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Comet Auto Sales Are Crooked- Manchester, NH

On 11/9/12, I purchased a vehicle from this dealership. On 11/12/12, the owner (Jim Walker) and one of his employees came to my home to try and steal the vehicle, however, he ripped the red temp. tag off the vehicle. On 11/9/12, I put $2,900 in cash towards this vehicle. Mr. Walker wrote out a "Bill of Sale" agreement that eight more agreed payments would be paid. He went against his word. He threatened my husband with physical harm and police were called. Local authorities responded and proof was shown that a "Bill of Sale" was written out. Mr. Walker tried to tell the police that he signed no such paperwork. The police sided with me and Mr. Walker was told that the vehicle was rightfully mind and if he was to try again and take the vehicle he would be arrested. Be careful and use caution with this individual. He is very deceptive!! I have found a lot of lies while dealing with Mr. Walker. Mr. Walker says that he will in house finance you, however, he holds no license to finance anyone. He also told me that there is program called "Helping the Customer Out Loan". This does not exist in The State of New Hampshire". As of today we have talked with one officer who responded and he told us that he is reporting Jim Walker, owner of Comet Auto Sales to The New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Department for investigation and having his license revoked.
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I wanted to share my story

This is my second time purchasing a vehicle from Comet Auto Sales and I felt the need to leave a testimonial anywhere i could. I purchase vehicles about every two years.

I drive to much to lease and drive to much to hang onto something so I've done the 'car buying thing' a few times. Nick was my salesperson on both accounts and he is very straightforward and knowledgeable. Both cars I have owed were beautiful, reliable vehicles.

The first vehicle I purchased here I found out a few days after the sale that the lender I financed the car through was offering a 3 month 'delay' in pay and I called the dealership immediately to see if we could re write the loan to account for this - Nick took the time AFTER the sale to re write the contract to account for the 3 month delay in pay and FedEx'd the contract to me (on their dime) so we could make sure the loan went through in time.

On the second and most recent occasion, I had purchased a BMW from them. They had put the vehicle through a shop to have the inspection sticker put on (please note the auto body shop is an independent business from Comet Auto Sales - they are in the business of buying and selling cars, they are not an auto body shop, so they outsource this task). The shop noted the car was great and I drove off. I had made an appointment with a local foreign car shop within my area which was about 2 weeks after the sale.

This shop noted that I needed rear breaks and rotors.

I contacted Nick at Comet Auto Sales and they paid for the whole thing (I was quoted $650 from several shops so it was not a small repair).

I could not be more impressed and I would recommend them on so many levels and for so many different reasons.



You fat losers, you and your husband both. Both of you lie so often it appears that reality is no longer something you live in.

I wish you both nothing but misery and suffering for the remainder of your lives.

@Wish I never met either Brady

The truth has been evaluated. As my ex-husband sits cozy inside NHSP in Concord, NH until either 2022 or 2025 I am free!!!

Divorced from John Brady, remarried with two beautiful boys and living in a gorgeous apartment outside of Manchester. Guess your dream of having me in prison was a bust. All I obtained was a slap on the wrist (from 2015 to March 2018 was to be of good behavior for 3yrs.). The judge didn't agree with you and others about what the system should have done with me.

You all judged me just because I was married to John Brady. No one stopped to ask the question if I knew his schemes. Like Judge Brown said, people are always "WITCH HUNTING". They don't care who burns.

The evidence placed before Judge Brown showed who the real con was and yet my reputation is being judged like a cover on a book. Karma is really something.

you all thought I was also behind his schemes and writing comments. This is the real me right now writing and the real me saying that you all are "CANDY ASSES"!!!


John and Melanie Brady are both completely useless human beings. The world would be a better place if they just climbed a ten story building and jumped off the roof.


J and M Brady make a career out of scamming honest businesspeople in NH and Lord only knows where else. When called out on public forums like this one, they react by posting several fake posts by supposed random people who are on their side.

Sick, pathetic, sad human beings. What is even worse is how they are allowed to walk around free. The justice system in NH is worthless.

I'm talking to all of you judges and the D.A. in Manchester who are too busy counting the days until you get your pensions instead of locking up idiots like these two.


John and Melanie,

You both are pathetic excuses for human beings. Do me a favor and do more *** scams in Massachusetts. Apparently the law enforcement in NH is a joke if you are both still walking around free.


Whoever this Mr. Brady is...he is telling the truth. I am also a resident of Manchester (before anyone says or thinks, I am in no relation to Mr. Brady) and I purchased a car from this person. NH Law is that you have 10 days to have your car inspected after you register your car at town hall. I had my car inspected and after it had a look over I was told that my car did not pass. There were numerous problems (brakes, rusted out gas tank, battery and water pump). I called The State Police to meet me and they examined the car. When asked where I got the car from and I told them "Comet Auto Sales; Second Street; Manchester they were going to have a talk with the owner. A week later, a repo agent was taking my car. I fought with the repo agents who were at first not good mannered and showed proof that I was paying on my car.

I had my boyfriend call and ask what the *** was going on. The owner told him since your girlfriend wanted to call State Police and get them involved I am having the car repoed and if you take me to court, I will win. We recently hired an attorney.

If Mr. Brady is online and seeing this, I ask "will you be a witness on our behalf"?


Another review with absolutely no facts. This is the same consumer who has scammed business and landlords all over the city.

They think they are real pro's but we caught on to their bad check writing scam and took our vehicle back before they could destroy it.

Just google search John Brady and Melanie Ross-Brady Manchester, NH ... these are very bad people who will take advantage of anyone they can.


so now you've set up shop in massachusets john to pull your scams? you must have wore out ur welcome in manchester


hey John and Melanie:

How many times have you been in Court for trashing apartments you occupied? 10?



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Comet Auto Sales Are Crooked- Manchester, NH

I brought a car on 11/9/2012. I put down $2,900 cash and agreed with the owner to pay eight more payments and the vehicle would be mine. He wrote out a bill of sale showing that the $2,900 was paid on 11/12/12. He came to my home and ripped the temp. tag of the back of the vehicle and try to steal the car saying that the agreed payments were not high enough. He threatened my husband with physical harm. The police came and told the owner that he is wrong in committing fraud and the vehicle is ours until the next agreed payment date and not to harass us, also not to come back on our property. The police officer who responded called and talked with my husband an hour later and told him that as of 11/13/12, the officer is taking it upon himself to call The New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Department and reporting Comet Auto Sales actions. Beware of this dealer (Owner Jim Walker). He does not hold an in house financing license. He sells high mileage cars. He lies about his prices online and offline. Try to refrain from going to this establishment. I have found Mr. Walker to be shady.
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I know who the Bradys are. The Notorius Bradys are the biggest liars, crooks, lowlifes in NH.

John pretended to be a cop in concord. Melanie was arrested for false police reports. John was arrested for threatening with a gun in Derry. They are being investigated for fraud by the Feds.

The list goes on and on.


there are a lot of reviews from consumers who have been ripped off or almost ripped off by this guy. I could see people saying that this is someone not making their payments but can you honestly tell me that several people who don't know each other are going to come up with the same complaint.

Comet Auto sales should be shut down and he should go to prison. To take advantage of people who have it hard as it is is wrong.


Nice try "scammed in Manchester." People aren't dumb like yourself, if they have met the guys at Comet, they know they are genuine. It's sad to see these sort of fake reviews.


comet auto sales screwed me back in march i put $ 1,675 cash down on a truck, mr. walker took the truck three days later, even though my payment was not due until april, he took the truck and had it scrapped, he stole a large sum that took a while to save for a truck,the law in Manchester and Nh need to shut him down and throw him in jail,he is a thief he sells clunkers that the cash for clunkers program would not have even taken,i urge anyone considering buying a car stay as far away from James and Jesse Walker of Comet Auto Sales On Second Street in Manchester,you would bw better off going to the junk yard or to auction to get a car,that way he does not rob you of your hard earned money, and then turn around and steal the car that has already been purchased,he is currently under investigation by The NH State Police Troop G,The NH Attorney General,Manchester Police, The State of NH Title Bureau,The BBB,he is a scheming *** artist who needs to be fitted for an orange jumpsuit, with matching silver bracelets for hands and ankles :sigh :sigh :( :( :( :(

@scammed in Manchester

Another unfounded claim. Comet Auto Sales helps those who can't get a vehicle and when these people decide not to make their payment and/or refuse to maintain their vehicle they get angry. You can lead a horse to water but can't make him drink.

@scammed in Manchester

I bought a 2013 Ford edge from them, it's not a "clunker" and I've never had better customer service at any dealership. Just saying...

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Auto Wholesalers - Wholesale Auto in Hooksett, NH sold me a lemon

I purchased a 2004 Chrysler Concorde Limited back in November 2011. I put down $1000,00 cash. I was told that there was nothing wrong with the car. They used the sales pitch, "if anything goes wrong we will take care of the issue because we help our customers". This past Saturday (11-3-12) I was going to Concord, NH and while on the highway, my car was pulling 5 RPM's and going at 60 mph and was rattling (I only put 10,000 miles since buying the car). I had the car towed to the dealership. They told me that the engine blew!!! I did a Car Fax (I was also told that they do not print out Car Fax) and found out that back on December 4, 2009 the odometer read 145,000 and four days later said 125,000. Yesterday, the finance office told me that I owed $455 (monthly payments were $180/month which is paid on time every month and I told them I have the receipts to prove my payment history). They told me if I had a check that they would deliver my car and I can clean it out. This dealership screwed me and took the car back to the dealership. Word to the wise..."don't buy any car from this establishment"!!!
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What was the outcome of the mileage dispute? I currently have an issue where the mileage on the truck I purchased is 63,000 less than what an old inspection sheet that I found in the truck reflects.

Thank you


I have to say with all due respect, if you had the paperwork that your payments were paid in full legally they would be nothing they could do to keep your car you would have it back. Second, almost a year later the engine blows ever have your oil filled, changed?

and even if you did, a 125,000 miles on a vehicle do you expect them to be fortune tellers?I have purchased as have several other people I know from this dealership several times I have been very pleased with the service with their word and with their follow ups.they do not reach an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau the way that they have with all the years that they've been in service if they constantly did business the way that you claim. Just put your paperwork where your mouth is show them the paperwork from the CARFAX if that was the case you have a case other than that you sound like a person that wants to blame everybody but themselves for the problems that they're having.


To: Iq

You don't type much do you? You can kiss my ***!!!

I repeatedly told the dealership that there was a problem with the car. I even showed the dealership a list of issues that my mechanic found. So yes, blame the *** dealership.

Besides, its against New Hampshire Law to rollback the odometer. Up here its a felony and I hope the dealerships owner gets what is coming to him.


engine blew a uyear later! Blame the seller, not the driver.

Writer #2 by all means call the bureau, whatever the *** that means. You are a fool as is writer number 1 :cry :cry :cry :cry


autowholesalers is crooked,spoke with the owner john kelly on 11/8/12 he told me it was not his problem that the car died,and asked when i would be paying the car off,the payments are up to date,i say anyone who has been autowholesalers victim should stand in front of his shop on 11/11/12 and 11/12/12 describing to the public how they screw there customers,they also sell numereous unsafe cars and cars that they will not inspect because they know they sell junk.BOYCOTT AUTOWHOLESALERS,KELLY INVESTORS,JOHN KELLY AND ANYONE ELSE ASSOCIATED WITH THESE CROOKED JUNK DEALERS. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :sigh :sigh :sigh


I brought a car from them on 12/29/2011.

Lemons all the way! The only people they treat with respect are the ones with all the money.

The owner is never around I have tried to speak with him for months but I was told that he spends most of his time in his house in Florida. Anytime I have tried to trade out my car they just want more money.

He needs to know what is happening with his business and how the employees are treating people, not very good. I will be calling the bureau next.Don't go there!!!!!!!!

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James and Sons Automotive-(James Hebert, Owner..."Shady Businessman")

James and Sons Automotive-(James Hebert, Owner..."Shady Businessman")
James and Sons Automotive-(James Hebert, Owner..."Shady Businessman")
Update by user Sep 23, 2011

James and Sons Automotive LLC120 Massabesic StreetManchester, NH 031036**-**2-1208

Original review posted by user Sep 23, 2011
On 9/15/2011, my husband and mother-in-law purchased a used car from Mr. Herbert. Mr. Herbert signed the "Certificate of Title" over to my mother-in-law. Two days later, Mr. Herbert called my husband saying he went online to see what the value was on the car he sold them an demanded another $500.00. On 9/23/2011, Mr. Hebert and some of his friends showed up at our home. They were trying to reposse the car. We found out that Mr. Hebert had another key and entered the car taking everything out of it.
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If you were the owner of the car as proven by the Certificate of Title Mr. Hebert entered your car illegally and should have been arrested and charge with theft.

If you didn't call your local police department the you simply let him get away with it.

If he charged you less than the car was worth that's your gain.

Once the money changed hands, the Title was transferred to you and there was no outstanding contract that stated that you owed any more money on the car then the car was wholly ajemtewyours. Hope you prosecuted Mr.Hebert.


The so called “neighborhood watch” is none other than the Brady’s up to their same old lies and libel. I’m sure if the admin investigates they’ll find another matching ip address.

The truth is, James was offered a considerable sum to work as a technician for another shop, without having all the hassles of an owner. In a down economy this was a great decision for James and his family. The owner of the building has listed the building and it’s contents for sale. Feel free to contact the realtor, who is obligated by law to disclose if any illegal activity occurred there. You will quickly discover the truth.

Now, let’s talk about the quality of person making this claim. Melany Brady. This is a woman who purposely overdosed her child on Tylenol and lost custody of that child to her mother. The abuse of the child caused permanent brain damage and she has no part of that child’s life now, even 11 years later! This is a woman lied about being in dire straits in order to borrow $5,000 from her mothers neighbor, only to never pay that back. This is a woman who has repeatedly tried to scam the firefighter community by collecting donations for her husband/ex husband/ fiancé/ boyfriend, (depending on which story she’s telling) who needed an “immediate, life saving, amputation” several years ago… Yet John Brady is still limping around today without surgery, yet the donations were never returned. This is a woman who consistently lies and scams in everything she does, wasting the time of government employees on a weekly basis.

This is a woman who claimed on this very page, to be several different lawyers, which was discovered by the site admin.

This is a woman who lives in such a fantasy land she still thinks she and her guy have done nothing wrong, and that there won’t be a judgement day.

I could continue, but I’ll wait until she digs herself an even deeper hole.


These allegations of Kitt telling her stories and people saying she is lying is false.

I am a friend of the family and I borrowed their car back in August 2011 and damaged it. The company "Pep Boys" did what she is saying.

This Heywood person and other users are covering up what was done by these businessess and James Auto Body to make him look good. They are all friends of Mr. Heberts.

All users are deframing Kitt's reputation for the sole purpose to lie for Mr. Hebert. They are not aware of the truth and are being told lies by Mr. Hebert.


Hey Kitt a.k.a. Melanie Brady a.k.a. NH Paralegal:

Go take take your threats of restraining orders and other jibber jabber and stuff them up your disgusting, unwashed *ss!


Kitt is Melanie Brady who is a Manchester, Nh scam artist known to the Manchester Police Dept. and someone not to be given one inch of credibility. Do a search on pissedconsumer.com and she makes a hobby out of posting ridiculous claims against various businesses, all no doubt who are in the right.


That`s funny. He has had that car since last week.

What does Melanie have to do with the car since she didn't purchase the car?

Besides, James cannot do anything with the car because John and his mother have the title (clear of all leins ). Also, they asked the court to have the right to repo the car back to them.


It's funny that Melanie Brady (kitt) would claim the car has been crushed at Murray's in her post on November 21.... Especially since the car has been parked inside James shop since October 20th.


Everyone who just adores James I have a question for you all. Do you spend an hour or more on your knees blowing him?

Tell James if he wants his car, it has been cubed at "Murry Auto Recyclers".

He put an inspection sticker on a car that would not pass state safety. So who is a *** (James "Deceptive" Hebert).



You can take James and stick him up your ***!!! James sold my mother-in-law and husband a piece a ***!!!

I have moved on and brought a better car than the death trap that James sold them. As for getting a life...you need to get one.

My life is fulfilled with holding a degree in legal science, my 2 children, husband among other things. I have letters from the BBB and NH Attorney General stating that James and his business is under investigation.


all of the negative posts on this board are being made by the same person. "M" why don't you wake up and smell the coffee that you are a disgraceful, sad human being who needs professional help? Some free advice - Start doing something useful with your life instead of being a scamming drain on society.

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Metabank - Don't Do Business With Prepaid Visa Upside Cards
Metabank - Don't Do Business With Prepaid Visa Upside Cards
The company behind the Prepaid Visa Upside Debit Cards has an F rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). The BBB has noticed a pattern of complaints concerning Metabank---Cardholder Services. Specifically, consumers are alleging that after purchasing prepaid...
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I was screwed out of $158.00 with the Meta Bank AAA prepaid debit card. I tried to buy something at Amazon, but the card denied the charge.

Then MetaBank still charged my account for the amount. So, Amazon says they never billed me the amount and the Meta Bank card says I made a purchase.

The Meta Bank Customer Service is overseas and would not let me escalate and find a resolution. Its time to shut these *** down and return my money!

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Metabank Prepaid Card
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Pep Boys - Charge us for service and parts not needed!!!

Pep Boys - Charge us for service and parts not needed!!!
Pep Boys - Charge us for service and parts not needed!!!
My husband and I were told that our car needed a water pump and was quoted $530.00. Before the quote, we were charged $38.00 just to have the car inspected to see what the issue was. We called our auto mechanic and had the car towed by Triple AAA. Our auto mechanic called us and told us that we didn't need a new water pump. What the car needed was a tensioner pulley which is a lot less cheaper and the water pump is still in good condition. We will never take our car back there again.
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So why didn't you go to "your" shade tree backyard mechanic in the first place?


Don B probably works for Pep Boys. It's not desparation it's the matter of principle. If you have to come up with the $1.62 to complete the purchase why shouldn't they come up with it to return to you.


Maybe it's time for a new car....wow you must be desperate for the $1.62...did the welfare check not come in? :p


And a ***. nuff said


The Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau acts to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive trade practices in New Hampshire. When a business does not provide services or products, misrepresents its services or products, or does not provide quality services or products, the Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau may question the business practices and seek appropriate measures to remedy the situation on behalf of the State of New Hampshire.

The Bureau's mission also includes consumer education and outreach.

The best consumer protection is widespread public awareness of consumer's rights and common scams to prevent problems. This Web site is designed to provide such essential information to New Hampshire's consumers.Consumer Protection Hotline:1-88*-***-****Weekdays 9am to 3pmDOJ-CPB@***.nh.gov


:( When I called and spoke to the manager of the store, he told me that he would refund all of the $38.00 back on my husband's credit card. However, that is not true!!!

Only $36.62 was replaced back on the credit card. I have emailed the New Hampshire Attorney Generals Office and the Department within the AG"s Office that handles Customer Protection Division.

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Kaylens Pizzeria - Kaylen's Pizzeria (Concord, NH) bad service and manners

Kaylens Pizzeria - Kaylen's Pizzeria (Concord, NH) bad service and manners
My husband and I ordered from this pizzeria on 9/4/2011. The subs were horrible and made wrong. We called the pizzeria to make one sub without onions and it had onions on it. Called the pizzeria and spoke with the manager who stated he would send out another sub. When the sub was delivered, it was another mistake. Called the pizzeria again and spoke with manager. He said he would make another sub but I wanted my money back. Told me that he would not refund my money at all and cursed at me. Will never order again!
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OMG...CaptainObvious...you are mental case...and your imaginary wife is a WH.RE!


Is it really that serious?we got a effen war going on..PICK EM OFF! &dont order takeout anymore



It is "obvious" that you are nothing but a "PIG"!!!

We have ordered from this pizzeria before and thought that we would give it another try. Surprise...they messed up again.

Kaylen's Pizzeria never gets their orders right unless they are not screwing around. You may want to check the interenet! You will find that there are some cons to this pizzeria!!!

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