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Aspen Dental - Rip Off Artists not Dentists...

After spending the whole of last summer and fall trying to have partials made I finally got my very expensive final teeth which are breaking down now 10 months later. If that wasn't bad enough the fit was not correct and rubbed against one of my own teeth and caused it to break in half exposing the filling underneath. I called on Tuesday morning to make an appointment to fix my broken tooth that was causing me pain. I was told the earliest appointment was Thursday at 3:30. What could I do but wait. On Thursday I arrived and was told it was going to cost me $113 for x rays and an oral examination, all this before a dentist saw me. They were not going to fix the tooth that day. I explained that the tooth was the only one on that side and one x ray should not cost $113. I asked them why my appointment wasn't for fixing the tooth and I was told that the people at the desk were not dentists and this was the way they made appointments. I was not told that they would not fix my tooth that day. Which to me means they only care about having you come back and charging more money. Needless to say I was very angry and told them I was leaving and never coming back there again. I am usually a very calm person but this dental office has put me through a lot of pain and mental anguish over my teeth and I don't want this to happen to anyone else. Please find another dentist to go to, you will be sorry if you go here. I am going to find a 'REAL' dental practice from now on which is something I should have done last year. Oh by the way I saw a different dentist 4 times while having my partials made last summer. No one knows what the other one was doing and they kept making mistakes. Once they gave me a few shots of novocaine for a filling and after waiting for a long time they informed me I didn't need to have the tooth filled. So I spent half the afternoon in the chair for nothing....the place is just bad, bad, bad.
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Don't go to these guys. They should have a shady used car dealership in their parking lot as well.

First off, they tried to sell me a $150 toothbrush that they called a Rotodent. Then I paid them over two hundred dollars, including my insurance payments, to fix four teeth and get a cleaning. The cleaning was started but never finished. The next thing I know they send me a bill for $40.

I asked them what the bill was for and they told me that the insurance didn't pay what they thought it would for certain "services". These people are rip-off artists and should be ran out of town.


Aspen Dental must be stopped. A multi-state Class Action Lawsuit is forming against the Aspen Dental Group.

If you would like to have your complaint against Aspen Dental considered for inclusion in this action, please send a complete description of your “Aspen” experience, including your name, contact email and phone number to the following email address:


The more information you are able to provide in support of your complaint against Aspen Dental, the more "power" your complaint will carry and the faster Aspen will fall.

All information provided by you will be treated as strictly confidential and will be shared with no one except the attorneys involved with the preparation of this action. There is absolutely no cost to you to have your voice heard.

Thank you,

Ted Bleckstein, DDS, MS


Worst experience I've ever had with a dentist. First of all, the oral surgeon I saw was rude.

Ihad three subsequent appointments cancelled and they never called me to inform me the appointments were cancelled, then proceeded to act like it was my fault. On top of that, my temporary partial broke twice (I had to use it for 6 months as they would not give me a permanent partial until I had waited 6 months). Then, when I went in to have the temporary partial repaired, the lab tech lied and said that it broke because I had glued it myself at home (which is a total lie!).

While getting my temporary partial right after my tooth extraction, my gums were raw because it didn't fit properly, but the dentist still pushed it down into my raw gums and got mad when I yelled out because it hurt so badly. DO NOT EVER GO TO ASPEN DENTAL!!!!!


try ontacting drmortelliti@***.com. he is a previous aspen dentist with 33 years of experience. his help has been unbelievable to my attorney


these people messed up me and twenty others i got a lawer who will help please get this out criags list NH under (general community)bogus dental work aspen dental nh lawer forum if we all get together at the same time we can close this place down maybe get satisfaction

pease out m let


Aspen Dental SUCKS....

From bad customer service, to bad dentist who fixes the wrong tooth, doesn't tell you need to go see another dentist, to fix the one with the problem, do not return phone calls, this place is completely out of control and seems like knowone form the main office even cares & I cannot even get copies of my xrays.... :( :( :( :sigh


After a newly invented dental appliance was aired on NBC news stations in 2004, it became an instant hit. Soon after, a few dentists determined to cash in on its popularity presented a plastic appliance, claimed it that it was the same thing and conned the media to lure unsuspecting patients to fall for their sham appliance.

Many patients who wasted their hard earned money on the appliances they called Snap on Teeth were extremely disappointed and the ones who were lucky enough to get $500 back were required to sign an agreement that no action would be taken against the providing dentist. As one patient who was victimized by one of the participating dentist put it, “How can dentists be allowed to sell them?”


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