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Barbara H Kopman Attorney - Barbara Kopman-Unprofessional,nasty,$$ hungry didn't care about anything,inc. children, but $$

She did not care about the children she was supposed to represent. Did not get any facts straight and did not care. Abrasive,angry,one sided. Should be dis barred at the very least. Was supposed to help the situation but made it 100x worse!!!! A complete disgrace. She is either completely burned out or never even had the ability to do her job. She is a big reason why lawyers have such a horrible reputation a shuman beings because they will sell out even small children for a few bucks. A definite poster child for corrupt lawyers. Definitely stay if you can!!!!!
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I agree with the comments here. This woman only represents her personal interests rather than the child's.

She makes matters worse, not better.

She is a dingbat like Edith Bunker. Stifle Kopman, stifle.


I was very disappointed in how she handled everything in regards to my child. My child dreaded seeing her, felt she was unfair when it came to what she wanted, but rest assured she was on top of everything when it came to getting paid.

She goes through the motions just like pretty much every attorney does in order to bill. It really is a sad state of affairs in this world when people like her are allowed to have a say in what is best for a child. Maybe she can accept her own mediocrity, but she has made a tense situation even worse.

Her suggestions are archaic, maybe they would have worked 30 years ago, but they don't now. Be very concerned if she ever represents your child.


Ms. Kopan was appointed to represent my daughter in a simple visitation matter.

In my view she is not a very good Attorney for the Child. She instantly drank the Koolaid my ex and her attorney fed her and did not even bother to contact me to hear my side of things. From the get-go she was oppositional. Given the unhealthy influence the AFC has on various outcomes related to custody and visitation matters and the defacto status of the AFC as someone that many judges turn to for recommendations, this woman does far more damage than good.

If you research the case law regarding the AFC you will find that historically the AFC was not used in most proceedings until about 2000, but now just about every judge appoints one even in non-custodial matters. At the heart of the problem is the unchecked power that the AFC exerts to influence a case in directions that are often not in the child's best interest. I would also add that Ms. Kopman is not that good at her job.

In many instances I know more about civil procedure, case law precedents, and the rules of the court than she does and I am not an attorney. So far she seems to be nothing more than an echo of my ex's attorney.


I had Barbara Kopman as a law guardian for my daughter, I found her to be the best, she knows the law and she goes to what ever extreme she has to for her clients. I liked her so much that when the case was over a bought her a gift and I have recommended her to several friends and family members who are also very satisfied. She treated my daughter’s case like she was her own child. The Money Hungry statement is False. Never felt that way. Hope this helps you……


Rose M. Digilio

@Rose M Digilio

You obviously are the ONLY one to have a positive impression of her. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Guess you got lucky. Consider yourself the exception, not the norm.

@Rose M Digilio

The fact that you are the mother and not the father explains it. She hates children and men.

She reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West. I am sure you were not the one paying her bill.

She goes to extremes alright, for the mother. Regardless of how abusive, neglectful or violent, the mother is always right.


call me about this barbara kopman. she is representing my kids and id like to know more. contact me at alvinciguerra@***.com please.


Please contact me regarding the review of this attorney. Thank you!

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