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Clarks - Clark shoes

I own many pairs of Clark shoes. The tops detached from the soles on two different pairs that are about 6 or 7 years old but are in good shape, since I did not give them excessive wear. When I took them to a shoemaker for repair, he told me they cannot be repaired and that Clark used a material to stitch them that disintegrated. He added that he had many customers come to him with the same problem. He also said that other customers had no luck contacting the store where they were purchased or trying to reach the company that makes them. I am curious to know if anyone else has encountered this problem and if any satisfaction was obtained trying to rememdy it.
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My sandals were not that old. I only had them about 2 years.

You buy leather so they will last. I was shopping yesterday 4/12/15 - the sole just blew apart. The threads were intact but the rubber crumbled. I will never buy another pair of these expensive junk sandals.

It is not something I wore everyday it was a casual sandal I would wear on weekends when not working. Done with Clarks.


I don't know if the original poster will see this, but I work in management for Clarks and I am familiar with this problem. It is called "hydrolosis" and occurs when a pair of shoes is worn occasionally, and then left in a wardrobe for a long time without being worn at all.

Basically, the moisture residue from the sweat you left in the shoes the few times they were worn has reacted with the leather and caused them to disintigrate. The shoes are being designed now to combat this, but it will occur on older pairs. Your store should be able to give you a £10 gift voucher in exchange for this, but there is nothing else Clarks or a repairer is able to do.

Shoes should be worn every so often to keep them lasting longer. This may seem a bit paradoxical, but it's also true.


I have cheap brand shoes that I have had for years that have never done this. My issue is the sole...the threads and leather upper are intact.

The sole cracked as I was walking and broke apart.

I was basically barefoot in the mall and had to buy a pair of shoes. My sister said she had a pair that did the same thing.


The same thing happened to me! I had two pairs of Clarks clogs.

I loved them. I moved from FL to PA the winter of 2009. In the summer I took the one of the pairs out of the closet to wear them. They fell apart!!!!

I tried the second pair and the same thing happened!!!! I bought them in late 2002, one pair in red and one in brown. I wore them a lot. I can't believe they both fell apart at the same exact time.

I did get them at a buy one get one 50% off sale, but still. I would not have expect both pairs to fall apart at the same exact time.

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