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High-frequency Active Aurora Research Project (HAARP)

The Gakona, Alaska based frequency system is being used to purposely manipulate the weather to cause, natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, floods, droughts, and major snowstorms. It is also being used to cause unusual weather anomalies to create havoc to our nations economy and wreck people's nerves. HAARP is also being used for mind control. It has already affected my mother's mind as well as the minds of others to trick people into believing the government's not involved. I think HAARP needs to be defunded and shut down if there gonna used this for sick purposes.
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Whats wrong, elkinsin? Is "HAARP" interfering with your daily kidnappings, Ya *** ***?


Hello it's been a while since I posted this. But since I posted it, HAARP has caused a massive Superstorm named Sandy to create severe destruction to our country.

And recently three weeks worth of severe weather. I hope Obama gets his butt fired or else there's gonna be a revolution.

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