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July will be 2 years for me in WFG. I’m going to be really simple for your guys. #1. WFG works IF YOU WORK. It is commission sales with override and spread potential IF you build an agency. If you go to any car dealer and speak to the sales team there are a few that kill it and most are average or poor at sales and do great. That’s not WFG, that’s sales. I was a single father and 23 years old when i was recruited (25 years old now) and the most I had made at any job prior was about $15,000/yr at a 12/hr job as a forklift operator. My first year in WFG I made $20,000 and went full time within 3 months. 2. EVERYONE recruits and employee turnover is an epidemic everywhere. Show me a business that doesn’t recruit and I’ll show you someone who is self employed and doesn’t run a business. Field scouts recruit, church recruits, the job you work for recruits, the military recruit, gyms recruit, etc... There are actually a lot of high income earners in the Virginia team though that do great in WFG and haven’t recruited. They are great personal producers and have qualified their market and make their living through client referrals and relationships. Recruiting is not required to make money. It IS REQUIRED if someone wants to build an agency that they make passive income from. 3. WFG is literally a platform with a system. That it. WFG is not good or bad. Just like there are good Uber drivers and bad Uber drivers, there are good sellers on amazon and some bad ones. Is amazon a scam because most people who try to sell on amazon don’t figure it out or do well.....? Didn’t think so cause you still order products through them. Just like any company there are good people involved like myself and my team who treat clients fairly, recruit quality people, and make good income. Then there are people who think they are going to walk in the door and make $100k just for showing up. It doesn’t work like that. It’s a business not a job. PEOPLE HAVE TO WORK HARD. 4. It’s hilarious to me that people want us to be a get rich quick scheme but then when they find out their effort and work ethic is how they get paid they quit and complain online about the company. That is exactly why we are not a scam. We don’t just hand out money and we don’t get paid for recruiting. We make money by educating families, servicing their financial needs with a product and service that fits, and building an effective agency that does the same. If you don’t make money in WFG, the issue is not the system or the company. The issue is YOU. And when my agents find crap like this online and get freaked out I tell them this: This stuff is online to help us weed out weak minded people like the ones who post it. By the way I am 1 month away from 2 years in and just paid out over $100k to my agency in the last 5 months and made last years income in 4 months. My wife quit her job 6 months ago and stays home with our newborn and my team has two offices. BECAUSE I WENT TO WORK.
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