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Budget Rent A Car:rent no car yet receive a voice message from it saying I did!

Has anyone heard of "Budget Rent A Car???" Well, I know it's my first time hearing about it. I had a voice message box set up on my phone so anyone who call me will hear my name and be able to identify that they are calling the right person when I'm not there to answer a call. All of sudden, I got somebody named Brian who left me a message saying "you rented car Nov.3, it should be returned on Nov 13, please returned it today no later than 6PM or further action will be taken. I was doing the company a favor by returning to that call, but calling its unprofessional customer service was even worst. She asked for my name and other irrelevant stuff. I mean, lady, I never rent anything from you, my information is not going to be in the database unless some falsely put down my address/phone number. That shouldn't occur if they at least double check the address information with renter's ID. Of course, at this point, I just hope it was only a wrong number. When I called and told the customer service rep that I received a voice message from Budget Rent A Car and briefly told her about the case, she was prompt to ask for my first and last name, address,etc. I knew off the bat that there wouldn't be any matching info since I never rent a car there in the first place and giving her that information is useless so I told her "I can't give her those", Then she replied with very rude tone, "I can't do much if you can't give me that information, there are thousands of people with that XXX name (I did give her my first name tho)" Instead, what she should have asked was the rental reference number, not my name, address or my phone number. When she so rudely hung up that phone, I went back to listen to that voice message again (more like 4-5X since it was cut off from time to time" So glad that there was that magic rental reference number that I didn't know I had. As much as I dislike to call that number, I did it anyway because I wouldn't want to be bothered again. Either way, what I'm trying to say is how could a company be so unprofessional that it left a message for someone who is not its customer?As I said earlier on, my voice message box has my personal greeting hence my name, that the caller should have known that I'm not that customer that they are trying to reach. BTW, does anyone know where I can put that number so I can prevent that number from calling back just in case.
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Budget Rent A Car Car Rental
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Valuemags - Who is this Value Mags???

Update by user Oct 08, 2012

I finally figured out the actual source of problem. It was

I made a purchase there on March.

It never said that my purchase comes with a subscription or whatever. They sold my address, if it was a free subscription, I would have known and it would come on much sooner than this, don\'t give me all of that excuses

Original review posted by user Oct 06, 2012
So a magazine, Instyle, arrived at our house with my mom's name on it, her first wasn't even spelled correctly and I couldn't think of anything other than our most recent purchase at Even if that was the case, it would have been under my name, not hers. I've been ordering from Delias for couple years now and I know sometimes Delias gives people magazine offers, but I always opt out of it. There is one thing that I did differently from last time, instead entering my credit card at checkout, I used Paypal, it's Delias new checkout method. I mean, shouldn't Paypal be more secure than directly entering credit card info?? As much I as thumbed through magazine, I know there is no such thing as free lunch. So I contacted Instyle. After waiting for like 10 minutes, a customer representative with a heavy accent finally answered my call. After all of that hassle, I was able to understand that it was a company called Value Magazine that put me it (or my mom) and he told me to contact that agency (Value Mags)instead and all he could do was put the account on suspension or something like that. Dang, I have no idea how we got tie with this Value Mags company. It makes no sense because I never sign up nor heard about it before. I'm so pissed at both the Value Mags and Instyle, From his voice, I could tell that other people have been calling Instyle regarding their mysterious subscriptions from Value Mags, and they couldn't cancel my subscription. As much as I hated the hassle, I took my time to call Value Mags to only figure out that its customer service line is only available from Mon-Fri., that means I have to wait 'til Monday to figure out what's going on. It better be its courtesy to potential customers, otherwise I'm reporting this and I know I'm not responsible for a service that I didn't ask for. Has anyone had a similar experience, I want to know how you resolve it? Did you figure out the source? I hope it's not Delias, I still like their clothes
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My personal information was sold to ValueMags by and Victoria's Secret website. I started getting InStyle, and most recently, People magazine. This stuff is awful and the companies should get sued for selling customer data.


My personal information was sold to ValueMags from and I too started receiving the InStyle magazine. When I contacted ValueMags they said they would cancel the subscription - great!

However, when I asked for confirmation that they were removing my personally identifiable information from their system their response was to hang up on me.

Clearly both companies are breaking privacy laws in some way! did not have my permission to share anything and ValueMags certainly shouldn't be able to keep record of it when I never gave it to them.

Bottom line - stay away from both companies!


Hi David, you shouldn't have to pay for something you didn't ask for. By the way, I would contact the magazine company first, they usually would tell you who sign you up and find that source (Ask them to give the phone number, they usually do that right away, especially those reputable magazine companies).

Also tell the magazine company that you didn't sign up in the first place and tell the (source)place that signed you up to cancel everything because you didn't ask for the service. If I'm correct, they probably don't have your billing/credit card information though, but do keep eyes on your credit card see if there are any unauthorized transactions.

A lot of online apparel stores offer those free magazine without option (you can't opt out not to receive it, but it should be free during the time of your subscription, which is likely going to be a year. If you were given free subscription, it should stop sending you magazines after your subscription is expired.


I just started receiving a mag from them 11/1/12 tried to call and was directed to a web site have sent them a email to cancel and said I would not pay for this

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