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GameMine the worst video game trading site.

I recently search "trade your video games" on Google to find a website known as GameMine where you can "Buy, Sell, Or Trade Your Video Games Online. Free Shipping!"- GameMine. Ha, free shipping huh? We'll see... I'll get to that later. So I clicked on the link and was taking to a website that seems pretty legit. I looked at their game list to find Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Xbox 360) for a trade-in value of $24. I was astonished. I quickly ran into my game room to look for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and check if it's in good condition, and it was. I ran back to my computer and with my *** mind I signed up for GameMine without even looking at other reviews about it. I sign up, I put my e-mail, address, ect, and added Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Xbox 360) to the trade-in list. I then went to paypal and ordered a shipping label with delivery conformation, total price for it was $2.60. I printed the shipping label from paypal and the packaging slip GameMine gives you to get credits when they get the game. After I taped the package I drove all the way to a USPS facility which by the way was in a different city 20 miles from where I lived. I gave the package to a USPS clerk then left the facility and went home. Long hours later I went on to check where my package is using their delivery conformation app. It said the package was delivered on Friday. So, the game took about 2 days to reach Florida (where GameMine is located I guess). I was eager to see if I got my money yet, so I went onto GameMine website to see that I have nothing in my account!! I quickly called GameMine hotline and asked them "when do I get my money?" they said "We haven't got the game yet" I was like "the *** where is my game?" They said "maybe you should wait till Saturday" and I did... Hours later it's Saturday and guess what still NOTHING!!!! I didn't call on Saturday because I was like maybe GameMine doesn't work on Saturdays or something. I waited till Monday, and would you look at this I got an e-mail from GameMine saying "We deposited $24 credits into your account. Yes!!!! I went to thinking I'm going to cash $24 to my paypal account, turns out I *** can't because you need atleast $25 in your account to be cashed out. WTF!!!!!!! I was tricked, deceived, duplicity ran its course. I quickly called GameMine's hotline and demanded $24 into my paypal account they said "sir, we cannot do that, if you look into our FAQ section it says you must have atleast $25 in your account and to cash out you cannot exceed 70% of your total credits in your account" they guy on the phone said this about 3 times" I was angry like Kratos when his family died in God of War. I asked them "can you send my game to me?" after being on hold for 20 minuets "they said yes, we can ship it back to you but you have to pay for shipping". AHHHHH!!!! I literally put my phone on mute and screamed out to the world and said *** a few thousand times. The guy on the phone was saying "sir are you there?" and after I come down I said " fine send it back" and now I'm waiting for my game to reach my doorsteps and to pay $4 in shipping.... I bet it's going to take 20 days for it to come back. Overall GameMine is not what it seems they will trick you in the smallest of detail and you will not even know it until it's too late. I lost $6 just for sending and receiving a game for no reason. If you value your money or money in general do not use GameMine.
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Game mine did the same to me. The only thing I felt was good was the trading part.

It two months to get a new game from them that I could of walked into a retail store and walked out the day it was publicly released.

I think their website was just screwed up as well.

Fact is I was going to use up some credits and then cancel my acct but I can't locate their freaking web site.

Talk about ***. Yep very very *** company..

Personally I would like to tell them to get fxxxx but you know..



I mailed in some old games. They credited my account with 84 dollars.

I thought okay imma cash this out to PayPal. Then I came to a message saying "Sorry, but the Cash out feature is not available just yet." I called and asked when, they said 2 weeks. A month passed and no feature available. So I thought okay then i'll just buy a game on here.

I had more than enough for one game, but they wouldn't let me buy anything without putting a credit card in. Most *** website EVER.

Now they're closed down, so nothing I can really do now. Lost $60 worth of games.



Good service


Dude, if you had sent in one more game with a trade in value of say $10, you would have a total of around $36, 70 percent of this is $25, which you would receive in cash. Sure its not what it originally was, but it's WAY more than almost any other trade in place will give you... do your research before doing things like this next time, like reading their website FAQ's, clearly states exactly what i just said.


By biggest competiter you mean gamestop?

Pft I only go to them because it's faster. I usually only buy from them anyway.

I got one of their "refurbished" PSP 2000s. It SUCKS. The thumbpad keeps messing up.

Course that may be because of the mini SD adaptor I'm using (which will loosen when the joystick IS working)

However their "refurbished" stuff has some bad rep from what I've read.


Dear “Shift265”,

We would like to assist with clarification on our formulas for GameMine credits. In order to cash out credits each customer must take 70% of total GameMine credits, in this instance $24.00 plus the 2.40 we added for what it cost to originally to ship to us, would equate to $26.40.

Conversely, also in order to remain competitive in the realm of ecommerce we had to institute a policy that at any one time only 70% of total cashable credits be paid out. In fact this is a standard practice in the gaming industry as our biggest competitor will also not give a consumer full cashable credit for a game. As for this instance 70% of $26.40 is only $18.48 which does not meet our requirements to pay out a minimum of $25.00. However, we do offer many options to our customers to take advantage of their full credit values by applying their credits to purchase of another game or for their rental accounts.

We do ask all of our customers to always check our FAQ for valuable information. All of this information may be found in the terms executed and accepted by confirmation by each and every customer and in simpler form on the FAQ.

@Brent at GameMine

Brent is a *** face

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