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Marlenes Urban Bliss - Marlene's Urban Bliss- Fraud

We placed an order for a Klobo slip cover in May, it's now October 1 and we have yet to receive it. She took the payment immediately and we haven't heard from her since. Despite multiple emails she doesn't reply back. She has no contact information on the website and updates periodically to report she has been sick or that orders have been sent out when they haven't. I don't care how small her company suppossedly is in this day and time if you can't find a couple of hours in your day to either respond to an email or get a cell phone so people can call you then you have a problem and probably shouldn't start your own business. Do Not use this company for anything! You will never get your merchandise as promised. Marlene's Urban Bliss is a fraud. I'm going to make sure to post this all over the net so other people don't get scammed like we did. I'm going to file a dispute with our credit card company.
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Two years slipcover. After waiting 3 months, I was told she was very busy with backorders and it would take another few months.

I got busy myself and sort of forgot about it. Checked back 9 months after placing the order and got no response. It's now at least two years later and I've given up. I don't even have the original order paperwork or credit card receipt.

Chalking it up to being ripped off.

Hopefully Karma will come into play and Marlene will get her just desserts. Found someone else who sells these on Etsy so hopefully will have better luck next time.


Placed an order in August of 2011. It is now April of 2012 and nothing.

I have contacted Marlene's Urban Bliss several times with no response. Ever. In the process of working with PayPal and our credit card company.

"Marlene" should be thrown in jail for fraud. Nothing but ripping people off.


Visa won't let me dispute the charge because it took so long, neither will paypal. But with all of the promises that it would come on the site, and hopefully posts on sites like this from people who did get it after all, I just kept hoping it would come. Now I'm out the money and the site and her email is shut down.


I can confirm this business is fraudulent. DO NOT order from this business.

If you did, make sure you print out proof of your purchase and any correspondence you attempted with the company. I was able to get my money back through a credit card dispute, but I had all the information to provide showing that I had contacted the business several times and never heard from them about my order.


:cry Marlene is a criminal and needs to be arrested for fraud. I've contacted the local authorities to see what can be done. Maybe she can make slipcovers in jail!


I just wanted to followup, I am the original poster of this and we never received anything. I filed a dispute through my credit card company (american express) and we were reimbursed for the charges.

I never heard from Marlene, nor did she ever update the status of my order. Please stay away from this fraudulent company.


Yep, I have sent her A LOT of emails asking when my cover would be ready, then when it would be shipped, and now I'm waiting on my tracking number. I ordered mine back in May.

Not a single response to any of my emails. All I read are excuses on her website about her little business and blah blah blah. I honestly don't even think she should have any sort of business open. If she knew she had a small staff, then why take all those orders?

It's just ridiculous. If you are thinking about buying a cover from her, do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy from her... EVER. I would rather try to make my own cover than order from her.

Also, thanks to Marlene.. my couch is very dirty, thanks.


Orderd in august. No contact no item.

There are no slip covers being made.

Just someone collecting cash. Do not order from this company!


I've been having the same experience - I wish I'd taken the time to research this "company" first. I ordered my slipcover in May and here it is almost 8 months later.

My repeated attempts to get a hold of someone to change the shipping address have failed (I had it sent to my work not thinking that it'd take 8 months and I'm changing jobs in Jan). When I checked online at the beginning of Dec. it said my order shipped on 11/28. But today I got the USPS notification that it would ship tomorrow.

Excuses of being a small business can only go so far - the fact they flat out LIED about the shipping date is just reprehensible.

Lesson learned - do your homework and research these online companies before making a purchase!

I'll definitely be doing that in the future. (In the meanwhile I've filed a report with the Better Business Bureau for all the good that'll do.)


Sorry to hear about peoples frustrations, but as a solution, there is a place that does IKEA Klobo slipcovers and delivers in 1 week from payment. Check it out,

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