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Koeppel Nissan - Koppel Nissan of Queens, NY - Terrible Service

I recently purchased a brand new 2011 Nissan Murano from Nissan of Darien in Connecticut. As part of the purchase, Nissan of Darien was able to obtain my new york plates and registration but could not handle the New York State Inspection. They recommended Koppel Nissan as a place to have the necessary New York vehicle inspection done, so I scheduled an appointment. When I brought the car in for the inspection I was processed by a man who I was told was named Tony (older gentlemen working the office of the service department). I informed Tony that when I purchased the car, it hd been detailed by Nissan of Darien and they had accidentally removed the two little pieces of weather stripping that sit behind the rear license plate and prevent it from rattling against the car. I asked if they could be replaced. Tony said it would be no problem. I waited to have the work done and when it was finished, Tony informed me that they did not have the stripping but had used an alternative. Imagine my surprise when I go to my car and find that Koppel Nissan has poured a liquid black silicone adhesive (resembling tar) all over the bottom of my license plate, gluing it to the license plate frame. The job wasn't carefully done. Instead there were globs of the stuff pouring out of the edges of the license plate frame and onto the plate itself and worse, onto the paint and surface of the car. I was furious and immediately asked that this be removed and asked to speak with a manager. The service person told me that there was no manager and when I asked for a name they refused to provide it. Instead I asked for Tony to be brought out. Tony inspected what was done and rather than apologize and look to correct it, instead proceeded to rudely tell me that if I didn't want that that I should not have asked for it, and that that is what I wanted. I explained that what I wanted where the two little squares of stripping to be replaced, not for silicone goop to be poured all over my license plate, plate holder and paint of my brand new vehicle. Tony instructed a service center employee to remove what was applied. The employee in turn proceeded to bend my license plate holder rather than remove it and was about to apply solvent directly on the plate while still attached to the car. I stopped him and insisted that the plate be removed so that solvent would not damage the car's paint. When the employee removed the screws holding the plate, rather than come off, the plate remained stuck to the car. When he attempted to removed it, we found that a large glob of silicone had been applied to the back of the license plate and in turn had been pressed directly onto the paint of my brand new car. I asked that this be removed and again asked to speak with Tony to show him the silicone on the paint. Rather than be understanding or helpful, once again Tony proceeded to be rude. Upset I asked Tony to have my information purged from Koppel Nissan's service department computers. Tony in turn proceeds to yell at me in the middle of the service department telling me that he was not going to remove anything and that since I had gotten my inspection done at his dealership that there was nothing he could do. I asked that then I not be scheduled for any regular maintenance (choosing instead to drive 45 minutes back to Nissan of Darien for my regular service appointments). To this Tony replied with obvious sarcasm that I should not worry about HIS dealership contacting me for anything. The story, however does not end there. As the plate is being cleaned, the service attendant, rather than use soap and water, instead uses break fluid to remove the silicone he applied. The result is that he proceeds to partially dissolve the paint on the license plate itself (this is a brand new license plate that is no more than a week old). He ends up causing some of the print to run and completely removing part of at least one of the numbers. I asked that the other service person (not Tony) be called. This man was far more professional and apologized for Tony's behavior. However, when I showed him what they had just done to my license plate, his reply was that there was nothing they could do about that and that I should call the department of transportation - in other words, too bad. Lastly the inspection was finished correctly but when looking at the windshield where the sticker was placed. Rather than clean up after themselves, the service person left hand prints all over the interior of my windshield. Is this the way in which Nissan Koppel does business? If so it is completely unacceptable. When someone comes in with a $40,000 car made by the company you represent, even if I didn't buy it from your dealership, I expect courteous and professional service. I came here for convenience not because I had to. Instead what I received was rudeness, TERRIBLE service, and damage to my license plate. Koppel Nissan employees at no point made any attempt to try and remedy the situation or offer anything in return as an apology for damaging my property. If this is the manner in which Koppel Nissan treats its customers, then I much prefer to go out of my way to avoid any future interaction with Koppel Nissan and instead drive 45 minutes away for future service, as I know that at least at Nissan of Darien the employees will treat my property like they care and will treat me with professionalism. Based on the treatment I was afforded, I suspect that this review most likely means nothing to Koppel Nissan and that no attempt will be made to try and fix the damage that was done. An apology is not the purpose of this letter. The owners and managers of Koppel Nissan should try and teach their employees that its customers spend very large amounts of money at their dealership dealership, and when they do they expect courteous and professional treatment. Customers go to to the dealership because they want to, surely not because they have to. In these very difficult economic times, I would think that Koppel Nissan's employees would consider going the extra mile to make sure that they retain and not lose customers. In my case, Nissan Koppel has lost a future customer. I would strongly advice anyone considering this dealership to avoid it like the plague
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Hi my name is rafael I lease a new nissan sentra 2013 the car have disck breakes in front .the car have problem with the breaks .I talk with mister plablo jimenes n some of their mannagers.n the only answer they gave me was me eating the lost on the car.a car that have problem I have to be responsible for 6000 dollar for this people to gime a car at a more hight monthly I have to go to court to fight for this.

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