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Facebook..Not listening to their users!

I am a Facebook user. A very unhappy one at this time. I hope to possibly change this with the help of others. Many know they have changed their format to a lot of us hate!! Not user friendly in the least bit. And they just don't care! Really! Surprised?! Nah! It's been in all media. Many of us have posted regarding this change in an area they keep an 'eye on'. BS! No FB comment's on any question's. I would love for FB users to get the word out. We're. Not. Happy. And we want them, and their 'sponser's' to know this. The creator many be greedy and happy now.. But won't be if this get's a lot of attention! Please help!!!! Kim
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Too lock out anyones account for no apparent reason and not work with you is just wrong. A Business or an entrepreneur dont stand a chance if this website doesnt follow its own EXPECTATIONS, what good is it if you cant stay on long enough, some users are so ignorant they cause trouble and facebook somehow supports that. all are better just making your own freeweb or something, these social networks and too wishy washy and talk apples and oranges, and if any one goes along with it you get what you deserve because what comes around goes around and it will get you, its all a matter of time.


Facebook loves to boast how it protects users privacy and right etc, this is ridiculous, since there was a news post on Facebook warning people about headhunters asking for job applicants to turn over they're passwords so the headhunter and snoop into his or her profile, Facebook contradicts itself by doing the following to you if they decide to lock your account..1. Asking you too send personal identification proving who you are which can be anything from an SS#, DRivers license etc and if that isn't good enough a birth certificate may be asked for or perhaps your Bank account.2.

They want your cell phone number claiming it will unlock your account after they have told you to have a code emailed too you to unlock it, still not enough.3. Reset your pw over and over and over, using secure security questions e.g. what was the last name of your 3rd grade teacher etc.NONE OF THIS STUFF IS NECESSARY, as you reply to their expectations your giving them amunition that can back fire and cause you an amounce of problems. Facebook also uses some Technical service on the side for these issues which they will expect you to pay them to unlock your account.

This is called misleading the consumer and its WRONG. Supposedly but with the way this world is heading, for some reason the Justice Dept wants it too continue, you file a complaint with any of the directed "Supposed" scam authorities, you get a reply back basically telling you, DEAL WITH IT, its all a deliberate hoax. I dont see the purpose of legal laws, of any sort being passed or orderd if they are not going to be upheld, thus giving websites like Facebook the power to destroy people by cockily locking your account for no apparent reason, then replying too you with generalization emails which are all computerized.As many times as Facebook has been on the news showing off their supposedly Work station rooms which are supposed to be consisting of over 50 computers and workers per room for each dept they started they sure dont have time to even keep an current phone number or fax that will get direct results, so they use the email method which can consist of several.. here are some emails for you future reference but be warned like Yahoo, they will change them to avoid having to deal with you.1.

legal@***.com 2. Facebook Legal Department, 156 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301not the same as the supposed address face book uses.3. support@***.com4.

privacy@***.comDont bother calling their numbers or faxing, both have answering machines to evade the caller.Dont give out any of your information, its possibly a trick and liable to backfire and Facebook may just get stupid it and use it against you. Zucker or whatever his name is appears too be the type that will burn you, I dont know what his true intentions are for this website other than to get rich but as far as respecting people, hes far from that fence post.its your call, I hope you are careful.It may be Free but thats a catch just to mess with you!


*** Kim. find something better to complain about instead of a FREE website that made minor changes to appearance. selfish *** I'm sure you're still using the site too.


I personally do not like all the changes that Facebook throws at us, but you must remember,

FACEBOOK is free!!!! Free is good!!!

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