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Do not go to Pineview Veterinary Hospital (in Oakland, MD) for emergency care!!

We have always used this vet for the care of our yellow lab. Up until now, they have been wonderful. However, we have never had an emergency with him either. Our dog, Sunny, went out this morning around 9:30 to relieve himself. When he came back, he was limping a bit and my husband noticed that he was bleeding from a wound on his chest. When he looked closer, he had about a 2 inch long gash on the front of the chest. It looked painful and it was obvious that it was bothering him. The wound was very deep and wide open. He definitely needed stitches and a good cleaning. We were also concerned about a possible punctured lung or an internal problem since it was so deep that it seemed to go on forever when you looked in it. I scheduled an "emergency" appt. for 3:30 in the afternoon. That was the best that they could do for a dog that was suffering and bleeding all over the place but, hey, at least they were going to help him. He continued to bleed and got more and more calm and quiet. My husband got there with Sunny and they said to have a seat and wait. So they waited.....and waited....and waited...until I got a call from him and he was FUMING!! He sat there with our bleeding, mess of a dog,for an hour. By then, it was 4:15 and had had just about enough. When he asked the receptionist how much longer it would be, she responded that the vet was in surgery with another emergency animal and that they would get to him just as soon as they could. Needless to say, he left... I immediately called there to try to find out just what the hold up was and if they could push it along. When asked why their procedure is not to have a vet come out and just glance at an emergency to see how urgent it is, she responded that they (receptionists) are "trained" to evaluate how the animal is acting and then make a judgement call as to how soon they need to be seen. Apparently she didn't feel that Sunny's wound was not bad enough, he was not bleeding quite enough, or acting strange enough. I am sorry but the ONLY person that should be evaluating an ill anmal is a vet tech or an actual veterinarian. We went round and round and she provided every excuse in the book about why he was made to sit there without treatment even after his appt. When I asked her where the second vet was, she told me that she was "seeing regular patients" so she couldn't see Sunny. (I CANNOT even fathom that....I guess she couldn't squeeze him in as an emergency and explain to the other people that a wounded dog was there and needed immediate attention, just like if their animal was in the same situation, they would receive the same care!) We got no where, fast. I told her that I wanted an office manager or the vet that owns the practice, to call me back to discuss it. I never did get a call from them. The same girl actually called back and I had calmed enough by then to ask if he could please be seen. She advised that by then he had 2 other animals ahead of him and one emergency was on their way in. I asked my husband to please put his feelings aside for right then so that Sunny could get treatment. I assured him that I would follow up with someone later. My husband returned with no Sunny that night. He finally got to see Dr. Hudnall and she decided that he definitely needed surgery tonight to evaluate, clean, and stitch the wound. He would also stay overnight to be watched for any internal damage or complications. I was told to call back in the morning between 8 and noon and that if all went well, he we could get him tomorrow. Now we are just waiting for an astronomical bill when we go get him. I have calmed down quite a bit now but, the part that upsets me the most is that these doctors do this job because of their love of animals. Why would they make an innocent, helpless dog wait in pain? I still just cannot believe the lousy service and treatment we recieved today. I am still livid and plan on addressing it tomorrow, assuming that my dog is ok in the morning.....may a higher power help them if something bad does happen to him due to the delay of treatment because we WILL own that place! So, in closing, for regular check ups, shots, and boarding, Pineview is great.....don't bother going there if you have an emergency with a pet because you will be lucky if the animal survives while waiting to be seen....
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I see this is an older thread but felt that I should mention that I have also taken my dog here due to an emergency. She had multiple internal injuries, few lacerations and had also been there before the incident.

The receptionist was quick to get her in to see the vet who was very thorough and gentle with her. Her injuries were explained to me, in great detail and I was advised to keep her there overnight for observation. When I went the following day to pick her up the girl brought her out and handed me her leash. She was so happy wagging her tail and licking my face and I couldn't wait to bring her home.

Approaching the counter, the receptionist, was less than friendly but everyone has their bad days so I didn't take it personally. She then informed me that the bill was $335.74. I was fine with that. Considering they did x-rays, gave her meds, boarded her for the night, etc it was a small price to pay especially knowing she'd be okay.

I proceeded to give her $210 and was rudely told that I had to pay in full or couldn't take her home so I offered to write a check for the remaining balance. She quickly refused. Even though I've been taking my dog there for over a year prior, she wouldn't accept my check as partial payment since I'd never paid by check before. Seriously??

She said she was able to take a credit card, which I didn't have, otherwise my dog would need to stay til the bill was paid in full. At this point I'm trying not to cry, wondering how she can expect me to pay for my dog to spend another night, with cash, when I didn't have enough cash on hand to pay for the night she did spend. The more she spoke the more rigid she was. At this point, others in the waiting room are looking over, as I'm standing there totally embarassed by the situation and her behavior.

I managed to get the remainder of the cash by making a phone call. Thank God. I've never had a negative experience with a vet here but have to wonder if it's worth it.

The people at the front desk are the first one's you see when you arrive and the last when you leave and I don't remember a time feeling welcome by any of them nor have I left without feeling I disrupted their day by having to check out or make a follow up appointment. Those aren't the impressions to be left on customers if you want them to return.


There us a 24hr. emergency vet in Fairmont.

In the time you waited you could have probably have gotten the poor baby in over there and seen faster even though it would have been a long drive for you. However......they also are very expensive.


I also have always taken my animals to this office for check ups and 1 other emergency. I had a very small pug get attacked by another dog on Friday and took her in with a broken leg and a couple pretty bad gashes on her.

When I dropped her off the owner gave me an estimate of around $1000 and said that it I was up for paying that much to leave a deposit at the front, another vet called the very next day and said it would be around $2500! Really? That's over twice as much as the owner estimated, all the while the dog is still just sitting there in a cage and hasn't had nothing done to it yet besides fluids! I could have kept her at home in pain for 3 freaking days!

That's why I took her to a vet was to get better! I have never had a problem with this place until time around.


Totally unexceptable.

You should have been told to come right in, Sunny should have been taken back right away.

Evaluated by a tech. As a tech. Myself I wouldn't have Ever allowed that if it meant I had to do I.v. prep.

And such, for fluids the middle of the waiting room.

I appreciate you sharing your experience.



Sorry the OP had such problems, however I'm not surprised. The front office staff is horrible.

On the other hand, we've used almost every veterinarian at that hospital over a number of years and they are all fantastic. Each are very professional, provide the very best medical care available, and most of all, really do care about you and your pet.

The front office staff, the high school girls sitting behind the desk, are the staff you speak to on the phone. They are the first staff members you see when you walk in the door, and are the last staff members you see when you leave, and unfortunately, they could care less.

They are obviously there only to collect a check. They are not friendly or inviting, or caring.

They are unfriendly on the phone, and unfriendly to clients checking in. They hardly acknowledge any animal that comes thru the door, or one that leaves an exam room, or one that's leaving to go home, including our own pets.

They act as though each person (and their pet)is a pain to deal with. They seem miserable in their jobs and it's sad that their sour, uncaring, unprofessional attitudes represent the fine loving care the other staff members give.

Unfortunately and not surprising, I've heard this from friends who use Pineview as well.


Pineview has been taking care of my animals for as long as I can remember--20+ years and I have NEVER been treated this way, whether it be an emergency visit or a simple vaccination appointment. I have friends who have worked there in the past and have dealt with the majority of the staff at some point or another.

I've seen a lot of them do a variety of different things so, although the girls upfront may be primarily receptionists they are all cross trained so I would say that they probably can assess pets in the lobby without pulling a doctor who is seeing patients or pulling the surgeon from an emergency surgery. They are also occasionally pulled to the back to assist, so before assuming that someone doesn't know how to assess a situation because you see her as just a receptionist is completely and totally asinine for all you know one of the girls up there was a vet tech who was filling in for one of the receptionists. Also, the surgeon probably had at least one vet tech in the operating room with him assisting, so yeah let's pull them from that... :x I find it very interesting that your dog got his injury at 9:30 in the morning and you waited until 3:30 to take him to the vet, if he truly was bleeding out like you have attempted to claim, I'm surprised he had any blood left to bleed into their lobby at that time.

Most people would just load the dog up in the car, drive to the vet and run in freaking out if there was that much blood and at that point probably be seen right away. But I would guess you are one of those people who waited it out a little bit to see if you could take care of it yourself and then when you realized you couldn't expected to be made a priority for your own stupidity. I also just "love" that you posted this blast before even giving them a chance to correct it or discuss it with you. Based on your own testament above it sounds like he wasn't taken immediately into surgery which would also further solidify that although you felt this was an emergency the people who actually get paid to do this for a living were in fact correct in their choice not to interrupt their vets to deal with you.

I also know Pineview's lobby isn't all that big, so I would think the vet that was actually seeing appointments wouldn't have been able to miss a dog that you claim was bleeding out on the floor or gasping for air. I don't blame them for not calling you back, they probably saw this poor excuse of a post.

:( And you are right you aren't some dumb redneck you are obviously one of those city folk who think they are better and more important than anyone else! :roll


In response to the negative dog was also taken in for surgery. The issue that I had and still have is the girls up front.

He had lost a lot of blood by the time we were dealt with. There are other girls in the back that they could have called to look at his injury. By no means would I have expected the vet to walk out of surgery but there was another one there seeing regular patients. So no, ROXY and ANONYMOUS....I never once said to interrupt surgery...I'm definitely not some dumb redneck.

I guess I am just used to the vets in bigger cities.

Why would a vet seeing regular appts refuse to at minimum, assess a dog who ultimately ended up in surgery also. :(


If you think that a cut on your dogs chest is more important than, lets just say, a dog got hit by a car, then your just straight out ***. :(


You could always go to the countryside animal hospital, it's in mountain lake park.


NOOO do not go to countryside.I had my dog go there to have 2 benign tumors removed, and they were told to only remove the one that was worse;due to them being on each hind leg and it would be hard for her to walk with both back legs worked on. They would not give me a price and were told to call me before anything was done.They did not, they called a half hour before I picked her up, and still had done both hind legs.When I went to pick her up they had her in a dirty,unsanitary,cold basement on the ground.There were cats running all round, and dirty laundry all over the place.They had her laying on the floor and i did not get help from anyone to pick her up, and I am 5 ft and 100 pounds.They have like little cells that they put them in with no door,so when you bend down your butt is hitting the wall, while your trying to pick your 75 pound dog up.Well that didn't go so well and they still didn't help while my dog fell onto the ground;who just had both of her hind legs cut open and each incisions were 4inches long and 2inches wide.When I took her home I noticed that her incisions were not stitched correctly.They are to be a strand at a time then tied,cut off, then you do another stitching,tie,cut off,etc.Instead he had tied the ends together ran the stitching longways then tied it at the other end.When I called there to discuss this and that they were already coming out the day that she had it done they were going to charge me 100$emergency fee and couple hundred $s more when I already paid$350,after specifically telling the receptionist not to do both hind legs!I then had to take her to pineview and they did get her in asap, and even worked with a payment plan since it was a emergency.Her stitches and drainage tubes were done correctly,stayed in like they should, and her wound was clean.I did however have to pay400$,but it was worth it.The vet I had got was very sweet and caring. I do agree that the girls at the front desk all need to be fired except for the older woman with blonde hair,she is the only one that has ever showed kindness.The other girls are rude and blunt on the phone, and in the office, and never seem to know wtf your asking them or what they are even trying to say themselves.Why they are even there to pick up the phone and answer questions if they don't know what they are doing is a waste of the customers time and money, and a job for someone else that can actually do the job.This is the reason why I decided to take my dog to countryside in the first place.

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