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About two months ago we bought four appliances from Lowe's in Timonium, MD. Three out of the four appliances were delivered without a problem, but when it came to our Samsung refrigerator...that was a different story. When the original refrigerator was delivered by the sub-contracting delivery service that Lowe's goes through, Big E Transportation, the delivery man was showing us how to use our ice maker that is in the refrigerator section. When he pulled it out and put it back in he tried to pull it out again and it wouldn't come out to which he said, "well, you get the picture." After waiting the 72 hours that the instructions tell you to wait before consuming ice, the ice maker would not produce any cubes. When we tried to take it out to see if there was something going on, it wouldn't come out. We called Lowe's, who told us that it was probably a manufacturers defect and that we had to contact Samsung. When the Samsung repair man came out he looked at it and said that it was installed improperly causing the water to pour down into the ice maker causing the ice maker to freeze onto itself. Our options were to call Lowe's and try to get another refrigerator or to take everything out of our fridge, let it air out for 3 days and see if the ice would melt. Naturally, we decided to get another fridge, which was great! When the second refrigerator was being delivered, we were focusing our attention on the putting together of the refrigerator and ice maker to make sure that it was being done properly. The ice maker thankfully worked but we noticed a giant gauge taken out of our kitchen floor. This time we had to contact Big E Transportation to see what they could do about it. After having someone come out and take pictures, they said that they would give us a check to get our floor replaced. But our kitchen floor matches our foyer floor so we had to pay out of pocket to get the foyer replaced as well. When the sub-contractor for our flooring (not affiliated with Lowe's) came out to install our floor, he was moving the refrigerator out of the kitchen and noticed that the front wheel on the fridge was bent and broken which is what caused the gauge in our floor. After further investigation, we discovered that not only was the front wheel bent and broken but so was the back wheel along with the whole bottom right side of our fridge was dented in. After moving the refrigerator totally out the gauge not only was where we thought it was but also the whole length of the refrigerator back. It seems to me that the delivery people dropped the fridge when they were getting it out of the truck and failed to tell us. The simple fact is that it is extremely obvious when the refrigerator is pulled the whole way out and the fact that the delivery company HAD to know about this and FAILED to tell us is unacceptable. We are now in the process of speaking to a Lowe's manager to see how we can correct this issue because this will be our THIRD refrigerator. The fact that this is not a manufacturers defect but simply the fact that the delivery company that Lowe's choose to go through is incompetent is ridiculous. I am beginning to get fed up with Lowe's in general. Even though our sales representative is trying to be helpful, it just gets to a point where I am tired of being inconvenienced, handing out money that I was not intending on, and am getting no sort of compensation for my troubles is starting to get to me. Hopefully, the manager at Lowe's will help me this time, otherwise this is the LAST time I am purchasing anything that needs to be delivered and installed through Lowe's.
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dont count on sears to be any better at delivery/setup, they scratched and dented all 3 times they tried to deliver our samsung fridge. finally i touched up the paint with a sharpie but never again will i have them deliver stuff, i can do it myself alot better.

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