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Lance travel trailer model 1995 with electric stabilizers

Lance Camper #1701203
We just bought a 2019 lance 1172. We took the plastic off the mattress and felt the carpet and it was wet. The edge of the mattress was wet all the way to the top. The carpet was wet under the mattress but not by the window. It does not appear the windows leaked. Could there be condensation built up because of plastic covering the mattress. We’re calling dealer in the am but wondered if anyone else has had this problem. Thanks.
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Fawn Dru
Well I understand that you are not happy about wet mattresses I would be to but you should consider that a close space and the fact that 80percent of the human body iade of water you are going to sweat and yes there should be a better air I have been looking for a way to address the problem and I am looking for it now