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1 And 1 Internet - 1 & 1 Internet, Inc. Billing Fraud

1 & 1 Internet sold me a web hosting package, which I discovered is mediocre at best. Their phone support was terrible. Their contracts auto-renew regardless of your original contract length, and I called prior to the end of my contract to cancel. They confirmed my cancellation, and all seemed fine. Months later, and out of the blue, I got an email stating they have been trying to bill my credit card, that I owe them a bunch of money for hosting services, and that they will send me to collections with additional fees, if I don't pay immediately. They refuse to honor my cancellation request, and the rep talked over me instead of letting me have my say. DO NOT USE 1 AND 1 HOSTING unless you are prepared to proactively defend yourself, and send a registered letter with signature request to request a refund, else they may stiff you too!
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That's what happens when you transact business with american companies, I'll be overly nice and just say 80% of them cannot be trusted as they are pure trash. :roll :roll


Not an American Company issue other than the out-sourcing they use!


I am having this same issue right now. I cancelled my contract and turned off auto-renewal months ago.

Today i got an invoice for another year of service. I had a domain from them four or so years ago and they did the same thing. That time I did not turn off auto-renewal (they bury that option deep and don't tell you they're going to auto-bill you unless you select it anyway), and they did refund my money.

It is just dishonest to make a customer opt OUT of auto-renewal instead of opting IN. And to ignore it when they do opt out.


Funny two years later and I am in the exact situation accept I only had it for 5 days. This company have over a 1000 complaints with the bbb and 707 of them are all billing related. I will read reviews before ever purchasing another website./


CROOKS, they refused to refund fees after I had emailed & faxed proof that the account had been canceled along with the cancelation of each individual item within my account. Such as 3 domains, photo hosting, etc [I sent this confirmation multiple times] was sent to them confirming my cancelation over 30 days prior to the expiration date of the contract term.

This means that I was well within the cancelation period and was beyond dissatisfied with their product line and services, I found much better resources with GoDaddy. These creeps continued for over a year claiming that the account and all services were still active, and they had sent me to collections and bad credit reporting for $140 for another contract period.

What B.S., the email confirmation clearly showed the date & time of the cancellation and other pertinent information about the request and their own response but still denied that it was adequate to stop the billing itself.

I would never recommend nor use their pieces of garbage ever again, I am not a low-end user, I have a degree in engineering and well experienced in technology. I just wanted something quick for uploading photos and captions on a dedicated subject without a lot of backend maintenance that a full scale server would need [my dog was killed and I was fighting the trash who killed her and posting the trial information to help garner support for the cause, nothing complicated but needed mobile access for updating from the courthouse, etc].

I am still currently battling these idiots, years later and no end in sight.

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