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Lowes/scam artists

My husband and I went to lowes to purchase new carpet, they tell us they will send someone out to take measurements which would cost 35 dollars, no problem pay them and someone comes out (before anyone comes out my husband measures himself, and measured way larger than what was actually there to beable to estimate a price) the guy comes out measures shows me the measurements I am not sure so we go in the next day to take a look when my husband looks at the measurements he tells me they are MORE THAN DOUBLED (ps the carpet we are buying the the MOST EXPENSIVE they carry)when the manager sees my husband is concerned he starts to get nervous, so my husband askes if we can have a copy of the measurements THAT WE PAID FOR the manager refuses to let us have them and tells us YOU DON'T NEED THEM!! so now I am ticked and tell them we are not buying carpet from them, when we went home my husband remeasures to be sure his measurements are correct and of course they are, so we get a phone call not from the manager but a guy that works at lowes, and he wants to know why we arent making the purchase, I am very honest with him and tell him Lowes is shady and refuse to EVER buy anything there one even appologizes, and I feel like we paid for the measurements to be taken aren't we entitled to have atleast a copy???? Needless to say I will be using HOME DEPOT from now on. DON'T BUY FROM LOWES I know this is an assumption but I think the guy that was doing the instalation knew exactly what he was doing and that this was the best carpet, I think he was going to keep the extra carpet and sell it himself, and POCKET ALOT OF MONEY, ps I didn't know but Lowes says they have contractors that have nothing to do with lowes except to do instals so when you make a complaint about this sort of thing Lowes TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY they pass the buck to the contractors and the contractors pass the buck back to Lowes......just dont do business with them it's not worth the headache.
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Im not working for Lowe's. I do know that carpet comes in 12' W and long as need most of the time you will pay extra for cuts.

I don't know how many cuts you have there but think about it. so when you buy carpet take in mind that the size + 35%


Softfuzzy | 1 min ago

Lowes is stealing customers money by refusing to issue refunds for mdse never delivered- it's over a month and counting - I want to hear from Niblock.

Lowes is now running a swindle thru their stores.

I left him my name and number- thru his executive services- any bets on whether he will respond. Probably in meetings trying to figure out how to massage next quarter to shareholders and what customers he can steal from!!!

I want my $1,200!!!!!!!! So I can buy doors from HD and dry in my building that has been setting open because of two months of Lowes holding my money!!!!! LOWES you are a THIEF!!! A Fake, and Liars!!!!! Help Lowes is a Theiving company holding my money hostage!!


GETTING CARPET FROM LOWES IS RIDICULOUS!!! I spoke to someone from a REAL CARPET STORE and he said in no way shape or form should anyone ever NEED DOUBLE carpet and the estimate shouldn't be DOUBLED EITHER he said it was a SHADY DEAL!!!



Lowes has a policy in place where if the installer estimates more than 10% of what is needed to do any job you will be given a refund for whatever left over product there is and any labor that was not used installing what was left over.


IT WAS DOUBLED!!! I understand having to have some extra carpet but DOUBLED?

that seems ridiculous, the price should have been close to 1500.00 and the guy at Lowes told us it was going to be over 3000.00 to carpet alittle over 300 sq ft. I agree with whom ever said got to a CARPET STORE for carpet, I will stick with lowes for other things but go somewhere else for carpet!


First let me say that I am and have been a Lowe's Installer for 7 years. The $35.00 fee the customer is charged is paid to the sub-contractor to pay for the time and fuel to perform the customers measure.

If the customer elects to use Lowe's installations, the fee is deducted from the final price the customer pays but is still paid to the sub. Second, in the time I have been associated with Lowe's, I have found their organization to one of the best in the business to insure customer satisfaction. I install for a number of stores and their dedication to insuring the customer is happy is passed along to their installers. If unfortunately their was a problem, the complaint is handled by the store not the installer.

Each store has an Installed Sales office to coordinate installations and communicate any issues with the customer directly.

Not to mention the competition by name, they farm out their work to an outside installation service which then subs it out to an substantially under paid installer in comparison to industry standards. Bottom line, everyone has complaints but to be honest, if I thought Lowe's was corrupt or unfair I sure wouldn't be writing this.


PS. read the last part of your statement.

From what i know, contractors do not know which carpet you are getting until they show up in the store to pick it up, or at our house. They measure, and then the associate adds up your order according to the measurements. They can not charge you for the carpet until they know how much you need.

I am sure you and the associate talked about your carpet when you paid for the detail, but the contractor wouldn't know anything. He gets the fax with your address and info, gos to your house, measures, then sends us the results.


I work at a lowes store. We are actually not "aloud" to let customers "have" the detail they paid for, but showing them has never been a problem.

At my store employees go over the detail with their customers piece by piece.

Not sure what that guys problem was. All that aside, any time a customer gets upset in our store, especially over something that simple, we have given them a copy of the detail.


Whether or not the husband has ever installed carpet before is irrelevant. The question should be, “can he use a tape measure correctly” since the main disagreement was about the actual room measurements, not about installation techniques.

I have no doubt that the subcontractor’s measurements were inflated and that they were trying to rip this customer off. I say this because I just had a similar experience with Lowes in San Diego. The subcontractor-Lowes-customer relationship is simply unacceptable. For some unexplainable reason, Lowes refuses to give the customer a copy of the measurements and installation plan from the subcontractor. Also, since Lowes did not generate the plan and measurements, they cannot answer any questions about it. There are no checks and balances here. If the subcontractor wants to inflate the numbers to increase the total cost of the project, they are free to do so since Lowes does not check up on them and the customer isn’t allowed to discuss it with them directly (prior to purchase and installation).

After spending more than a week trying to get answers from the Lowes salesperson about details of the carpet installation plan, I decided to give up the $35 measurement fee and take my business somewhere else. I went to a store that only does carpet and flooring. I was treated with respect, was quoted a fair price for the carpet, and had the opportunity to discuss installation plans directly with the people who would be doing the work – including number and locations of every seam in the carpet installation.

If you need to buy a new drill, I’m sure that you can find a good deal at Lowes. If you need to install carpet/flooring, go to a carpet store.


Lowe's installers go through an extensive background check before hiring and their work is checked all the time, plus the customer is called to make sure they are happy with the job. The customer also grades the installer for his work.

If you don't like the contractor for any reason ask them to send out another.

Ask yourself many houses has your husband carpeted?

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