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STS Travel Offers Bogus Deals

STS Vacations #349056
My husband and I attended the STS Travel 90 minute seminar. We were promised our choice of a free 3 day 2 night vacation, 2 roundtrip airfare tickets, a week long vacation, or a cruise just for attending. Also a $100 dining certificate, dvd player, mp3 player, or digital camera just as a thank you gift for being there.

We sat and listened. This company promised "pennies on the dollar" vacations with a lifetime membership. To the "exclusive" club, there was a start up/ membership fee of around $9700. This membership was said to be transferable to family and friends. Bottom line is, this vacation "club" sounded too good to be true.

When my husband and I stated that the price was just too high, they generously came down to $5500. We stated that that was still too high, it was lowered to $2300. The final offer made to us was $550...We were approached by 4 sales people. One claiming to be a minister and said "Praise Jesus" throughout our conversation.

I asked for documentation of all that was promised, but none could be provided. The deal was offered only at the seminar. We declined of course. When it came to the "free" prizes and "complimentary"
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