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Lowes - Valspar Paint and Primer in one

I am painting a 10 x 10 room. I bought the paint and primer in one, hoping to get good coverage. The color underneath is a medium to light purple. Not very dark, and we are on coat #3. I paid extra $$ for the primer built in, and its been nothing but a big waste of time. I may even have to go back to the store for an extra quart because I am running out of paint, and I still dont have good coverage. I would never recommend this paint to anyone, and I hope whoever reads this will be saved some headache by buying a different brand :(
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I have been mixing and selling paint for about 25 years and I can tell you for a fact that there is no such thing as paint and primer in one when it comes to latex house pints for interior or exterior. Lowes/Home Depot both use these lies to sell more paint. It is a absolute lie!


Agreed for sure! We are in the process of painting a lavender colored room john deere green and we are on our third coat of the basic paint and primer.

I thought maybe if we had bought the premium quality it would be better but reading reviews it looks like it wouldn't have. Previously we used Glidden paint and primer from Wal-mart and it was amazing!

Only 2 quotes needed and was cheaper in price. We have purchased Glidden in green to finish the job we started with Valspar!


Valspar Premium paint and primer sucks! I just bought $165 worth of paint that is worthless.

I primed the walls before painting and it still won't cover. Multiple coats...this stuff sucks. I am going back to Benjamin Moore (primer and paint) are separate but the look is far superior!

p.s., even the premium latex semi gloss trim paint and primer sucks. Pretty useless stuff all around!


We primed our wall, then used the combo paint/primer thinking it would give good coverage. Wrong!

We are about to put on the 4th coat to try to get it from streaking and drying unevenly. This is just basic white paint.

We've never used Valspar before, and never again.

We'll go back to Sherwin Williams or even Home Depot paint.


Agreed!! I painted my new home with ith and these walls were perfect new walls!!

Thus paint has dried terrible, roller marks and the coverage is awful. It dries thick. It is in my entrance and stairway... I am very upset.

iMac have to get another brand to completely paint over. :cry


People need to understand that "Paint and Primer in One" is a "marketing" term brought to the market by BEHR paint. BEHR did a great job of deceiving the American market and making them think the paint already has the primer mixed in it. The market became so accustomed to the term, that all other paint manufacturers had to jump on board with the term.

A "Paint and Primer in One" really means that you can apply "two" coats of paint without using a primer as a base coat. These paints have a higher solid content and as a result dry to a higher mill thickness giving you the ability to get better coverage in one coat, but does not mean you will not need a second coat over an improperly prepared surface.

The other thing that needs to be considered is what type of applicator you are using. If you buy a premium paint like Valspar, it needs to be applied with a premium roller cover. If you have a light texture on the wall, you should use a lambskin 3/4 inch nap roller. I can assure you if you would have used the Valspar High Hide Primer and one coat of your "Paint and Primer in One" your project would have been complete.

Valspar's Signature line of paint is the #1 rated interior paint among all national paint brands because it offers the best one coat coverage (using the right applicator), largest color selection, best fade resistance, and scrubbability.

@Paint Pro

Thank you "Paint Pro"! I used to work at Lowes, was manager of Paint Dept for 4 years.

I couldn't of explained this any better.

"Paint and primer in one" is basically a play on words.


If you would take the time to read the can it will tell you that a primer is still needed if going over painted walls I have used Valspar and loved it maybe it’s the operator


There is no primer in paint. It is the solid content.

Coverage has many variables. What nap size roller you use, what sheen you are covering, what prep you did, what color you are covering. You should have used a high hide primer first.

I've used Valspar paint and love it rated #1 by national testing. I wouldn't use any other.


The problem is not Lowe's, but the paint manufacturer, Valspar. That is not really a good paint, and it is not recommended to use a paint with the primer and top coat in one.

It does not work well at all, but this nonsense seems to be the rage now as people think it will save them time. It does not. On a bare drywall, use a good latex primer and then two coats of paint. On previously painted walls, use a good paint and you may or may not get by with one coat---sometimes you do need to put two coats on.

Do not use Valspar or Dutch Boy paints---they do not cover well. Pittsburg paint works well as does Sherwin-Williams. Oddly enough, and I hate to recommend anything Sears sells, but their top paints are quite good. All paints are now expensive and I thus buy paint only when it is on clearance---places like Meijers always sell their mistints(people don't like the colour they mixed after all)for at least 50% off.

I usually wait and buy paint for anywhere from $4 to $8.

By the way, if you are having trouble with this paint, you need to tell Lowe's about it and take back what you have left and demand a refund.

They need to know people are having a problem with a paint they sell. I have always found Lowe's reasonable on most things not up to expectations.

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