are a crazy woman who is upset that she doesn't have anyone to love her. Suck it up and make your life about your children...not yourself or your problems with their father!


I really hate Wal-Mart. But for once I think the Jewish lady who felt it so necessary to.tell us is worse than rude.

In fact words can not explain the self righteous woman who talks about the ex like that and appears to be worse than he.

Anyways your right in one thing Jews are cheap people and this proves it. Poor little girl is going to end up just like this ***.


I do not think this lady is Jewish.


You are a sick woman. Hopefully this was written by a troll, if it wasnt, Walmart is not racist because maybe no Jews applied for a job there. It's your fault your child had a bad christmas, she was only being nice.


I think she doesn't deserve her children and she's a troll. maybe those Jews are happy because they finally get a day off.

and you are RACIST. are you kidding me telling me that whites work harder than blacks?!?!?!?! I am white and I totally disagree because I am a couch potato.

you shouldn't have posted this. ***.

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Walmart - Jealous Employee telling me where to park my car and telling ten year old son to lie to me.

First of all I was not parking my car, I was merely waiting for my son to get a birthday card for a friend's birthday. I did not want to go inside because I had just finished a ten hour shift. I parked on the side of the building in front of your store. The greeter came outside and told me that there was an emergancy that I could not park in the side of the store. I told them I was just waiting for my son to buy one thing and I would only be here for five minutes. The greeter lied to me and told me that they had to dial 911 because they think someone had a heart attack. Now I had no idea if this is true but right after the greeter told me this there was a fire truck. First of all if this was a heart attack situation why were the firefighters and police involved. I admit that I am not one of the best customers, I have made several complaints to this store because it is run poorly. I think that there was no emergancy, and that the greeter only called 911 to spite me. Why because she is probably earning minimum wage while I earn 90k a year. To top it off the police gave me a ticket of $200 because of this greeter's false 911 call. I did not get a chance to see if the emergancy was for real or not because I had to park my car and tell my son that the *** greeter would not let me stay in front of the store while he went shopping for five minutes. Anyways when I told my son what happened he told me that someone was hurt and that they had to dial 911. I told my son that they were lying to him and the greeter was just out to get me because I made a complaint against her. He told me that there was an actualy emergency because they made a page and a lot of employees with red first aid pouches were rushing over to the place where the "emergancy" was. I then slapped my son because he was lying. I guess they told him to lie to his own mother. I also told him that he was banned from going to his friends party because of his lie. He keeps insisting that they did not tell him to lie, but I don't believe it. I wish I had time to see if this was the trusth or not but I did not want my son spending more time in the store. I wanted to go elsewhere, but since my son was acting like a spoiled brat. I told him he could not go to the party. I did not raise my son to be a liar, my ex husband(his deadbeat father) must have. I had to go to court to pay the $200 fine. I think that I should get a gift card of $200 and another $100 for all the trouble that this situation has cost me. If the case was a heart attack there was no need to get the police informed. I think this greeter just wanted me to get in trouble because I got her in trouble. She should be fired for acting so childish. I don't believe that this was an emergancy at all because the ambulance was the second vechicle to come. I think she made a false 911 call and should be charged with wasting all their time with this 911 call to spite me. If this was a heart attack situation the police did not need to be involved. Not only did she falsely call 911, but she also lied and told me that she never told the police to give me a ticket. The police came up to me and gave me a ticket and told me that I had to park in the parking lot. I told him I think this was a false call. I think this police officer is a friend of the greeter because he later told me that he only gave me a ticket because I was arguing with him. He was a power hungry police officer that only gave me a ticket because I did not get my way. Well I am a registred nurse. I make more money than him, so the $200 was not an issue. The issue was the way I was treated and the way my son was possibly told to lie to me to cover the greeters bad bahavior. I tried telling the police that I refuse to pay the fine but they told me that if I did not I could lose my license and or spend time in jail. So basically I was bullied into paying a fine by wal-mart and the police. I work 10 hours a day, and need my car for transportation. Again because I was too busy arguing with the power hungry police officer and parking far from the store. (The parking lot was full with cheap jews and Blacks looking for the cheaper items you sell) I did not have a chance to see if this was a true emergancy or if this was just a greeter's plot to get me in trouble with the law. She herself should be in legal trouble for making a false 911 call because judging her childness behavior from before(asking for a receipt just because I did not want my items bagged. Again at this time she made a lie about it being store policy to check bags. I think she is lying and called 911 to get me in legal trouble because she is jealous and revenge filled. She needs to grow up and stop acting childish. One more thing stop hiring these childish incompetient idiots.
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this *** is better than TV!!!! hahahahahahahahahah


"childish incompetient idiots"

Incompetent not incompetient

Hopefully your son will soon get a loving stepmother


You sent a ten year old in walmart, by himself!!!! Not only have I read many of your crazy complaints.

I have also realized someone needs to find out who you really are and get you help.

The caring, patient, no jealous, free meal coupon, double cheeseburger type of help you need. See I actully read your tantrums


Why is it 3 out of 4 stories on this website involve a "nurse" or somebody making "90k a year" and writing it in their stories?!?!?!? Is this coincidence....I think not!

These stories are bunk....don't fall for them and for gods sake don't add comments cause the stories aren't real. Either that or the only people that recieve *** service in the world are nurses or people making "90k a year"......give me a break!

Boycott this *** website!!!!!


Either a total psycho or a truckload of bull *** !!!!!


Ive read a few of your compalnts. Why do you spend so much time *** about walmart.

You are very condescending to the lower class. You act like everyone is jealous of you.

Well, ms. complaint 265, I pity you.


I didn't read the entire post as it sounded completely ***. But, I'll put in my 2 cents anyway.

First of all, the fire engines ALWAYS show up because Paramedic teams are attached to Fire Stations. If you didn't know this, I suggest you inform yourself before you like like a fool again.

Secon, the local law enforcement is in charge. If they tell you to move your *** car, move it.

Third, you punished your kid because YOU assumed he was lying. I doubt you would have believed him if he actually SAW the victim. You are a bad parent and don't deserve children. I hope CPS takes them away.

Overall, I would say your displeasure for Wal-Mart is solely based on your social elitism, racist upbringing, and general stupidity.


Assuming you do have a decent job, I could also assume you know how to read. Did you miss the sign that reads "No Parking or Standing Violators will be ticketed?" Don't blame the store for you being ***. Quit acting like you're better than everyone, clearly you aren't, you still shop at Walmart


So u are saying u didn't know for sure if there was an emergency, and u wish you KNEW....BUT U SLAPPED YOUR KID AND CALLED HIM A LIAR? I work in the health field every day....And i'm glad you don't work at the hospital I'm at.

You sound just like a LOT of the nurses I work with. U think coz u make more, that gives u the right to assume the world revolves around you. YOU ARE NOT HEALTHY. Could you just have said, sure...and moved, and saved the drama.

Your poor son. I wish I could counsel with him for just one hour, to help him cope. Just one hour. You however, would take awhile...

Doesn't matter what kind of trucks or cars came...YOU WEREN'T IN THERE, and he was.



If your so rich, how come you were at Wal-Mart, and if your so rich, how come you want compensation for your expenses for not parking correctly?

I think YOUR the cheap jew or ***!

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Walmart Parking
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McDonalds - You got cheap this year.

Last year you guys gave out coupons to trick or treaters for a free soft drink, fried or ice cream. My son and I went this year to collect one for my daughter(who I left at home because she did not want to go trick or treating) and himself. I was told that they are not giving out free coupons this year. You did this for two years and all of a sudden got cheap this year. It took ten minutes to get to the restaurant and ten mintues to get back which cut down on my son's trick or treating time. I already had to shut his trick or treating time short since my nine year old daughter was home alone because Wal-mart ruined her Halloween. I feel that to make up for the inconvience which was caused to me and my children, that we(my son, daughter and I) should be offered free value meal coupons. My daughter was disappointed to because I told her that I would get her an ice-cream coupon when we went to Mcdonalds. Now my daughter has no ice cream and is disappointed. She had a bad day and when I told her that Mcdonalds was too cheap to give out coupons today. I would buy my daughter ice cream myself from Mcdonalds, money is not an issue. I am a registered nurse, but it is the principle and lack of quality customer service.
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Complaining about McDonalds is like complaining about Walmart. You can't get something for nothing. The cheaper you go, the less you get.


Type Complaint265 in search, shes had a bad day everywhere!!!! 90k Nurse? Mental patient who should nopt have kids in her care!!!


I want mcdonalds... Mmm.....


Give me a break. It's 1.15 for an ice cream cone.

You're going to be paying thousands for their schooling in a few years anyway.

Stop complaining, drop a couple bucks on your kids, and give it to the economy.


This lady is insane!! God forbid if she doesnt get something for free.

She's an rn that makes 90k a year(supposedly) cant you buy your kids an ice cream cone. Nothing is free anymore and she needs to get over it


How they make me laugh, this site must be infamous for it's unregulated posting.

:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

Worst site I've every seen, never have comments without moderators.


Yeah, I admit they did get cheap this year, but this is because they and other companies are too busy giving away free coupons to this arrogant, registered nurse with entitlement issues who thinks that if she does not get something her way she should be compensated. Wait, the registered nurse is you. Kids if you did not get a free Mcdonalds coupon this Halloween you can all thank complain265, the cheap registered nurse that has a lot and wants even more.


I'm on this one. I went back and re-read the other complaints she has left for all to read, to my disbelief......

she admitted to striking the kids with a tree branch and even admitted to leaving welts on their backs. In my profession I do believe this is considered child abuse.

This needs to be reported to pissed consumers authorities and needs to be investigated. She just better hope that this is a joke on all of her behalf?

Hopefully these kids may have a chance after all.


Ha ha ha!!!!!!! :grin I soooooooooooooo agree with nutty!!

He/she is right! You forgot to ask them for a girt card this time!!!!! :p I've read your other ones and you always want a gift card!!!! want to guess my age???

go ahead, you'll never find out. and before i forget email me any smart elic comet you want!!!!!!!


Why is it that you always tell us that you are a rn? No one cares!!

my mom is an rn too. And you need to suck it up and tell your kids to suck it up!!!!!!!!!

your an ***!!!! :x

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I work 10 hours a day and don't have much time for shopping. On Friday at 5:30 I went to buy my daughter a Halloween costume. My daughter really wanted to be Hannah Montana. I asked the incompetient woman working in the seasonal department where the Hannah...
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god *** *** y u let ur frickin child act like a *** fool????? if this is even real!!! :( :( :( :( :(

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Walmart - Would not protect me and my children from angry customer.

I went to return a pair of pants that a relative gave me which was too small for my son. There was a long line up. I work as a registered nurse. I work ten hours a day. After shopping I had to cook dinner for my children. The line was very long so instead of going in the end I went in the in the beginning of the line. I went infront of a {{Redacted}} because obviously she was obviously going to take a long time with her return. (first of all they would have to check the product was not stolen off the shelf as lots of {{REDACTED}}'s steal from that store). She got really angry at me and told me that the line ends at the back. I told her that I am a registered nurse and I am not *** because a registered nurse requires a degree. She did not care and kept telling me to get in the back of the line. The manager came up and asked what was wrong. I told him that this {{Redacted}} was verbally abusive and would not let me in line. I explained to him that I work 10 hours a day and come home tired. He told me that I still had to get in the back of the line. I told him that I still had to cook dinner for my children. He did not seem to care, even when I told him that I am a registered nurse and make 90k a year. I spend a lot of money at this store. I do my everyday shopping here. I had to wait in the back of the line. Worse of all my daughter was crying because the {{Redacted}} woman was yelling at me and she was frightened. The manager did not offer even an apology to me for my inconvience. I feel that to invite me back to your store I should have gotton a gift card or some sort of compensation.
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Most, if not all Walmarts have Subways, just saying.


Well guess what *** I am not a sexually frustrated teenager, I work 12 hours a day most days and most weeks 6 or 7 days I make 120,000 a year and am just a factory worker no degree making me a racist *** hole like you! Just because you make more money than the other people in line does not make your complaint any moe important than theirs !!!

I shop at wal mart often also but I don't single out one race of people as being theives as theives come in all colors and sizes!!! You are a first class bigot and an ignorant *** hole!!!

I would rather die than have a racist *** like you treat me even if I had one of my limbs ripped off! Have a nice day ***


You know Charles Manson and Theodore Bundy committed a bunch of crimes and they are white. Lol, isn't it funny how they both have 13 letters in their name?

You know the first president that allowed slavery was white too. It was also a white person that killed some of my family members because they were native Americans.


This person has written countless "reviews" of her "unfair treatment" at Walmart. It is clear she is a troll and just trying to get a rise out of people by putting ludicrous stories on here


you f@#&in rag. who the *** do you think you are..

i am a WHITE surgeon and i guarantee i make a *** load more than you do. i dont expect to get in front of anyone or expect any kind of preforential treatment because of that. im as average joe as you and every1 else.. well actually you are way below average, you are *** of the earth...

so what that your an RN, big deal ,so are many people, and im sure in your case you are just one of those glorified drs asst with a degree( you probably blew some professor for that anyway) not 1 of the many magnificant hard working people friendy nurses that so gallantly hold our hospitals together . just because your wearing a nurses uniform doesnt mean your a nurse. the manager probly thought your were a *** dressed as a nurse, which 1 could be forgiven for thinking given your guttermouth in front of not only your children but im guessing other people in the store also had children. i am a single parent also.

i have 4 children. and i work more hours than you and also i manage to teach twice a week at a university, but i still manage to feed them , spend time with them and return things to stores with out publicly degrading anyone else.. whats the matter, didnt mummy and daddy love you enough, was your sister prettier than you and got all the boys..?? it wouldnt be the looks that caused problem, your just a vile wretch.

before you slag me off for not having a partner, you should know she is dead due to a WHITE gang member..not black.. i didnt marry a deadbet loser to raise my children as you did..although he probly left your extremely ugly personality. maybe thats your problem,, perhaps buy a *** and lay yourself , it might relieve your tension as i doubt no one else would *** your ugly self with anything other than an axe. i dont think there is many people that would put up with such a pedantic, abhorent, self absorbed , racist and deluded drama queen as youself.

you truly dont deserve children.. why did you have them? dont you think hitler did enough?do you wanna raise his successors?.. how the *** could you be nurse with an attitude and mouth like yours?

i bet your a 2nd rate nurse at best..what do you do if a black patient comes in, refuse them treatment.. you know im not a violent person and ive never hit a woman but skank, id happily beat you the *** out of you.. why would it make any difference how much money you have , what you do for a living or what colour you are when waiting in a store line.. how empty and meaningless is your miserable existance to even *** about that..

you know i am white and proud to an extent but when you look at our history its not always that much to be proud of..

it was whites that invaded native peoples lands and slaughtered them in the thousands becuase they wouldnt just simply hand over what was theirs. none of the inquisitors in the spanish inquisition who commited some of the most hienous acts agaist people for reasons as petty as yours were black, ALL WHITE, hiltler, ted bundy, jefferey dahmer,ivan milat,stalin,caligula,pol pott , bin laden to name just a few , none of them black or negro as you call them.. so if any race/colour needs to be ashamed or made feel ashamed it is the whiteman who kills and detroys every single thing on this planet and beyond in massive numbers every day .... so dont sit there and think your so superior because your white..

obviously it doesnt matter which colour brush you tarred with, you can still be ***.. just like you are.. im not saying all black people are good people, they have thier share of *** too like every other race/colour...but to victimise all becuase of a few is ridiculous..especially when it was white mans society that created the modern day black society in america and the problems it faces today.." people should be judged on content of character not creed or colour" a wise and famous person once said.. i hope your children marry blacks and give you chocolate grandchildren, because then you`ll probably disown them and that way they and thier children will no longer be able to infected with your verbal gastric..

you are one of the people i describe as gastric spewing from the bowels of humanity, purged here to infect the world with your obscene and vile are a hideous creature that the world can do without, people like you just create problems for the world, you do it no justice..i just hope your children dont grow up to be as vile and disgusting as you.. perhaps you should talk to child services about your problem im sure they`d find it very interesting how you behave in front of your children and the values and beliefs you instill in them.. i cant believe that in this day and age there is still people as rednecked and bigotted as you are.. you are disgusting and shamefull to decent human beings..

and you know what.. the black woman you abused probly has a happy family that loves her instead of children that will most likeky grow to hate her and a supposed deadbet ex husband.. why is he a deadbeat anyway?

becuase he had the sense to get away from you?? thats a plus in anyones book i the world a favour and just drop dead, make space for someone usefull..


"Why should I have to wait for my turn. I work ten hours a day and make more money than probably 99 percent of the people in line."

You should wait in line because we're all human. You don't know how much money everyone else makes so shut your pie hole next time.

"I also spend more money than them. It was 6:30 pm when I went to the store, and I still had to make supper. You must be jealous of the amount of money I make or a sexully frustrated teenager."

You don't know how much money they spend or how many kids they have. Everybody else in the store had to make supper too. You said that as if you couldn't buy anything to eat.

"I am not racist. It is not my fault negros steal from the store. It is a fact, sad but true. You can't call racism on something that is not real."

Just like it's not our fault that you are childish? Come on, you and I both know that anybody can steal. After all, you parked in a no parking zone and you're white.

"I make 90k a year, and shop there often. To show that he appreciates my service the manager could have at least let me in line. By the time I left the store it was 7:15, I got home at 7:25, my kids could not have their dinner until 8:30 and I could not spend time with them because after they had finished their meal it was their bedtime. I am a single parent and work ten hours a day. Get off this forum if you are going to act like a child and accuse me of racism."

At least they got a meal unlike some other children in the world. Stop crying about this, some mothers can't spend time with their children no matter how good they have been to everyone else. He could have let you in line? You just said that he told you to go to the back of the line. Stop making racial slurs if you're not racist.


just one question-DONT YOU PUT YOUR PANTS ON ONE LEG AT A TIME???? just like the rest of us?

you have got to be *** to think we feel sorry for you .you can ruturn things @ walmart 24/7. good thing it wasnt me you tried to bump.cause i could of really gave you a sob story.get a life lady!!and teach your brats how to grow up to be young adults. walmart will recognize you as a habitual complainer and WILL laugh at you when you leave...cause you WONT get your free shopping card. sounds like you are triing to make a point but what it is...who cares anymore!

you are just making an *** out of yourself.

besides you dont really need the card...making 90K...that you so elaborate on. you should count your blessings.


Also one more thing, they were protecting the other customers from the angry one which was you. Your child was crying because of the way you were acting not because of the other customer.

IT is people like you that cause so many problems in this world and your teaching your children to grow up and be disrespectful and racist. You dont deserve your children or to be a nurse.

I would rather die than to have you as my nurse. You social skills are seriously lacking.


You really are a racist and a real *** U think you are so perfect, i promise you your life isnt so bad. Just be nice because i will tell you if you ever did that to me i would beat your *** I have 2 kids and would be embarrased to act like that in front of them.

YOu know what i am an rn (and we all had to get a degree so your still no better than us) I work 12 hr days with 2 kids, have a husband that is deployed, just lost my mother in a car accident, and i still wait my turn inline, cook and clean and get my kids to school and spend time with them!! And like i said i stand in line. YOU are no better than anyone else!

one day you will get whats coming to you. KARMA!!!!!


Lady you are nuts. I am a mother of 3 teenagers, I work 45 hours a week and run them around the rest of my waking hours.

I am sorry to hear you behaved that way in front of your children, now we will have more people running around thinking they are "special" and judging people based on their color and career . Having a nursing degree does NOT mean you can cut to the front of the line!!!!! You will be shocked to hear this but guess what there are negro nurses.

How do you know she was not a nurse? Get a babysitter so your children don't have to see your ignorance in public.

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Wendys - Would not serve my son the burger he wanted.

This week in Pittsberg, PA your restaurant near my closest town was giving away hamburgers as a taste test. The three of us got in line to get our sample. The line was long as every begger wanted a free meal. The difference between them and myself was I am a paying customer from the past. I am a registred nurse I make 90k a year and I don't know why I had to wait line when I can probably spend more money in their restaurant than the other regular every day people waiting in line. My daughter and I got our burgers. We went to sit down because they had to make a new batch for my son since the already ran out. This took a good five minutes. I would normally have complained about this but since I already had my meal I decided to let it slide even though they were starving a ten year old by making him wait anothe five minutes. My son came to the table without his burger and I asked him what happened. He told me that he wanted a double hamburger with cheese. (He was really hungry, his deadbeat father only fed him cereal for breakfast and rice and broccoli for lunch. He only ate the rice since he hates broccoli which my husband insists he ate if he wanted his dessert. My son refused to eat the brocolli so my deadbeat husband refused to let him have ice cream. Anyways to make a long story short because my husband pratically starved my son he was really hungry and wanted a double hamburger with cheese. He said that they only gave a single patty for free and asked for money to get the burger he wanted. I immediately went to the counter. I asked which person was serving him. He pointed. I went up to that person and started telling her my concern when she told me to get in line. She was serving a customer. I admit I interrupted them however I was very angry at the way my son was treated. Then the customer got angry at me and told me he was not finished yet. I told him that I was a registered nurse and I make more money than him and he has no right to be mean to me just because he is jealous of how much money I make. Then the person behind him saw that I was angry and let me voice my concern. I am not racist but the person that allowed me to go through was white and the person that got angry at me was black. He is predjudice and thought I was being rude to him only because of his skin color. I was not, I was just trying to get my son the burger he wanted. I explained the situation to the cashier. I told her that my son wanted a double burger with cheese. She was very angry and talked down to me. (I make three times as much money as her and she talked down to me.) She told me that only the hamburger's were free if I wanted double the patty and the cheese with it I would have to pay the regular price. I asked to speak with a supervisor. A woman by the name Rachel(probably Jewish from her name) came up to me and said that only the hamburger was free. I told her this was ridiculous, that Wendy's makes millions a year and they can't even add a an extra patty and a slice of cheese for a hungry boy malnurished my his father. She told me that I have three choices. I can either get the free hamburger for my son, pay for the burger that he wanted or take nothing. I took my son aside for a second and he said that he wanted two hamburgers for because he was hungry. At this point he was really upset he asked my why I did not just pay for the double hamburger with cheese and even offered to pay me back. I told him it was a matter of principle. I explained to him very softly that Rachel was being a cheap Jew, and that while I can afford the double hamburger with cheese for him I was not going to let the incompetient cashier and manager push me around and they are being very difficult in not adding an extra patty and slice of cheese for one hungry boy. When he found out that he was not getting the kind of burger he wanted he was very upset and did not want anything. I had to eat his hamburger because he refused to eat. While I was busy trying to make some sense into this situation my daughter had already finished her hamburger and had to watch me eat mine which I only half ate and my son's which he did not want becase Rachel the incompetient manager put him in a bad mood. I did not even get an apology for the inconvience that this has caused my son, daughter and myself. I make 90k a year and can spend a lot of money in your store. You won't be seeing a dime until I get a $25 gift card for the inconvience that you have caused me and my son. It does not have to be $25 it can be just a coupon for a free value meal as long as it is something I really don't care. You caused my children and myself a great inconvience by not giving my son what he wanted and by making us stand in line with the regular everyday people who probably only make half or one third as much money as I do. Stop running your business like a bunch of cheap Jews. I myself have worked at Mcdonalds and have earned my living, and until your employees do the same they should treat people better off then them better.
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First of all you stuck up ***, if you make 90K a year as a registered nurse you can afford to pay $2 for a doublestack, no instead you go in for a free hamburger promotion and then complain when your child orders something that policy says needs to be paid for. Don't lord your having a decent paying job over hard working people who work their *** off part time for minimum wage to make one tenth of what you do, and why the *** is your son malnourished if you make so much yet you are out trying to get free *** food? Get a life ***.


Complaint265, I too am a registered nurse but don't understand why you flant what you "supposively" make or what your occupation is. People like you are what we hate in this world.

I personally would never let my children be handled by you. Just because you would probably accuse them of being so rude to you and expect money.


This woman must be a joke. Nobody is this terrible.

Complaining about a husband feeding her child nutritious food and then insisting on a double burger (free of charge) for her 10-year-old is just too far fetched.

Add in racism and claims of big money and it is just too ridiculous to be real.

However, if this woman really is out there as presented, she is an evil nut.


This has to be a joke.


Someone needs to find this lady, and if she really does have kids. Not the little green and purple people in her head, then they should be removed from her custody.

Really 265 DO YOU HAVE A LIFE! I agree everyone must be out to get you, take your meds and everything will be fine.

Rather just check back into your ward and be done with it. Wait they miss treated you there too right???


Someone needs to find this lady, and if she really does have kids. Not the little green and purple people in her head, then they should be removed from her custody.

Really 265 DO YOU HAVE A LIFE! I agree everyone must be out to get you, take your meds and everything will be fine.

Rather just check back into your ward and be done with it. Wait they miss treated you there too right???


you just a fat ignorant ***. seriously.

couldn't you just give him your burger and then he can have his own? and then you went and ate the other burger? you're a fatty. you treat your kids horribly, i feel really bad for them, and you treated those poor cashiers horribly.

you are horrible. it's funny... you kept mentioning on how much money you make- who the *** cares!

it doesn't matter if you only make a dime a day or a thousand a day, everyone is still a human being and has feelings. i hope this story is a joke, and if not, i hope you pray each and every day that you aren't going to ***.


Its not the about the burger he wanted you ***. If this story is even real, which I seriously hope it isn't, If I worked at Wendy's I would have told you you can blow the 90k out of your *** and as for the burger if its free I suggest you shut up and wait the five minutes.

I hope to God you are really just some teenager messing with everyone on here and not really the wierdo you claim to be. If your a nurse just for the supposed 90k a year (which I don't) then please find another profession.

You are just a filthy *** not cut out for nursing. You might make a good *** or professional white trash mama.


For the record, it is spelled "Pittsburgh". I grew up in a little town outside of that city, and it is full of hicks and losers.

You sound like one of them. RN's don't make $90,000 in towns like that.

The doctors barely make that much money. If you really are an RN, I have no idea how you passed your exams to be registered.


I found this amuzing, I MAKE 90K A YEAR BLAH BLAH BLAH IF your such a GOOD MUM, WHY THE *** DIDNT YOU BUY HIM ONE? *** RETARDED RICH ***!

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