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Sprint Cellphone Service - Unethical

Sprint #28899
I totaly agree! Actually, I was in customer service training with Sprint once, and was told that one should always attempt to save the account. Also, agents have considerable leeway in extending payment deadlines, giving free minutes, etc. I actually got sprint cellphone service and my plan gave me a $250 credit limit. So my understanding was as long as my bill didn't exceed $250, my service would not be interrupted. I had service interruption within the first 2 mths while my bill was $118. I called and was told that while my limit was $250, if I didn't pay within 10 days of the bill, this would happen. So I made sure that I paid my bill within the 10 day limit. When service was interrupted again, I was told that although I paid the bill in full, amounts from the next mths bill rolled over and put me over my limit. So I asked when my billing cycle ended and they told me on the 4th. So the next time, I mad sure I paid my bill by the 6th, giving any rollovers time to happen since I knew I had gone over my minutes. I paid the balance in full and 3 days later got interrupted and now had a balance of $300+. I pay my bills all at once every month but must know when I'm being ...
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