New Reviewer career development scam is a career development company that targets applicants. After posting my resume, I was contacted by one of their head hunters to come in for a preliminary interview, because they liked what they saw in my resume. After a lengthy conversation with Richard Lehrer (a very large man who couldn't look me in the eye for more than a second), he felt they could help me find a career, not a J.O.B.. What was not made clear on their website was that they charged their applicants $2,000 to $4,000 to market an individual to prospective employers. There were no guarantees that they could place an applicant after fees were paid. When I said I was not interested, suddenly I was an inadequate candidate with a poor resume, I was too old, and I obviously had feelings of inadequacy about myself because I was seeking employment. Don't be fooled by their *** They are scam artists. I was also told that approximately 80% of the time, the companies that they refer applicants to would pay several thousand dollars for finding them top people, which would be reimbursed to the applicant, if that happened. I have used one other agency in the past, which WAS paid by the employer, never charging me any fees. It makes me wonder why they would be so different. If you are looking for a job or career, do it the old fashioned way and market yourself. These people at couldn't even afford a receptionist. You had to ring a bell for service.
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I signed up with CS Group in Phoenix when my consulting business was not going anywhere. I meet with them 8 times and all I got was a *** poor resume, I quit going because my consulting business picked up plus they were totally clueless about my skill set and my career goals.

The straw that finally broke the camel back was the canned Power Point presentation, it came directly out of "What Color is your Parachute". I am now the owner of a very expensive poorly written resume.

This company is a total rip off, do not sign up with them. Run as fast as you can from them.


If anyone is kind enough to let me know, I would truly appreciate it if you could e-mail me at cahoefert@***.com.

Take care everyone, and be safe out there from all these soulless monsters. There is also a guy who was on, if I remember correctly who was from Ukraine.

He e-mailed my husband and told him he needed his checking account to wire money to it. It was very *** of him, I turned in the little flake.

I do not see him anymore, but just as a head's up to all. :upset :eek


Is one of them a Pearl Clark, an older African-American lady from Maryland??? I want to make sure that this is the same company.

I do not see why anyone, especially "unemployed", would want to pay out of their *** just to try and get ahead.

I wonder if they promote Obama Care and are a bunch of Liberal Nutters, too. :(


CS is in Phoenix, too. My husband is starting to see what else is out there.

Don't want to detail too much about him on an open forum, but let's just say with his background, and a current President of a company, very marketable. They wanted me to come in next week with for his second round - seriously!? I travel for business weekly throughout NA and Mexico, and my time is valuable. Why?!

Stay away from this total scam. Plenty of great ways to market and network without a company like this. If you are young in your career - my advice is to seek mentors who will be there with you and for you. Have them review your resume.

And if you go on an interview and don't get the job, ask them why; ask them for their opinion regarding your cover letter and resume.

Get on LinkedIn forums and begin dialogue with others in your career field. Once a rapport has been established, use these connections as mentors and contacts.


Thanks guys for all the updates. Please note: now operating under the name of CS Group in Dallas.

I unfortunately got caught up in the in the prospects of a job offer and went to the first meeting. I met with Alan Ravkind who asked things like age, married, and children which raised red flags.He also said that my wife needed to attend a second meeting. He followed up with an email containing questionnaires for both my wife and me to fill out before attending the second meeting.I will not be attending the second meeting and should have checked here before the first one.

Thanks again to everyone who posted!


Thank you! I just met with Alan last week and got a really weird vibe from all the personal questions and inclusion of the spouse in an interview.

I was considering cancelling my next meeting, now for sure I am.


I am also a victim of this shameful act by arecompanies. I no longer have access to the online portal that holds all of my info.I also paid alot of money for services I they did not provide me. I am ready to followup with any investigates or lawsuits against.


I too would like to say that I was scammed by this company, I can no longer log into the portal that holds all of my information, paid a fortune for services not received and no job yet! Not even a call back for an interview. I think these people should be investigated.


I gave my info that the "hr director" refused to give ie. age, marriage, children and received half off because i was married with two children. I have a portfolio and understanding of the job market stronger than my University's MBA graduate school ever taught. not only did I get half off, but my wife was added to my contract for free. I only had to pay 1/3 up front and was put on a payment plan. Part of the contract after you join is a 100% fee reimbursement upon them finding you a job because the hiring corporation pays them. Also, what the postee's did not know before making premature comments is that the contract also has a money back guarantee. They are very professional and knew everything about the "hidden job market".

before following all of these negative reviews, just ask them about what they truly offer. They are like any other business trying to beat the competition, so do price comparisons and you might end up giving ARE a chance. Just remember that you "must" do a business professional meeting in order to have them explain all fees and options. They have a very fine contract that works in our "the clients" favor. price back guarantee and family advantage plans. My portfolio is now about 10 pages of facts about me that I would not have dreamed of, they also never stop building onto your portfolio over the lifetime contract. I will have an executive search agent working for me until I retire for no additional hidden fees. They have an open door policy and demand that you meet them as often as possible to build personal promotability.

last thing. I forgot to mention that I received an agent for me and my wife, for life, and it did not cost the $5500 mentioned earlier. I only paid $2700 for the two of us with a money back guarantee if I get or don't get a job. After you receive a job they then work with you on climbing the corporate ladder within that organization and still search for higher jobs with other companies based on your building of experience and pay rate.

If all fears come true, I will have the contract in my hand in front of a judge.


I too am a former employee for this company; they run through employees just as they run through the money that they swindle from individuals who are doing nothing more than trying to find decent employment to support their family. I was not a salesperson, but the ethics of the company did not sit well with me so I left on my own accord not too long after I was hired.

It did not help that I never received my paycheck on time either. Around the time that I left, they could not afford to pay employees on time, or even buy ink cartridges for their printers! They became hounds when payments were due from clients because they were struggling so bad. Please people, save your time AND your money.

Do not entertain the fact of trying this place. I extend the same caution to anyone who has the opportunity to work for them as well.

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