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Mr And Mrs Fix It - Hvac company stole $10,000 from me. Bad boiler installed and improper tankless water heater.

Mr. and Mrs. Fix It is a scam artist. They do not care about anyone except for themselves. They take people's money and do not stand by the work they complete. They installed what was supposed to be a 95% efficient boiler. Jesse Alberio the owner kept telling me he would stand behind his warranty. looked at the boiler once installed and it was only 83% eff. Called Jesse Alberio immediately and he told me I must be wrong and did not know what I was talking about. Boiler then stopped working. He did not care that two months in and no heat was no big deal. We lost our baby that we were expecting due to all the stress that Jesse Alberio gave us. He did not care about anything. I have had to have another heating company come in just to make sure that the heat works. I do not trust him and please do not hire him. He travels from state to state scamming poor consumers.
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Owner post from Jesse Alberto really shows what a great person he is. Did not deny any of the information provided in complaint, he only resorted to name calling.

Sadly when you have no defense I guess that is what you have to do. His words also show his lack of education.

I just hope someday he is found and he stops hurting people.


good one but your was the one that bought the product all we did is install it and i hope i bump into you one day you races piese of crab and wife beater maybe if you had the balls to do any thing you should had went and bought the stuff and you would have what you wanted


Hey Alberio, you worthless *** bag!! You scammed and ripped me off in PA!!!

Along with 25 others. The district attorney is looking for you and I hope he finds you soon. Your name is *** in this town and there are many people looking to get even with you.

You are a rat!!!! What's your address?


Jesse Alberio is the biggest piece of ***, *** artist, liar scammer and thief. He is a manipulator and abuser, he has no respect for anyone scams people in every state.

Even if you take him to court he runs to another state and never pays his restitution. He ripped off so many in North Carolina and served no time even when I took him to court and hasnt paid one dime of the 10,000 dollars he stole from me.

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