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Scam artist at Exterior Design Studios now

Well after owing manufacturers and installers money for work performed, it seems like Jason Anglis has been forced to shut dowwn Energy Guard and start a new company under his wife's name-Exterior Design Studios in Bristol, CT. If you check the state registration for Jason Anglis you will see the same address wife has used with the St of CT to open the new company. If you read all the posts one thing in common-takes your $$$$$ and runs. I AM still owed for work performed renovating his house on Posa Dr and a few of his siding jobs. Has avoided all calls and emails. No other alternative but to put a lien on his house and try to recoup my money. Beware stay away! He knows how to talk a good convincing game but th the end will take your money and run and leave you with an incomplete project, avoid all contact with you and then will pass the blame such as "I did not get your message", say one thing and when your project is complete its another. I constantly had to turn customers complaining because Jason promised one thing and when installed it was another. Now he ahs another sales person joining him-who is not licensed to sell for the company and does so under Jason's name. Runs in the company ALL a piece of work.
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The dude is a *** bag to burn ppl like that. To take ppls hard earned money and not complete the job.

Many of rose type should get there green cards revoked and sent back where the came from. Deuche bags.


This company is Exterior Design Studio LLC in Bristol CT is horrible. I advise people not to go with this guy and stay away from him.

He will be out of business shortly.

He takes customers money and spends it and never gets the job done. Owes alot of people money.


Exterior Design Studio is a Great Company. The owner is very nice and they do nice work.

I would recommend them to everyone.

So whoever is writing these negative things about the company should be ashamed of themselfs. They have great customer service and the job gets done with out any issues.


His wife is a state worker but the company is in her name.


Lies lies lies lies get a life and a better job


I find it funny and rather illegal that his wife is "hiding" assests under her name, when in all reality she has nothing to do with the comany and is a state employee. Jason owes a lot of people a lot of $~ he owes me well over 100k~


How is it that they began their business in March of 2011 according to the CT Dept of Consumer Protection but they have customer reviews on Service Magic from 2009, as well as stating that they!ve been in business for 17 years??


Exterior design Studios is a fantastic co, to do business with, from initial contact to final install, everything a breeze. We did have to wait a bit for custom windows, but WELL WORTH IT!

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