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Disgusting treatment by Fairmont Health Resort at Leura

Please read my email to the resort which explains the problem. They ignored the email completely and then actually charged our credit card $200. I have complained again (see email 2) and have still had no response from the manager but we did get a phone call saying that we will be refunded our $200. Of course, my original complaint has been ignored and we have been ripped off! -------- Start of Email 1 ---------- I booked your 'Wellbeing Package" at the Fairmont resort last Saturday using two $100 vouchers that were given to me as a present. The afternoon was a disaster and left me more stressed than when I arrived, let me explain. Some months ago we were given a 'Peppers Fairmont Gift Pack for $200" which expires on 14 August 2008. Inside the pack are two brochures for the Peppers Fairmont Resort so we phoned the resort to book the Healthy Day Package described in our brochure. We were advised on the phone that that package does not exist now and we were offered the Wellbeing package as an alternative. We explained that we had a gift voucher and was told that would be OK. We were asked if the gift card had expired and answered that it did not expire until 14th August. We were not asked if it was a Peppers voucher. We booked 2 massages for 2pm and then planned to use the resort facilities for the rest of the afternoon. On arrival, I observed that the indoor pool and spa were closed - these facilities are included in the package but we were not advised that they would not be available when we made the booking. I did not wish to spoil the occasion so I didn't say anything about the issue. At about 1.50 pm I presented my gift voucher and the lady behind the counter said she was not familiar with the procedures for the gift voucher but took it. After a delay we started the massage at about 2.15, it was completed by 3 pm so we actually only had 45 minutes - not the 55 as advertised, again I didn't want to complain so I said nothing again. On return to the resort counter, we collected towels to go into the steam room but were stopped and advised that the resort was not now Peppers and we could not use the voucher and we would have to pay for the day and then somehow get compensation from Peppers afterwards. I was a bit shocked at this - how were we supposed to know that. We were not asked that when we booked, even though it would have been obvious that we had an old brochure in our hand when we made the booking and again we were not advised that when we presented out 'Peppers' voucher before the massage that afternoon. I protested and was told that I would have to speak to someone else so I was put onto a telephone call with Samantha who told me that they would not honour the voucher and that we had to pay. She seemed to think it was our fault that we didn't know that they were not Peppers now! I said that we would not pay and asked to see the manager. After a 20min wait the manager arrived and firstly had a discussion with the lady behind the counter and then came over to see us. He had the same explanation as to why he would not accept the voucher. He seemed to think that we were the ones at fault. I explained that we had no way of knowing the change of circumstances at the resort. If his staff were to aware of the situation when we presented the voucher then how could he expect us to be. After a heated discussion where I felt like I was getting nowhere with him I said that I said that the voucher had been accepted before we started the massage and he probably could not legally refuse it now and charge us. After more discussions between the manager and the lady behind the counter she came over and rather unhappily said that they would accept the voucher now. I confirmed with her and again with the manager that we would not be charged and they both said that would not happen. At this point we were fairly stressed which makes a mockery of your statement 'Escape from the stress of everyday life" as advertised in your Well being package. Of course this also meant that we never got to use the rest of facilities and enjoy the afternoon as planned. So we travelled from Sydney to your resort at Leura had a 45 minute massage, an argument with 3 of your staff and it all up cost us our $200 voucher, plus petrol plus tolls plus a lot of stress. The manager was not very apologetic and rather reluctantly offered us a complementary coffee which, of course we politely refused. ------ End of Email 1 ------- ------ Start of Email 2 ------ For the URGENT Attention Raymond Huang, I am just about to lodge formal complaints about your hotel as: 1. I have had no response to my complaint emails (see below) 2. I have just been advised that my partner's credit card has been charged $200 - YOU SAID YOU WOULD ACCEPT THE VOUCHER AND NOT CHARGE US I don't understand why you think you can ignore us and treat us so badly. If I don't not receive a response by 5pm Tue 19th I will take whatever action that I deem appropriate to recover our money. I believe you did not supply the original service that you accepted the voucher for and would have expected a refund for that, but to take an addition $200 is clearly robbery! ------------- End of Email 2 ---------------
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