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I'm a heterosexual female - eHarmony SENDING ME SAME SEX MATCHES!!!

Have no idea how in the world my profile could turn into "John's" profile. Now all of my supposed matches are females when I'm definitely looking for male companionship. How ridiculous is this? So my email address, in their system, now belongs to "John". Whoopee! You can just forget trying to reach eHarmony either by email or direct phone. I've exhausted every means known to man and you aren't going to find any REAL contact info. eHarmony must have a lot to hide when there is no visible and working email/phone number in which to reach them. You are provided lists upon lists to choose your "error" from - well, mine doesn't seem to fall within any category they list, so I'm hung out to dry. I would totally avoid eHarmony - no one seems to be policing them nor, from what I've been reading from other posters, do they practice ethical methods or protocol. So for all of their commercials, don't you think you'd be provided at least a direct email address or phone number???? STAY AWAY FROM EHARMONY!
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Eharmony Online Dating
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Bad quality
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I just got off the phone with USSearch customer service. I requested my name be removed from this search site permanently. They offer an "opt out" option which requires you to search your name(s) thus showing each relative profile. In order to opt-out, you need to print a copy of each association and, together with a copy of your driver's license (photo & license # hidden), forward all paperwork via USPS (they don't accept any other method). First off, USSearch provides NO MAILING ADDRESS. Hence, my call to get the address which was provided me. However, customer service stated "you must send in......and you understand this is only temporary". I said, "What do you mean temporary"? He said they will remove the information they currently have, but if my name shows up, say in a month, all of my information will be re-posted. I said "what's the sense in sending in all of this paperwork to "opt-out" if it's only temporary?” He stated I would then have to send the "new" paperwork to opt-out AGAIN! This is absolutely insane! So, this is a never-ending process! I hope this site gets reported for false advertising and complete invasion of privacy after offering a prompt to "opt-out" which does no such thing! In their wording to "opt-out", no mention of it being "temporary" is stated. Shame on them for false advertising and for demanding paperwork that doesn't hold water. I'm disabled and I'm sick of deceit! Stay away from this site!
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We apologize for any inconvenience arising from the content of our search results and would like the opportunity to assist you.

For additional information on our public records database, including opt-out request submission, please visit Intelius’ Privacy Policy at

You may also visit the contact us page on the Intelius website for a variety of options to contact Customer Care.

We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

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Wording in their "Opt Out" option.
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Avast Software - TOTAL RIP-OFF! Stay away from AVAST TOTAL SUPPORT!!!

I read the OP's account of their experience with Avast Total Support and agree with their every word as the same thing happened to me. My experience in short, after signing up and paying $179 for this supposed "professional" service which is available 24/7/365, I worked with (5) different techs over three days who instructed me in the exact same steps x 5 which, of course, never worked. Needless to say, my computer is almost functionless - with each "System Restore", my computer performed worse than the time before. They finally REMOVED my Paid Avast Antivirus program, promising it would be reinstalled if I would let them perform a recovery - which I did not agree to as I'd have to re-install all my programs. At present, I have NO virus protection. So, here I sit, a computer that NOW needs a REAL professional to unscrew everything these techs screwed up! They know zip and countless hours were spent on the phone with absolutely no positive results. Please save your money and never, ever, contract with this group - they are a joke!!! Already called my VISA card service, as the transaction has already gone through, they will dispute it immediately as soon as it's posted. I will get my money back come *** or high water! What a rip-off!
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You are 100% right !! The same , and MORE , happened to me .

This is my latest msg to Avast:

"Just informing you that your continuous tries to steal money with fraudulent renewals are

Completely useless.

I do not keep money on that card just because I know your robbing habits.

Why don't you grow up to decent business.

I have asked Corecom to inquire and take appropriate actions against your fraudulent activity.

Enjoy! "


yeah i have had about the same experience with them i had some guys in india who use to work on my computer there alot better than avast

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Avast Software Account
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Poor customer service
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Not all Menards Stores are created equal.........

I don't believe ALL the Menards' stores in Green Bay are created equal! I will agree with the poster for the negative comments on just Menards West as I've never visited Menards East. I live fairly near to the West side store and have not been treated well nor do the employees seem to have a handle on the department they work in. However, the total opposite is true of Menards in De Pere who have hired exceptional employees tripping over each other to help their customers. I go there regularly and speak to the "same" people, which proves low turnaround, and everyone is knowledgeable and very helpful. They are probably the exception to the rule, but if you live near Green Bay, try Menards in De Pere, much different shopping experience!
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The problem Menards has is there is no one out there to enforce policies in a consistent manner. If all stores followed the policies the company has, your shopping experience between stores would be more consistent.

They did away with district managers years ago so it's up to individual store managers to interpret policies. They all have their idea of what to do. Some are great for employees and customers, others suck at their job and everyone suffers. Sure, they may get an occasional visit from a buyer or someone at the general office but with close to 300 stores these visits are rare and always by a different person.

All they get is a snapshot of what's going on at the store for a few hours while they are there.

A store has to get to a really bad point where the complaints from employees and customers build before anything gets done to improve the situation. At that point it a long tough battle to turn things around.


You don't know what you're talking about. The De Pere store is formally the Green Bay West Store, they were the 26th store Menards ever built.

They built a 250,000 square foot store and moved into the De Pere location. Since they've moved their they've had very high turnover. Over 50% of the people who moved to De Pere from Waube lane no longer work for Menards. And they struggle to keep new employees.

Also since moving to De Pere that location has struggled. And everyone working their HATES IT AND WANTS TO QUIT. Their sales are down at least 50% since moving to De Pere, they used to be ranked in the top 125 stores now they're lucky if they break 225 out of 285 stores. The store you're calling the West store is known as the HOWARD STORE, not GB-WEST.

It a totally brand new store that opened in summer 2012. The Green Bay East store is an older store that they recently renovated into a larger location similar to De Pere and Howard.


Sorry Heartless, you sound like a very disgruntled ex-employee/manager! Either you study "Menards" at some institution or your days are spent investigating Menards' for some unknown reason.

Anyone who can recite the stats regarding employees attitudes, percentages, and especially numbers, i.e., the "26th store" to open displaying 250,000 sq ft. Who in the world would know this *** if they hadn't worked there at some point? I can only speak from my experience and I still deal with the same people I have for a year now and everyone has been great!

If employees want out, all they have to do is quit - what's the problem? Forgive me for not "labeling" the west side location as "Howard"; bravo, you cast the first stone!

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  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Menards store in de pere
  • Customer service
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I'm a happy camper!
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Computer Repair "FixNow & Omnitech" - one in the same - WASTE OF TIME!

Huge issues with my computer. Used the "free" chat line, first rep cut me off in the middle of my response and closed the chat out. Second chat, after 20 minutes of not getting one question answered, I ended the chat. If you will not provide them ALL of your personal info, they cannot talk with you - WOW 20 minutes to figure that out! All responses are canned! Ask some weird question, i.e., "Why did my cat die?", and you'll definitely get a response something like, "Thank you for your patience we're working on your problem and will be back with you as soon as we can"!!! These people are just a joke and a huge waste of time!
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Marinette, Wisconsin