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VIBODH PARTHASARATHI AND BISWAJIT DAS are sick headed, under educated, *** holes who never studied, can't teach and have made millions while Jamia Millia Islamia Administration was sleeping. Both are riding on some one else back... one on his father and other on his father in law. I say shut it down now. I have taught there, run around like a admin guy and got their vegetables for them. and they wont pay my two months salary... i was a fool to trust these *** holes and slimy bastards...worse than *** serpents. cant abuse enough for the financial state they got me in when i needed the money most. You guys will pay if there is a god...
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Both Prof Biswajit Das and Vibodh Parthasarathi take home close to a lakh rupees home. PER MONTH. what are the students getting in return? the staff? Jamia? Gd only knows.

I am sure the student body is planning to take action…but it should be done before the next batch arrives. they dont need students, they dont need to teach, with projects running into crores, they dont care even if they are fired tomorrow.

they have made enough for their seven generations to prosper. It’s only us who will die young… a degree that no one will recognise and an education that taught us nothing. Kudos to Prof Biswajit Das and Vibodh Parthasarathi


Vibodh haramkhor hai, kem sir ko bhi bahar nikalwa diya, yahan sirf fund extraction kar raha hai aur media ka m bhi nahin pata loser ko, and even das is corrupt number 1, ek ladki se ched chaad ka maamla hai iska


Vibodh parthasarathi, we don't want you to teach at all. Go back to doing whatever it is you do.

Prof. Biswajit Das, stop playing with our lives. You make a living, a killing, from the center. But, you are wasting so many lives with your dirty play.

Vibodh parthasarathi and Prof. Biswajit Das should immediately step down.


I cant represent all students but most of us in CCMG feel cheated by CCMG, Prof Biswajit Das and VIBODH PARTHASARATHI. We know we will have to work extra hard to make for the lost time here but we support any fight to make Prof Biswajit Das and VIBODH PARTHASARATHI pay.



BISWAJIT DAS:- Vibodh, the peon we fired two days ago came back today.


BISWAJIT DAS:- He said I had asked for a glass of water and he had forgotten to get it.

VIBODH PARTHASARATHI:- What a wonderful lad!

BISWAJIT DAS:- I am not so sure. He delivered it to my head.


they will.... we will make these scamsters pay...Vibodh parthasarathi and Prof.

Biswajit Das.

We should all get together and appeal for administrative action against such corrupt rascals. Vibodh parthasarathi should be immediately dismissed from CCMG as he doesn't have the qualification to be a Reader and there are many talented people waiting in Jamia Millia Islamia

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