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Banfield in Corona CA

Banfield Pet Hospital #358407
Took my beloved White German Shepherd in there yesterday after a bad reaction to Frontline Plus. Normally I get Comfortis from them but wife picked this up in Costco. Big Mistake, Vomiting, Fire hose runs. He needed help.
Was it cheap? no, Did they up-sell? maybe but in the interest of the dogs health. Did I receive good care? Yes! they took me right away and I felt Dr Flores covered all the bases. Filled him with fluids and sent me home with meds saying they would call today to check on him. I like the people in the front as well. It isn't easy to treat an animal who doesn't tell you what is going on. I don't know much about the other guy but Dr Flores is still around and I wouldn't hesitate to use him.
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