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Best Buy - Customers don't count

The Best Buy organizational culture appears to be one based on rigidity and indifference towards the needs of customers. After spending $1200 on a laptop computer, I was told it would take 3 hours to do the installs and pre-service work for which I had agreed. I left the store at 1pm with the plan to return at 6:30pm on my way to an important dinner with 15 friends. The store was not near my home. They called later to tell me that it would be much later before it finished. Conversations with several Geek Squad members proved only more frustrating because they did not seem the least bit concerned about my inconvenience. But, they said they would talk to a manager while I was en-route to the store. It should be mentioned that I would be unable to return for several days and miss a full day at home to set up, etc. if I didn't get it that night. At 6:30pm I arrived (after changing my car pool situation) and waited over 45 minutes for the computer, making me very late for my evening. I realize that they could not have speed up the process at this point and my dinner plans were ruined. However, no offer of a small discount or gift card was offered. Nor were there any apologies about the delay. In fact, the one Geek said, "I talked to the manager about a gift card or something and he said there really isn't anything we can do." That translated to me as "We have your $1200 so we don't need to do anything for you". I would have returned the whole system had I not been screwed for the $129 of non-refundable service they had started. I sat there close to tears for 45 minutes watching dozens of people make large purchases. A small gesture of understanding would have saved a customer. The failure to extend a small gift card ($15-20) has lost them far more in my business for life and that of any others if in my power. And, I started with the 15 friends I met later that night. Best Buy is clearly the most customer un-friendly organization I have ever encountered.
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Why did you decline the offer to set it up and just take your computer home? It is not hard to install anti virus software or any software.

At home you can set it up the way you want it set up with the software that you put on it. I am not a geek but I have had no problems setting up my computers as long as you can punch a few buttons and put the code in the software the computer will do the rest.

Even all the plugs are color coded and to set up speakers and mouse and keybord all you have to do is match up the color on the computer with the color on the cord. A 6 year old could do that.


LOLwho ever mentioned faulty software??the 129 is what I got done to my computer that is simply the installation of security software and antivirus.How's that faulty software?YOU GET REAL! lolHowever, I do agree that sometimes it takes forever, my lap took an hour over but works great.People people people, a gift card for every time you're mad doesn't change the I should try that next time" OH SORRY THE LINE WAS TOO LONG, WHERE'S THE 100**** GIFT CARD PLEASE??"


Geek Squad "agents" don't do anything... yeah, because that new computer he bought must of had faulty software... get real!!


Which would you rather have, a good computer that you know is set up properly without faulty hardware? Or something that you are completely uncertain about?

When the Geek Squad agents set up new computers, they are making sure all hardware is not faulty and correctly installed, as well as that all software and Windows installations have been done correctly.

If you get it home and the speakers aren't working, do you know what to do? More than likely, you'd simply waste the trip or time to bring the entire laptop in and yell and scream because something doesn't work.

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