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On Thursday 29th I came looking to buy some aluminum foil and could not find any so I asked an employee if they had any. This employee told me she was very busy and to ask someone else. I told her that I wanted to speak to the manager and she said she was the manager....
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Hallelujah! :grin Katherine is gone.

Now us customers can shop here again.

Thank you Dasio!!!!!!!! :)

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Super Space Self Storage, Sunnyvale, Ca. Rude to people of color

Update by user Dec 24, 2011

Just to give you a heads up on what’s going on, I still have not been able to reach any real customer service for this business and I finally got around to posting a review on yelp, which was filtered along with many other unfavorable reviews for this business. Yelp seems to only allow favorable ones.

This business must be paying yelp too filter out the unfavorable reviews. To see the real reviews for this business on yelp, click on the filtered one near the bottom of the page.

Just goes to show that yelps slogan “real people real reviews” is just that, a slogan and nothing more. Half of all unfavorable reviews on yelp are probably filtered, I have decided to no longer use yelp they can be trusted and show favoritism

Update by user Nov 08, 2011

Have not been able to find any corporate office information for this business, I,ll keep trying.

Update by user Oct 26, 2011

This business says it has customer service to resolve complaints well me tell you they don’t. If you call or email you deal directly with the staff in this complaint.

No corporate office, No general manager, No 1-800 customers service number. WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THIS GROUP OF PEOPLE.

Original review posted by user Oct 02, 2011
I was so disgusted with the behavior of the staff at this place of business. Whites are treated with respect and courtesy while blacks and Hispanics are treated with disrespect, rudeness and even told that they have no more storage units available. This place is a disgrace to the community of Sunnyvale and the staff should be ashamed of their selves and fired. It really is ture what I have heard about this place, because what I saw and heard that Saturday will stick in my mind forever. Bigotry is alive and well in Sunnyvale, California. Super Space Self Storage-Whites Only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Had to see for myself cold unfriendly employees best to not do business with them. :sigh


This place suck!!!!!!! :(


The people that work there are rude!!!!!!!! :cry


Checkout the latest review on Yelp what a joke, another Knight of the Ku Klux Kan satisfied. Or like he put it in he’s review “ RUN BY SOME GREAT FOLKS” Bad reviews NO!



WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff and Victoria take advantage of their positions and will stab anyone in the back the first chance they get. They cover for each other with lies and false truths and harass and bully anyone who gets in their way employees or customers. They are racist believe me I know, I used to work there


We had a bad encounter with the manager too. Him and that girl are very rude and just plain mean. We went up the street to public storage they were more friendly.


Thanks for letting people know I was going to rent there I’m glad I saw the reviews first.

Thanks Again


I went there with my husband and was treated very rude by girl who couldn’t stop talking on her cell phone. She just ignored us, we stood there for ten minutes and left.

She had the nerve to tell us by in a sarcastic tone, my husband is black. :sigh


I had a storage unit there but could not deal with the managers Racist innuendos and indirect comments every time I paid my bill. Yes, the manager is a racist. :(

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