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Enterprise Rent A Car - Enterprise Car Rental - Car or Trashcan?

At the beginning of July we rented a car for 4 or 5 days for a trip to Key West. It was not evident until we actually got started that the car hadn't been cleaned. The front seat had minor soiling but the back looked as though someone has taken a spill with their take out meal. I would expect that the rental price is for a clean car and not a dirty one. Thank you enterprise for detracting from what was otherwise a great holiday. Our Enterprise vacation rent a car was without a doubt the filthiest rental vehicle I have seen in 30 years. Way to go Enterprise! You have set a record in customer disservice!
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to look into this further. Please email Care[at] with your full name, the exact rental location and any other details.

When emailing, please list reference # 120828-****32 the subject line.

Gillian T.

Social Monitor Coordinator

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Credit Resolution Advisors - Creditresolution advisors LLC (CRA) Harasses and scares potential customers into submission

This company mailed me a letter soliciting my business. They claim they can help me renegotiate my debt of $30,000 to $35,000 which does not exist. They sent me the letter on pink paper in a window envelope as if suggesting that they were sending an overdue bill notice. I have called this company twice and asked them to stop soliciting me. They say they will and then continue to do it. This type of business rarely helps anyone and anything they can do for you, you can do better. What they usually succeed in doing is lowering a person's credit rating. This is the kind of company that lawyers who can't find a job like to get involved with.
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I worked for CRA for a short time. There are pros and cons about them. The mail outs they use I believe needs a lot of work. They are a good service for the rite people. I'll explain what I mean. If you are current on all your bills credit cards etc and value your credit rating then NO you DO NOT want to use them. However if your credit has already been hit because you fell behind from something like a job loss, were on disability or some kind of life event then you should look into it.

The basics of the program are you set up a bank/savings account and make monthly payments of a set dollar amount in to it and stop paying on your credit cards or any other non-collateral credit accounts enrolled in the program they have limited access of viewing amounts in that account and negotiate a one time payoff with your creditors. Once a creditor agrees to a pay off you are contacted and if you agree to the amount you authorized the payment from the account.

CRA is paid its fees out of the first few to several payments depending on length of the program etc. An example if you agree to payments of lets say 500.00mo then CRA will take 400.00 of that payment for 2-3 payments until there fee is paid. The fees they collect and how each payment is split is laid out in writing before you sign the paperwork there is no min contract and you can pause payments if needed but just know they are getting there money in a very short time so make sure you can go through with it or I would adv not to do it.


FYI Guys, Kim from Texas is a Plant from the company. Everyone of these complaints on here, she puts the same response of this company being helpful and positive.

Be aware of this company. DO NOT CALL THEM BACK.

Let it go to voicemail and if they send you letters in the mail, file a complaint with the post office, and draw up an official letter to have them stop. If they continue, they are violating the Federal harrassment laws.


I got one of those pink letters in the mail, as well. I find this company to be deceptive and annoying.

To pink letter states that I may qualify for one of their programs with a payment of "$366.67" doesn't say for a MONTHLY payment of that amount. It reads as if they are asking for a single payment in that amount to be in their program.....another reason why I would not trust this company.


A friend of mine who knew that I had enrolled in a debt settlement plan recently asked me about my experience. I told him about CRV in Plano, Tx and what to expect.

He later called me and told me that he was leary due to all of the things he read online. After reading these comments myself, I thought I should post a comment too. I enrolled about 3 years ago after years of struggling with debt and getting nowhere because of the interest charges. I was actually able to finish my program a few months early because I paid a little extra once in a while.

All of my accounts were settled just as they said they would be and I saved over $10,000. I am disappointed in the people who feel the need to post nasty comments about something that either they personally don't understand or need. If you get a piece of mail you dont need, throw it away! Some people who could definitely benefit from programs like this will not get the help they need because all they read is negative and no positive.

Getting out of debt is not magic and it does take a little time and patience but was it worth saving $10,000 over 3 years to me? YES! Was my credit affected, Yes, but once I had the debt settled, I actually saw my credit score go higher than it was before I started because once I got rid of the high montly credit card payments and all of the balances, I actually could manage my expenses and my DTI was no longer out of balance. I hope other people with positive outcomes will also post.

Also, if you take time to actually read the letter, it does NOT say you owe them anything, it explains what your payment will approximately be if you did the settlement. Please read before you react.


im new to this debt setlement program.i already sign up please

help me to deciede if i am right decision to continue this program. :roll


I got a letter from them, wasn't sure what it was from the envelope. I tend to open all mail just because I have several businesses and get lots of mail.

It said I have $24,000 in debt that they can settle for me for about $17,000. They asked for a payment of $480.

I phoned the fellow up and got him on the phone. The fact is, is that I have excellent credit and have very little unsecured credit.

Offering to save me $6520, and ruining my credit in the meantime while I pay them to do it? That's not a service that helps anyone. It only harms them.

I'd end up paying more than that $6520 in higher interest rates and wouldn't be able to borrow short term like I do now.

The fact that these guys are targeting people with excellent credit is what is really odd.

Ruining your credit to save a few thousand, even if they'll be able to do that, which is questionable, isn't worth the price.

Just for fun I checked the cards that I have in my name. Three have a $0 balance and one has a $5,500 balance.

The guys was an ***. Tried to convince me that I'd be better off paying him money rather than my meager debt. Laughable.


Hahaha! They got you to open the letter!

I think it's pretty clever actually. Annoying...but clever!


I also received several notices from this business to renegotiate my debt of $19,000, which I too do not have. First one was on white paper.

Second one was on pink paper, like a late notice. The third came in a perforated envelope with “Final Notice Enclosed” in big bold letters and a warning stating: $2000 fine, 5 years imprisonment, or both for any person interfering or obstruction with delivery of this letter, title 18 U.S. Code sec. 1702.

Really?? How do these companies get away with this?

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Credit Resolution Advisors - CRA 6860 Dallas Pkwy St 200 Plano Tx Scary harassing solicitation

I received a solicitation for debt remediation in the mail. The paper is pink presumably to indicate that it is an overdue bill or collection notice. It incorrectly indicated my debt to be $30,000 to $35,000. I don't know where they got these figures but they are not correct. They are trying to use scare tactics to *** me into debt remediation which is really *** as it can lower your credit rating and may not effectively lower the amount that you owe. Most debt remediation is a scam and it only makes money for the company that is selling it.
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They are harassing us with with threatening letters. They make it sound like like they are going to come and throw us out of our home.


Hi folks ,don't even bother with these *** ! Just ignore and report ....

not worth getting fired up for , they are just a bunch of scam artist ! I actually feel sorry for the people who really believe them , if you can spread the word to family and friends even FACEBOOK ,and hopefully word of mouth will put these lowlife *** out of buisness for good !


they call me and send me this noticed ,,and i'm thingking about it can u tell me.if they help people like me..thank u


Oh please! You are correct "help" is what they provide.

Help themselves to YOUR money! Like the first comment above they don't even know how much you actually owe. How long will you have to pay before they let you off THEIR hook?

If you need help go to the neighbor hood churches, thrift places, and soup kitchens.


These wannabe cons are trying to rip me off ?!!! Sorry messed with the wrong DIVA !!!

I recieved a " SECOND FINAL NOTICE " I called them and asked them what it was I " supposably owe you again ? They could not even tell me what it was .... so I responded ny letting 'MARCUS " Know I was recording this conversation !

Sure enough he started to stutter and hang up ! FYI, if you have the ' DO NOT CALL AND SOLICITATE " they will mail you this *** instead , I find it useful for the purpose to light my fire pit !


just received my first letter from these "FOOLS" a quick free check at tells me there making stuff up to scare you.


just tear it up and throw away !!!!!


i get this stuff, sent it back...return to sender. got in an argument with them on the phone...told them it is none of their business and they are wrong with the amounts...they told me IT WAS THEIR BUSINESS! Oh yeah, then you pay what I supposedly owe...then hung up!


I received a two letters too! The place is a total SCAM!!!! I am reporting them to the BBB.


Just got off the phone with "Farrah" from CRA, as I too have received many notices from this company. I told her to remove my information from their "list".

She said it would take 30 days to go into effect. I told her I better not receive another *** letter from them that I know this company is a total scam.

She said "Nice language", I said *** hung up. How do these people sleep at night????

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SnapOn Tools - Snap-on Tools: Abusive & Profane Sales Rep

On 9.21.2011 I called Orlando, FL, Snap-on Tools sales rep Donald Fulkerson at his business phone (352-396-****) to request he exchange the too-small tool box he had sent me for one that would hold all the tools he'd sold me, as he represented it would at the time he sold me the tools. (Mr. Fulkerson represents Snap-on Tools at the Orlando campus of UTI, the Universal Technical Institute's Automotive Program.) Mr. Fulkerson replied that I"˜d have to drive 200 miles to Orlando to exchange tool boxes, adding, "I'm pretty sure you're not going to drive Orlando to exchange a tool box." I replied that as he'd told me he also kept a vacation home in Venice, FL, where I live, and is frequently there, couldn't he just bring the correct tool box the next time he came to Venice and we could exchange it for the one he'd sent me? Mr. Fulkerson replied, "There's nothing I can do for you. Call Corporate, ***," and hung up on me.
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Let me tell you something, that Snap on dealer doesn't owe you anything . Grow up and get a set.

You are buying the finest tools made with the best service out there. Call the local dealer and try to work a deal with him or her. I'm sure they will be happy to have a customer like you who feels everyone owes you something.

F_____ing ***.


These tool trucks are dead men walking. All the auto parts stores around here are starting to carry a full line of lifetime warranty tools at prices that are 1/3 of Strap-on.

They need to be realistic.

I can stand in his truck and price check him with my smart phone. The days of tool truck sodomy are numbered.

@Rape victim

Snap On tools are hitting record sales. Snap On tool trucks have the most valuable and profitable square ft to profit margins only second to Apple.

Been a professional Tech my whole life and snap on tool trucks aren't going anywhere.

Best tools and service on the PLANET!! If your having problems it's almost certain it's YOU!


In Australia we pay DOUBLE what you pay in the US for most Snap tools despite our Dollar being stronger than yours! Snap On are ripping us off big time..

In return for that the Australian Head Office service is ***, they dont return calls when you have a problem. I've told them our shop is buying direct from the US now and using cheaper brands wherever possible as they are pricing themselves out of the market. I feel sorry for the franchisees getting poor back up. PS The comment from "Your Kidding" appears to have no relevance and no rational thought was put into his reply.

Obama ?...

really?.. Dude!


If your free loading *** would read the warranty policy you would realize the warranty is for original purchaser - not for you to buy junk *** and exchange it for new stuff- i bet you voted for obama - i guess the world just owes you somthin


friends don't let friends buy snap on tools,As a result of the treatment I have recieved by snap on dealers/reps I only buy Snap on tools from the pawn shops. it's the only place they are not over price.

Snap on like most companies makes some good stuff as well as some ***, they do however seem to thing there stuff is gold plated. As I have not been able to get any local dealer to service my account/autoshop or to replace broken snap on tools that are under warranty I save them in a box and once a year I travel to the Regional Snap on distribution center with my huge box of pawn shop purchased broken tools and respecfully request/demand warranty replacement of these broken tools ( just like sears/Caftsman tools)


You're blaming the victim. You might want to reread the complaint, which you don't address, with some attention, responding with less self-aggrandizement and a least a pretext of compassion.

The Snap-On sales rep was, in the opinion of those present, an abusive grifter.

A fine and sadly rare use of the semi-colon, though--almost suspiciously so: Do you work for Snap-On? 8)


I would call other snap-on dealers to get their opinion on tools and appropriate boxes; it does sound like a rookie mistake. You just went out and bought whatever the dealer recommended on tools and storage.

Word to the wise - next time buy the biggest tool box you can afford. There isn't one single tool box commercially made that can fit every tool that I own so I keep buying more and more large boxes.

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City University Of New York - Brooklyn College Financial Aid Abyss

Day 99 in an abyss of uncaring incompetence: Parent Plus Student loan application of 5/9/11 for Summer 2011 remains unprocessed. It's for my daughter's living expenses for the Summer Term now ending. (Before it's taken BC 2 weeks.) On 8/1, was told by Marcus J. Richardson, of the Brooklyn College Office of Financial Aid, that my application now would not be processed until an internal computer problem was fixed, that man who fixes these things is at the City University of New York, is on vacation and would get to when he returned, in keeping with his own priorities. A student in the same straits as my daughter whose parents lacked access to ruinous high-interest, short-term installment loans would have had to have returned home, a dropout. (Imagine the devastating effect on the child.) This is my daughter's final semester before graduating and with fine grades for which she's worked very hard. For months Brooklyn College couldn't process the loan; now they're refusing to process it because they can't process it. (I'd appreciate the Kafkaesque quality more if I weren't servicing thousands in credit card advances.) My yellowing application is for the same unsubsidized Federal higher education loan program I've used without mishap during my daughter's years at Brooklyn College. The U.S. Department of Education's Financial Student Aid Ombudsman is involved; perhaps she and her staff can serve as catalyst of competency for Brooklyn College's Financial Aid Department. "Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman." Justice Louis D. Brandeis
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